Hubert Kretschmer

Artist's books are those conceived by one or several artists as an independent work of art, presenting in multiple form a complete package of information to a wide audience at a relatively low price.

The content of the book is its message.

A more special form of the art book is the "object" book. Here, the basic codex form of the book is maintained, while materials, size, form and binding methods can be varied. The tactile experience of such, books is often more important than the verbal content, giving this form a more international character than the written book.

The total book is the message.

Most widely removed from the book is the "book object". Here we are dealing with a physical work based on the book as a theme, an exploration of format, variations of archaic pre-book forms and changes in modern book formats that reduce the functional values of the book.

The book's form is the message.

Aus Llibres d'artista / Artist's Books, Metronòm 1981

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