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Daniel Buren, Les Écrits (1965-1990), Burdeos: CAPC musée d’art contemporain, 1991. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. Foto: Centre for Artists’ Publications, Weserburg, Bremen. © DB – VEGAP, Madrid, 2016.

Da­ni­el Bu­ren, Les Écrits (1965−1990), Bur­de­os: CAPC mu­sée d’art con­tem­porain, 1991. Mu­seo Na­cio­nal Cen­tro de Ar­te Rei­na Sofía. Fo­to: Cent­re for Ar­tists’ Pu­bli­ca­ti­ons, We­ser­burg, Bre­men. © DB – VEGAP, Ma­drid, 2016.

21. Sept. 2016 – 22. Mai 2017 im Mu­seo Na­cio­nal Cen­tro de Ar­te Rei­na Sofía, Nou­vel Buil­ding, Li­bra­ry, Space D, Bi­blio­te­ca y Cen­tro de Do­cu­men­ta­ción

Zu­sam­men­ge­stellt von Guy Schrae­nen
Mit Buch­ar­bei­ten von En­ri­co Baj, John M. Be­lis, Jean-Pierre Be­non, Da­ni­el Bu­ren, Ja­mes Lee By­ars, Au­gus­to de Cam­pos, Ma­ria­na Cas­til­lo De­ball, Ri­car­do Cris­tóbal, Ro­bert Fil­liou, Axel Hei­bel, Diet­rich Helms, Ge­or­ge Maci­u­nas, François Mo­rel­let, Den­nis Op­pen­heim, Ma­rie Orens­anz, Fran­cis­co Pi­no, Ju­lioPla­za, Ray­mond Que­ne­au, Die­ter Roth, Paul Sharits, Da­ni­el Spo­er­ri, Sho­ha­chi­ro Ta­ka­ha­shi, An­to­ni Tàpies, Jo­sé-Mi­guel Ul­lán, Ji?í Va­loch, Wolf Vostell, An­dy War­hol

I Am Al­so not a Book is the tit­le of the last part of a tri­lo­gy of ex­hi­bi­ti­ons which in­clu­des It is not new, it is a book (from Sep­tem­ber, 2014 to May, 2015) and I call them sim­ply books (from May to Oc­to­ber, 2015). On this oc­ca­si­on, the tit­le re­fers to the 1973 work by John M. Be­lis, I Am Al­so not a Book, which con­sists of a card with the sen­tence “At­tach this card to any book-ty­pe ob­ject and it will be­co­me a ge­nui­ne John M. Be­lis,” and which can in­de­ed be af­fi­xed to any book-shaped ob­ject.Al­tog­e­ther, the three parts, cu­ra­ted by Guy Schrae­nen, pro­vi­de an over­view of the main in­ves­ti­ga­ti­ve fields wi­t­hin the uni­ver­se of ar­tists’ books. While part one dealt with the tau­to­lo­gi­cal no­ti­on of the artist’s book, and part two re­flec­ted on the artist’s book as an art­work in its own right, equi­va­lent to a pain­ting or a sculp­tu­re, part three fo­cu­ses on works that exist at the in­ter­face bet­ween a book and an ob­ject.

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