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Barth Deepti
Nikosia (Zypern): the Office Gallery, 2013
(Plakat) 59x42 cm,
Techn. Angaben Plakat
ZusatzInformation Deepti Barth presents TRANSGRESSION at the home of the Cyprus Visual Artists Association (24.10.13–16.11.13), the Phytorio, located within the Nicosia Municipal Gardens and at the Office gallery, just a few metres from the Buffer Zone. The work explores issues of restriction.
The material was shot and filmed in November of 2012 at the Nicosia International Airport. The lens follows the movement of a paraplegic Greek-Cypriot through this location: an area within the Buffer Zone controlled by the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces in Cyprus. Photographs and video narrate the progression of the protagonist in a fragmented, often non-linear way, beginning on the runway, continuing on the uphill ramp of the terminal building. The paraplegic breaks though barbed wire and a locked entrance door, advancing through the corridors of the main building to reach what used to be a departure lounge – transgressing a decision that was taken by the UNFICYP six months before filming, to strictly prohibit access to the terminal building “for safety reasons” (sic).
Text von Website
Geschenk von the Office Gallery
Stichwort Ausstellung / Bufferzone / Fotografie / Videokunst
TitelNummer 016888079 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)
WEB www.theofficegallery.tumblr.com

Bokoros Christos Th.
Odos Eleftherias - Freedom Street
Nikosia (Zypern): the Office Gallery, 2012
(Plakat) 59x42 cm,
Techn. Angaben Plakat
ZusatzInformation In the context of a continuous and persistent spiritual quest in the field of Greek art and its history, the artist Christos Bokoros appears —through simple themes and earthy, warm materials— to win an important battle. He has silently found a subtle and significant way of stripping bare certain symbols—his own ‘signs’: a way of isolating those symbols from anything unnecessary and superfluous, and of drawing the community’s attention to them by revealing them to be purified, resurrectional and full of fire.
Through the presentation of a series of paintings entitled ‘ODOS ELEFTHERIAS’, Bokoros ventures a direct discourse of these ‘signs’ with buildings and streets that are adjacent to, or end up at, Lefkosia’s Green Line. Many of these buildings have suffered damages and decay. One could say that in their own way they constitute a second crevice near the Green Line that divides the state. It is in these fissures that the artist sets up - plants - his ‘ODOS ELEFTHERIAS’, in the hope of giving the city’s centre new fruits and joyous vibrations—in a silent and honest alliance with all the indigenous revitalizing forces
Geschenk von the Office Gallery
Stichwort Ausstellung / Malerei
TitelNummer 016887079 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)
WEB www.bokoros.gr

Gkekas Anastasios, Hrsg.
Investment Opportunities
Nikosia (Zypern): the Office Gallery, 2015
(Plakat) 1 S., 64x42 cm,
Techn. Angaben Plakat,
ZusatzInformation Ausstellung der Privatsammlung Anastasios Gkekas bei VOLKS 10.09.-13.10.2015.
A key to a potential approach is possibly the innerness, the esoteric and sometimes confessional character of the works, but also the place they occupy in the collective work of the artists - as I am of the opinion that one can find more comprehensible examples within their work. It seems that as if from a recurring tic, I wanted to catch them red-handed, naked I would say, within their own work. To a lesser extend, it is perhaps a sort of innocence.
Text aus der Presseerklärung
Namen Andreas Karayan / Andreas Nicolaou / Cali Thornhill Dewitt / Carol Christian Poell / Charlotte Ballesteros / Diamantis Diamantopoulos / Dimitris Merantzas / Elizabeth Hoak-Doering / Francesca Woodman / Glavkos Koumides / Günter Brus / Kurt Hentschläger / Masahisa Fukase / Nazgol Ansarinia / Nicholas Panayi / Pascal Bernier / Robert Montgomery / Soteris Kallis / Yannis Gaitis
Geschenk von the Office Gallery
Stichwort Grafik / Installation / Malerei / Skulptur
TitelNummer 016889079 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Hosa Bernhard
Auf der Suche nach dem richtigen Bild
Wien (Österreich): Selbstverlag, 2011
(Leporello) 12 S., 19,5x15 cm, Auflage: 250, Nr. 139, signiert,
Techn. Angaben Leporello
ZusatzInformation Eugène Sue beschreibt in seinem 1843 erschienenen Roman „Die Geheimnisse von Paris“, wie ein entflohener Lebenslänglicher eine Kaschemme betritt und Schauder unter den Gästen verbreitet. Um für die Polizei unkenntlich zu sein hat er sein Gesicht zerstört. Berhard Hosa verfährt mit den Abbildungen von vermeintlichen Verbrechern ähnlich. Hinter seinen beschnittenen Porträts lässt sich kaum mehr ein Gesicht ausmachen. Zwischen Ohren und Haaren befinden sich keine Nase mehr, kein Mund, dann und wann zeigt sich eine Unterlippe ohne ihr Gegenstück oder ein angeschnittenes Auge.
Text aus dem Heft
Geschenk von the Office Gallery
Stichwort Collage / Fotografie
TitelNummer 016847592 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)
WEB www.bernhardhosa.com

Hosa Bernhard
Nikosia (Zypern): the Office Gallery, 2016
(Plakat) 59x42 cm,
Techn. Angaben Plakat,
ZusatzInformation The Office gallery presents new works by the Austrian artist Bernhard Hosa in his exhibition Hyperkinesia, starting on June 30, 2016.
Hosa's photo collages, objects and installations are reduced, almost minimalist in appearance and usually based on concrete themes. His starting point is the tension between the individual and a normative society. Based on an engagement with the biological view of the inside and of the outside, on man as an object of scientific study and on the measurement of the human body, he develops his own formal language on the interface between conceptual art and an aesthetic approach. Hosa deconstructs his reflections with artistic strategies such as reproduction, variation or sequence, and practices such as dissection and the creation of new compositions. The resulting series of collages or objects and stringent arrangements of the space adopt the character of the contents of his research.
Text aus der Presseerklärung
Geschenk von the Office Gallery
Stichwort Ausstellung / Holzarbeiten
TitelNummer 016850079 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Hosa Bernhard / Spohn Anna, Hrsg.
2 9 15 13 1 19 3 8 9 14 5
Wien (Österreich): Selbstverlag, 2009
(Buch) 25x18,8 cm,
ISBN/ISSN 978-3-200-01413-8
Techn. Angaben Schweizer Broschur, Umschlag aus Pappe, Cover gestanzt,
ZusatzInformation Mit einem Text von Boris Manner: Ins Offene
Sprache Deutsch / Englisch
Geschenk von the Office Gallery
Stichwort Ausstellung / Verbrechen
TitelNummer 016846592 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)
WEB www.bernhardhosa.com

Kyriakides Christos / Minas Antonis, Hrsg.
To Express The Feelings Of A Chair When We Sit On It.
Nikosia (Zypern): the Office Gallery, 2016
(Plakat) 42x59 cm,
Techn. Angaben Plakat,
ZusatzInformation As a possible – perhaps – reaction to all those who love the comfort and permanence of the status of their position, I have gathered a series of unusual chairs / personas that are characterised by a sensitive nervous system. I believe their creators foresaw for the visitor not to forget and become complacent while seated, as would someone when sitting on any chair and shortly thereafter forgetting the very action of sitting. The visitor is called upon to reflect on the condition that the chair’s form presents them with. I would not argue that they are pleasant or comfortable to sit on, seeing as their construction does not allow the sitter to acquaint himself immediately. Note that the chair’s presence is not always obvious but it is implied, as for example in Mario Carbone’s photograph Donna in Osteria 1956. Different in style, they all meet in this exhibition to converse.
Text aus der Presseerklärung
Namen Apollo Glykas / Asteris Gkekas / Bernhard Hosa / Broomberg/ Chanarin / Carol Christian Poell / Christos Th. Bokoros / Deepti Barth / Dimitris Merantzas / Francis Bacon / Glavkos Koumides / Laurie Franck / Mario Carbone / Michelangelo Antonioni / Nazgol Ansarinia
Geschenk von the Office Gallery
Stichwort Ausstellung / Installation / Plastik / Skulptur / Stühle
TitelNummer 016848079 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Morgan Polly
Foundations Remains
Nikosia (Zypern): the Office Gallery, 2013
(Plakat) 59x42 cm,
Techn. Angaben Plakat,
ZusatzInformation The Office gallery is delighted to present the most recent work from the controversial, British artist/taxidermist Polly Morgan titled ‘FOUNDATIONS AND REMAINS’. Since 2005 the London based artist has managed to create a visual language of her own through the use of animals as raw materials of her work and their placement as protagonists in scenes that are unnatural to them.
Though her peculiar work, she is forcing us to look at the animals used, as if for the first time, free from previous associations, deliberately challenging the fragile relationship between humans and animals.
The major work of the exhibition titled ‘FOUNDATIONS/REMAINS’ has been made using 2428 cast crow femurs that are each painted by hand. The glue used is identical in colour to the fat present in the joints of bones, so it bears the same colour and consistency of a real animal skeleton. This work is inspired by Charnel Houses (Ossuaries) which were decorative buildings essentially used to pile high skeletons in order to save space. The structure was built using plans from Sol Lewitt's spiral tower “Untitled” 1989.
Text aus der Presseerklärung
Geschenk von the Office Gallery
Stichwort Ausstellung
TitelNummer 016849079 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

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