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  • BOX1466 Vol 1 Face Issue
Ort LandBarcelona (Spanien)
Verlag Jahr
Medium Zeitschrift, Magazin
Techn. Angaben
  • 40 S., 28,5x20,5 cm, Auflage: 2.600, , ISBN/ISSN 20148542
    Drahtheftung, Fanzine Deluxe Limited Edition Number
  • This is an innovating project with personality..!
    Box1466 concept is directly related to new tendencies, being music and visual arts in general the leitmotiv of each issue.
    Photography, music, fashion, illustration, drawing, words and fantasies!
    Seeing, looking, reading, watching, listening..
    Thanks to all those QR codes you will find in the magazine, you will be directly guided to more information online..!
    The new concept of Box1466 is in its interactivity, that made it totally fresh and different to any other publication.
    A new endless way to discover, to learn, to find out..
    The aim of Box1466 is to transmit and divulge from an original point of view, its contents of interviews and visual proposal of fashion.
    Box1466 is an Arty numbered deluxe limited edition independent publication.
    Text von der Webseite und facebook
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