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jab — The Jour­nal of Ar­tists’ Books

Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

jab29 - The Journal of Artists' BooksThe Jour­nal of Ar­tists’ Books pro­vi­des a plat­form for both theo­re­ti­cal and crea­ti­ve ex­pres­si­on. As a fo­rum for the stu­dy of ar­tists’ books, JAB pu­blishes cri­ti­cal and theo­re­ti­cal ar­ti­cles, re­views of ar­tists’ books and ex­hi­bi­ti­ons, and com­men­ta­ry on con­fe­ren­ces and and other book art‐related ac­tivi­ties. JAB al­so re­gu­lar­ly show­ca­ses crea­ti­ve work in the form of ar­tists’ state­ments and artist‐designed pa­ges and co­vers.

As a book art pro­ject its­elf, each is­sue of JAB em­bo­dies an in­te­rest in all as­pec­ts of the pro­duc­tion of the jour­nal, in­cor­po­ra­ting dif­fe­rent de­sign ele­ments for each is­sue and, whenever pos­si­ble, JAB staff do all the prin­ting of the jour­nal. JAB al­so so­me­ti­mes in­clu­des va­rious artist‐created in­serts and book­lets or has had the co­vers letterpress‐printed by the de­si­gning ar­tist. JAB is pu­blished twice a ye­ar in the spring and fall at The Co­lum­bia Col­le­ge Cen­ter for Book and Pa­per Arts.

Die Aus­ga­be 29 Früh­jahr 2011 ist er­schie­nen: The­men­schwer­punkt ist Bra­si­li­en.

The Blue Note­book: Jour­nal for ar­tists’ books.

Samstag, 28. Mai 2011

the-blue-notebook-volume-5-no-2Das Ma­ga­zin über Künst­ler­bü­cher ist im Ok­to­ber 2006 ge­grün­det wor­den und er­scheint zwei mal jähr­lich.
Ne­ben der Print‐Ausgabe gibt es das Heft auch on­line als PDF zum kos­ten­lo­sen Her­un­ter­la­den (als Book Arts News­let­ter).
Vol 5 No 2 April 2011 ist er­schie­nen.
Aus dem In­halt die­ser Aus­ga­be:
READING ver­sus WATCHING by Ra­doslaw No­wa­kow­ski.

Dr An­ne Ham­mond on ar­tists ma­king books in Hawai’i.

Ja­mes Merrick’s es­say Words, ex­plo­res the Book Works of CJ Ro­bin­son.

Tom Sow­den on his pro­ject Pa­per Mo­dels, to en­cou­ra­ge mo­re book ar­tists to ex­plo­re the ama­zin­gly crea­ti­ve tool of la­ser cut­ting.

Da­vid Trigg in­ter­views Sa­rah J Trigg on her re­cent pro­ject and re­sul­ting pu­bli­ca­ti­on Un­said Words.

Chris Newl­ove Hor­ton re­views a ran­dom di­sper­sal of dust (mu­te­ly un­ders­tood) by Se­an Kaye & Jen­ny West.

Ar­tists’ pa­ges by: He­len Allsebrook, Ke­vin Bo­ni­face, Mish­ka Hen­ner, Bar­ba­ra Te­ten­baum and Agnes Wol­ko­wicz.

Co­ver de­sign by Tom Sow­den.

Aus­stel­lung über art­zi­nes

Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

call for artzines
Open Call for Art­zi­nes

We in­vi­te you to par­ti­cip­ate in the exhib­i­tion »I’ve Zi­ne the Dark­ness« at dieschön­estadt gal­lery in Hal­le.

Send us your art­zi­nes un­til May 30th, 2011.

»I’ve Zi­ne the Darkness« is an ex­hi­bi­ti­on about the art­zi­nes phe­no­men, it’s ae­s­the­tic and po­li­ti­cal di­men­si­ons and the prac­ti­se of self‐publishing used by ar­tists to spread their work.

The ex­hi­bi­ti­on will ta­ke place at the die­s­chö­ne­stadt gal­le­ry in Hal­le from Ju­ne 3rd to 11th, 2011. Throughout the ex­hi­bi­ti­on va­rious lec­tures are plan­ned.

We will post all sub­mis­si­ons on this web­site with so­me in­for­ma­ti­ons and a link to the con­tri­bu­tors and keep you up to date with pic­tures, etc. Af­ter the ex­hi­bi­ti­on we’ll do­na­te all sub­mis­si­ons to the li­bra­ry of the Burg Gie­bichen­stein Uni­ver­si­ty of Arts and De­sign in Hal­le be­cau­se we mis­sed an art­zi­ne sec­tion when we stu­di­ed the­re.