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Björg Emilie
Emilie Björk
La Bisbal d'Empordà (Spanien): Atem Books, 2011
(Buch) 32 S., 21x14,8 cm, Auflage: 100, Nr. 44,
Techn. Angaben Fadenheftung
TitelNummer 009048270 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Cerezo María / Llensa Emma, Hrsg.
Atem Books
La Bisbal d'Empordà (Spanien): Atem Books, 2010
(Plakat) 48x33 cm, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben Plakat, vermutlich beschnitten
ZusatzInformation Atem Books is an independent publishing house based in Catalunya focused on photography & illustration, contemporary drawing and thinking created by emerging artists from around the world. Our aims are: to help emerging artists to get their work more known, create a collection of contemporary works, to gather illustrators, photographers & art lovers. Atem Books has been publishing Carpaccio Magazine since April 2009. Atem Books is a non-profit organization, so all the money earnt is always invested in new publications.
Why ‘Atem’?
‘Atem’ stands for “wind, breath” in german. This word is inspired by an illustrated poetry book published by Paul Celan (poet) and Gisèle Celan (illustrator) called Atemkristall.
Who we are
Atem Books curators are María Cerezo and Emma Llensa. We both do all the works involved with mantaining Atem Books.
What we can do
We’re also offering our services to help you self-publish your book (both digital -pdf, epub, mobipocket-, Ipad and Iphone apps and print). Whether if you need advise on how to start self publishing a book or you need our services as curators, designers, layouters and image retouchers, just ask us what we can do for you.
We’re also offering our services to help you create your own website and, if you need one, how to create an e-commerce to sell your own goods. And, of course, we can give you marketing and self-promotion advises and guidelines.
Atem Books is 100% independent!
We don’t receive any external money. This project survives with the earns we do selling our publications.
Von der Webseite
TitelNummer 009056303 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)
WEB www.atembooks.com

Kakabadze Levan
Levan Kakabadze
La Bisbal d'Empordà (Spanien): Atem Books, 2011
(Buch) 52 S., 21x14,8 cm, Auflage: 100, Nr. 47,
ISBN/ISSN 978-84-938480-6-4
Techn. Angaben Fadenheftung
ZusatzInformation I was born in Batumi, in the Republic of Georgia, and grew up on the beach. During the 90s my country went through tough moments, the separation from the Soviet Union, a civil war and a lot of darkness in the streets. All that sadness, darkness and Black sea perspectives shaped me. Photography helps me view the world from different perspectives, it makes me see things in a different way, it changed my idea of sadness and my idea of love among others. Photography helps me communicate with people, objects, streets and nature and find positive things in those connections.
Von der Verlagsseite
Stichwort 1990er Jahre / Fotografie / Georgien
TitelNummer 009050272 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Kurmaz Sasha
Nude sensitivity
La Bisbal d'Empordà (Spanien): Atem Books, 2011
(Buch) 40 S., 21x14,8 cm, Auflage: 100, Nr. 88,
Techn. Angaben Fadenheftung
ZusatzInformation My photography is a process of a self-study. I am always interested when both sides are involved: my personal inside and environment around. people’s own identity and the beauty of human body. depth of intimate desires and their artistic reconstruction.
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TitelNummer 009051272 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Noven Roman / Shcheglova Tania
Synchrodogs – 2011
La Bisbal d'Empordà (Spanien): Atem Books, 2011
(Buch) 36 S., 21x14,8 cm, Auflage: 100, Nr. 59,
Techn. Angaben Fadenheftung
TitelNummer 009047267 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Pitzianti Enrico
Bees made honey in the lion's skull
La Bisbal d'Empordà (Spanien): Atem Books, 2011
(Buch) 19,9x14,5 cm, Auflage: 100, Nr. 14,
ISBN/ISSN 978-84-938480-5-7
TitelNummer 011776420 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)
WEB www.ptznt.tumblr.com

Pons Alorda Jaume C. / Pons Cristòfol
Unlimited Sobrassada
La Bisbal d'Empordà (Spanien): Atem Books, 2011
(Buch) 100 S., 21x14,8 cm, Auflage: 100, Nr. 67,
Techn. Angaben 2 Büchlein, 4 Heftchen mit Übersetzungen, 1 Blatt mit der Übersicht der Grafiken, in transparenter Hülle
ZusatzInformation We should be taught on loss so this is human’s fate: to lose everything.
First book: 76 pages, 14,8x21cm, full colour, sewn book
Second book: 24 pages, 14,8x21cm, black and white, saddle stiched
TitelNummer 009053262 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Pons Alorda Jaume C. / Pons Cristòfol
Unlimited Sobrassada
La Bisbal d'Empordà (Spanien): Atem Books, 2011
(Heft) 22x15,9 cm, Auflage: 100, Nr. 39,
Techn. Angaben 2 Hefte, eines Drahtheftung, beigelegt ein Einzelblatt mit Bildindex und mehrfach gefaltete Einzelblätter, Übersetzungsblätter mit Aufklebern verschlossen, in transparenter Kunststoffhülle
Sprache Englisch / Französisch / Italienisch / Spanisch
TitelNummer 011773420 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Torres Laura
La Bisbal d'Empordà (Spanien): Atem Books, 2010
(Buch) 28 S., 21x14,8 cm, Auflage: 100, Nr. 94,
TitelNummer 009052277 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Vasilieva Elena / Vasilieva Vitaliy
La Bisbal d'Empordà (Spanien): Atem Books, 2011
(Buch) 196 S., 29,7x21 cm, Auflage: 1000,
ISBN/ISSN 978-84-938480-3-3
Techn. Angaben Fadenheftung
ZusatzInformation … We live a time of technology and great opportunities. Art creates new visions and interpretations of our living, though sometimes it looks like mere reinvention of subjects already present in the XIXth and XXth century.
Our intent, however, is to leave a mark and make our contribution to an authentic identification of our times. The engagement of artists is to create a cultural heritage to pass on to future generations, who will probably understand our sensibility. Alas, it is not for us to know what will remain of contemporary art….
Vitaliy & Elena Vasilieva
TitelNummer 009054269 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)
WEB www.noartproject.com

Veum Steingrim
Orgy #1-#15
La Bisbal d'Empordà (Spanien): Atem Books, 2011
(Heft) 36 unpag. S., 21x15 cm, Auflage: 100, Nr. 32,
Sprache Englisch / Spanisch
TitelNummer 011777397 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)
WEB www.steingrimveum.com

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