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Burn after reading
Darlington, Co. Durham (Großbritannien): Carpet Bombing Culture, 2012
(Buch) 14,7x20,8 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-1-908211-06-4
Techn. Angaben Hardcover,
ZusatzInformation Legal or illegal graffiti It's sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly, but given time it can be breathtaking in it's skill of execution. 'Burn After Reading' is the end result of a unique meeting of styles. When high end professional photography meets cutting edge graffiti
Sprache Englisch
Geschenk von Christoph Mauler
Stichwort Fotografie / Graffiti / Sprayer / Stadt / Street Art / Wandmalerei
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Daligand Daniel
End of Art
Levallois (Frankreich): Selbstverlag, 1983
(Stamp, Briefmarke) 29,7x21 cm, signiert,
Techn. Angaben Ein Bogen mit sechs Künstlerbriefmarken, handkoloriert, mit handschriftlicher Notiz
ZusatzInformation Anlässlich der Ausstellung Künstlerinnen und Künstler entwerfen Briefmarken, 1983 im Micro Hall Center in Edewecht. Angefertigt wurden sechser Blöcke, 10 x 12 cm, je Marke 3,5 x 4cm.
Sprache Englisch
Geschenk von Klaus Groh
Stichwort 1980er / Artist Stamp / Ausstellung / Künstlerbriefmarke / Mail Art
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Fulton Hamish
walking journey
London (Großbritannien): Tate Publishing, 2002
(Buch) 146 S., 29,7x23,5 cm, ISBN/ISSN 1854374117
Techn. Angaben Broschur, Softcover
ZusatzInformation Publikation anlässlich der Ausstellung vom 14.03-04.06.2002 Tate Britain, London. Since the early 1970s Hamish Fulton (born 1946) has been labelled as a sculptor, photographer, Conceptual artist and Land artist. Fulton, however, characterises himself as a 'walking artist'. In 1973, having walked 1,022 miles in 47 days from Duncansby Head (near John O'Groats) to Lands End, Fulton decided to 'only make art resulting from the experience of individual walks.' Since then the act of walking has remained central to Fulton's practice. He has stated 'If I do not walk, I cannot make a work of art' and has summed up this way of thinking in the simple statement of intent: 'no walk, no work'. Although only Fulton experiences the walk itself, the texts and photographs he presents in exhibitions and books allow us to engage with his experience.
Text von der Website.
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort 1970er / 1980er / Baum / Berg / England / Fotografie / Gehen / Grenze / Holz / Meer / Natur / Stein / Typografie / Wanderung
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Gillick Liam / Weiner Lawrence
A Syntax of Dependency:
Mailand (Italien): Mousse Publishing, 2011
(Buch) 56 S., 30,5x21,5 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-88-965016-1-0
Techn. Angaben mit Kunststoffumschlag, geklammert
ZusatzInformation This publication documents the monumental collaborative work which Liam Gillick and Lawrence Weiner produced for the Antwerp museum of contemporary art MuHKA in the spring of 2011. Tellingly titled A Syntax of Dependency:, the project could be viewed as the outcome of a twenty-year dialogue between artists, artistic practices, generations. This giant floor piece, consisting of an abstract linoleum pattern containing an array of phrases, took up the museum's entire first floor - its site-specifity meaning that the end of the exhibition also entailed the work's irreversible destruction. This photo novella - complete with fragments of a conversation between both artists and a short text by exhibition curator Dieter Roelstraete - captures the work in its unique desolate splendor
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Das Ende von Amerika
Berlin (Deutschland): naivsuper, 2007
(CD, DVD) 13x13 cm,
Techn. Angaben naivsuper Nr 010, Musik-CD in Papphülle und transparenter Kunststoffhülle, cover art: Stephane Leonard & Martin Eichhorn
ZusatzInformation recorded in 2006, mastered at ICEM in 2007.
We are very proud to announce our 10th release !!! and what makes it even better is that it´s a new dis.playce album!
The EP is called ´Das Ende von Amerika´ (The End of America) and it´s dis.playce´s second release on naivsuper. The title refers to the book ´Amerika´ by Franz Kafka and should not be interpretated in the wrong way)
´Amerika´, also known as ´Der Verschollene´ or ´The Man Who Disappeared´, was the incomplete first novel by Franz Kafka, published posthumously in 1927.
The story describes the bizarre wanderings of a sixteen-year-old European emigrant named Karl Rossmann in the United States, who was forced to go to New York to escape the scandal of his seduction by a housemaid.
Hope originates when something else is absent and holes need to be filled again. The purpose of hope is to make itself vanish again and to reach a state of mind where Utopia or the promised land of North America won´t be needed anymore.
Kafka puts his hero Karl Rossmann over and over again in situations where he is lacking something only to discover that he is lacking even more. The spiral of hope, disappointment and reproaches seems to be endless. With ´Amerika´ Kafka finishes a series of America-fiction from the 19. Century which glorified the United States as the land of boundless possibilities. For Kafka America is not the solution of our problems anymore, it is almost like a second Europe - a land where the problems stay the same.
´Das Ende von Amerika´ is one 24 minute piece published on high quality CDRs
Stichwort Nullerjahre
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Shrigley David
Kill your pets
Frankfurt am Main (Deutschland): Revolver Publishing, 2004
(Buch) 72 S., 12,5x12,5 cm, Auflage: 500, ISBN/ISSN 978-3-937577-21-0
Techn. Angaben Broschur
ZusatzInformation Aus der Reihe Revolverle for all ages.
Hungry dogs eat dirty pudding … no beginning or end … neither useful nor thought provoking … the unmanned craft … make art not friends! It will happen.
Text von der Webseite
Stichwort Haustier / Kinderbuch / Nullerjahre / Textarbeit / Zeichnung
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Hjuler Detlev, Hrsg.
Psych.KG 143 - FLUXUS
Flensburg (Deutschland): Kommissar Hjuler, 2014
(Schallplatte) 33,0x33,0 cm, Auflage: 100,
Techn. Angaben LP, vorderseitig bedruckter Karton in transparenter Hülle fest vernietet, schwarze one-side LP
ZusatzInformation Beiträge von:
Brandstifter - I Don't Mind If You Call Me Fluxus But I Don't!
Reed Altemus - Falchspielens
Tooth Kink (Mikhail Salnikov/Alexei Borisov) & Kommissar Hjuler und Frau - to end all life
Wataru Kasahara - Yume eno Nenbutsu (fuer Otto Muehl)
Eel d. Retke - Grund Opa's Dust In Denial
Kollektiver VII/Tibo Leone/Wolfgang Sterneck - XrcE
Claus Sterneck - mathe ohne müller
Geschenk von Kommissar Hjuler
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De Nicola Yara, Hrsg.
Alla Carta No.4 - Dissertations Around a Table
Mailand (Italien): Alla Carta Associazione Culturale, 2014
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 140 S., 31x22,3 cm, ISBN/ISSN 2280-9309
Techn. Angaben Broschur, mit eingefügtem Heft
ZusatzInformation Alla Carta is a bi-annual international publication that approaches high-end fashion, art and design in a unique Italian way. We truly believe in paper, carta in Italian.
At a time when the web may appear to be the only valid avenue of communication, Alla Carta is an ode to the most precious of mediums and to the most precious moment of the day: our interviews always take place around a table, to celebrate one of the oldest Italian habits, conviviality. Text von Website
Namen Albert Moya / Alejandro Jodorowsky / Antonio Marras / Christophe Lemaire / Cristiano Toraldo di Francia / Pietro Leemann / Sarah-Lin Tran / Segno Italiano
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Design / Essen / Fotografie / Kunst / Lifestyle / Mode
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Redl Thomas / Thiel Wolf Guenter, Hrsg.
fair CEE - Zeitung für Kunst & Aesthetik, Wien/Berlin - Nr. 02
Wien (Österreich): fairarts, 2009
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 32 S., 45x30 cm,
Techn. Angaben unterteilt in 4 Bücher (8 Seiten), lose ineinander gelegt, mittig gefalzt,
ZusatzInformation Schwerpunkt über Zentral- und Osteuropa: Polen / Ungarn / Rumänien
Themen / Künstler, 1989. End of History or Beginning of the Future? / The studio and archiv Edward Krasinski's / Art of ms2 - Muzeum Sztuki Lodz u. a.
Autoren: Slavoj Zizek / Svetlana Boym / Erzsebet Tatai / Erzsebet Pilinger u. a.
Autoren: Sven Alkalaj / Predrag Finci / Juliane Debeusscher u. a.
Architektur: Romanian Civil Center / Angelo Roventas Wohnmaschine / Avantgarde-Architektur aus Moskau
Sprache Deutsch / Englisch
Geschenk von Thomas Redl
Stichwort Architektur / Bildende Kunst / Design / Experimentalfilm / Gesellschaft / Malerei / Philosophie
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Bokoros Christos Th.
Odos Eleftherias - Freedom Street
Nikosia (Republik Zypern): the Office Gallery, 2012
(Plakat) 59x42 cm,
Techn. Angaben Plakat
ZusatzInformation In the context of a continuous and persistent spiritual quest in the field of Greek art and its history, the artist Christos Bokoros appears —through simple themes and earthy, warm materials— to win an important battle. He has silently found a subtle and significant way of stripping bare certain symbols—his own ‘signs’: a way of isolating those symbols from anything unnecessary and superfluous, and of drawing the community’s attention to them by revealing them to be purified, resurrectional and full of fire.
Through the presentation of a series of paintings entitled ‘ODOS ELEFTHERIAS’, Bokoros ventures a direct discourse of these ‘signs’ with buildings and streets that are adjacent to, or end up at, Lefkosia’s Green Line. Many of these buildings have suffered damages and decay. One could say that in their own way they constitute a second crevice near the Green Line that divides the state. It is in these fissures that the artist sets up - plants - his ‘ODOS ELEFTHERIAS’, in the hope of giving the city’s centre new fruits and joyous vibrations—in a silent and honest alliance with all the indigenous revitalizing forces
Geschenk von the Office Gallery
Stichwort Ausstellung / Malerei
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Aballi Ignasi
sin principio / sin final - whitout beginning / whitout end
Madrid (Spanien): Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, 2015
(Buch) 492 S., 32x24x4 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-84-8026-529-4
Techn. Angaben Sofctover, fadengeheftet, Rücken geklebt, Schutzumschlag zum Aufklappen, teilweise gedruckt auf farbigen Papier,
ZusatzInformation A book that accompanies an exhibition, but that it's in itself another work. The artist Ignacio Aballí (Barcelona, 1958) talks with curator João Fernandes about the creative process of his work, exploring the ways in which he classifies the world, questioning the conventions of art and the museum. On the other hand the images that accompany the text underline this idea and challenge readers to test their powers of observation. A compilation of photographs of works, books and listings scale 1: 1 where the time is revealed as an essential tool for understanding the artistic discourse.
Text von der Website
Sprache Englisch / Spanisch
Geschenk von Museo Reina Sofia
Stichwort Ausstellung / Fotografie / Textarbeiten / Zeitung
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Lischka Gerhard Johannes, Hrsg.
Alles und noch viel mehr. Das poetische ABC. Die Katalog Anthologie der 80er Jahre
Bern (Schweiz): Benteli Verlag, 1985
(Buch) 1008 S., 23x16 cm, ISBN/ISSN 3-7165-0511-0
Techn. Angaben Kartonbroschur, mit Griffregister nach ABC, Autoren-/Künstlerbiographien, Namensregister
ZusatzInformation Erschienen anlässlich der Ausstellung 12.04.-02.06. 1985 in der Kunsthalle Bern. Mit Besitzername Petzold im Schmutztitel
Namen AI Wong / Alain Arias-Misson / Alain Fleischer / Albert Hien / Alex Hahn / Andreas Coerper / Annette Messager / Annie Wright / Arleen Schloss / Arnie Zane / Arno Steffen / Audio Arts / Axel Schäffler / Balthasar Burkhard / Barbara Bloom / Barbara Kruger / Bazile Bustamante / Bernard Borgeaud / Bernard Marcade / Bernhard Johannes Blume / Bertrand Lavier / Bette Gordon / Bill Fontana / Bill T. Jones / Bill Woodrow / Bob Perelman / Bonnie Marranca / Boris Nieslony / Boyd Webb / Brigitte Bühler / Brigitte Wartmann / Bryan Rogers / Charles Amirkhanian / Charles Bernstein / Charly Banana / Christa Gamper / Christian Boltanski / Christina Kubisch / Christine Brodbeck / Christoph Derschau / Clark Coolidge / Claude Sandoz / Dadarama / Daniel Charles / Dany Bloch / David Garcia / David Hecht / David Ireland / David Mach / David Moss / David Rosenbloom / David Weiss / Dennis Timm / Diamanda Galas / Dieter Froese / Dieter Hormel / Dieter Rühmann / Die Tödliche Doris / Dominik Steiger / Doug Hall / E. Stansfield / Elizabeth LeCompte / Elizabeth Streb / Else Hooykaas / Emmanuel Pereire / End Art / Eric Fischl / Ericka Beckman / Erik Grawert-May / Ernie Gehr / Ernst Buchwalder / Eugenia Balcells / Eva Maria Schön / Federico Winkler / Felix Philipp Ingold / Ferran Garcia Sevilla / Floris M. Neusüss / Francesco Torres / Fritz Andre Kracht / Fritz Schwegler / Gabor Body / Gerwald Rockenschaub / Gilles Mahe / Gitta Gsell / Glen Baxter / Glenn Branca / Gunter Demnig / Gunter Göring / Günter Schulte / Hanna Frenzel / Hannes Bohringer / Hannes Vogel / Hans Christoph von Tavel (Mitarbeit) / Hans Peter Ammann / Heidi Paris / Heike-Melba Fendel / Heinz Brand / Heinz Emigholz / Heinz Gappmayr / Helene Cixous / Herbert Rometsch / Hermann Bohmert / Hermann Pitz / Herwig Kempinger / Hilka Nordhausen / Holger Hiller / Howard Brookner / Jacki Apple / James Benning / James Turrell / Janis Lipzin / Jean-Hubert Martin / Jean-Luc Parant / Jean-Pierre Bertrand / Jean Dupuy / Jean Hubert Martin (Mitarbeit) / Joe Jones / Johannes Muggenthaler / John Giorno / John Hilliard / John M Armleder / John Massey / Judith Barry / Julius / Justen Ladda / Jügen Partenheimer / Jürgen Klauke / Jürg Laederach / Kees Mol / Ken Kobland / Kiev Stingl / Kilian Dellers / Klaus Peter Dencker / Klaus vom Bruch / Klaus Wyborny / Komar & Melamid / Konrad Balder Schäuffelen / Krzystof Wodiczko / Kuno Lindenmann·· / lan Breakwell / Leigh Landy / Lenny Kaye / Leslie Thornton / Linda Moncano / lnfermental / Loredana Parmesani1 / Loys Egg / Luce lrigaray / Lyn Hejinian / M. Hawley / M. Raskin Stichting / Magazzini Criminali / Malcolm Goldstein / Marcel Odenbach / Margaret Jenkins / Marie-Jo Lafontaine / Marie-Luise Syring / Marie Lucier / Markus Raetz / Matthyas Jenny / Maurizio Nannucci / Meredith Monk / Michael Brewster / Michael Buthe / Michael Glasmeier / Michael Palmer / Michael Peppe / Michel Jaffrennou / Michel Sauer / Michel Waisvisz / Min Tanaka / Moira Roth / Molissa 'Fenley / Morgan O'Hara / Muriel Olesen / Nancy Karp / Ned Sublette / Neescha / Nigel Rolfe / Norbert Klassen / Olivier Richon / Orlan / Pat Oleszko / Patrick Hughes / Paul & Limpe Fuchs / Pauline de Groot / Paul Kos / Performance Olympics / Peter Fischli / Peter Frank / Peter Gence / Peter Gidal / Peter Gilles / Peter Gordon / Peter Josef Abels / Peter Meyer / Peter Nadin / Peter Rose / Peter van Riper / Peter Volkart / Peter Weibel / Peter Zec / Pieter Laurens Mol / Pooh Kaye / Raffael Rheinsberg / Raimund Kummer / Renate Bertlmann / Renate Heyne / Rene Berger / Richard Kostelanetz / Rita Myers / Rod Summers / Roland Fischer / Romana Scheffknecht / Ron Padgett / Ron Silliman / Rotraut Pape / Rune Mields / Sally Banes / Serge Lador / Serge Spitzer / Sigmar Polke / Silke Grossmann / Sophie Calle / Stefan de Jaeger / Stephan Huber / Stephan Kern / Stephen Laub / Stephen Willats / Stille Helden / Studio Azzurro / Su Friedrich / Susan Mosakowski / Teh Hsieh / The Schismatics / Thomas Huber / Thomas Kapielski / Timothy Buckley / Tom-Puckey / Tom Marioni / Tony Cragg / Tony Labat / Toto Frima / Turi Werkner / Ugo Carrega / Ulay & Marina Abramovic / Ulises Carrion / Ulrich Eller / Ulrike Ottinger / UnknownmiX / Urs Luthi / Urs Peter Schneider / Valie Export / Verena von Gagern / Vincenzo Ferrari / Vito Acconci / Volker Wilczek / Vollrad Kutscher / Walter Fähndrich / Walter Pfeiffer / Walter Seitter / White Noise / William Hellermann / ]enny Holzer
Sprache Deutsch
Stichwort 1980er / Anthologie / Dokumentarfilm / Drama / Erzählung / Experimentalfilm / Film / Fotografie / Installation / Klang/ Experimentelle Musik / Lyrik / Malerei / Objekt / Performance / Philosophie / Plastik / Skulptur / Sofortbild / Tanz / Theorie / Video / Visuelle Poesie / Ästhetik
Sponsoren Kanton Bern
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