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  • Sutere Soven Musicfestival
Ort LandDannenberg (Deutschland)
Verlag Jahr
Medium PostKarte
Techn. Angaben
  • [2] S., 21x14,8 cm, Keine weiteren Angaben vorhanden
  • 17.-19.08.2018.
    Suture means sewing. This is the idea we will be following on each and every level of our festival. Suture Soven Music Festival emerged out of the wish and the need to bring musicians and their audience together in a way that enhances deep listening and watching musical appearances that provide the potential for creating something new in a cheerful and caring atmosphere. We will watch and hear the beautifully radical positions and ideas of international musicians. In terms of musical style, we are situated at the intersection of jazz, free improvised music, classical modernism and new music.
    The first Suture Soven Music Festival will take place in an old farm house in the countryside. the concerts will be held in the barn and in the attic of an old stable. By locating the genre defying music in the beautiful countryside of Lower Saxony (Wendland) we invite local people from the area as well as from the cities to make the connection between different worlds and points of views for three days in Suture Soven. We are striving to shape the surrounding area of the festival and make it as sustainable as possible, while working with local farmers and craftsmen. We offer a space and time that taps on an urge to create a sensual narrative. The music we listen to, the words we hear and speak, the food and drink we are provided with, in a setting that will be home to us for three summer days offer us the possibility of making sense.
Geschenk von Michael Mnnich
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