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De Vries Herman
wit white
Brest (Frankreich): Zédélé éditions, 2012
(Buch) 352 S., 21x15 cm,
ISBN/ISSN 978-2-915859-41-6
Techn. Angaben Broschur mit Banderole, eingelegt ein Informationsblatt
ZusatzInformation Originalausgabe erschienen bei Artists Press, Bern, 1980.
This book is the third and final version of the first artist’s book published in 1960 by herman de vries, who is currently the author of more than one hundred publications.
The story of this book dates back to 1960. Closely associated with the Zero Group, but also drawn to the buddhist concept of emptiness, herman de vries had just produced a series of white monochromes when he self-published a twenty-page booklet in Arnhem. It had no title, its cover was blank and its pages were unprinted. It contained nothing but a short final poem celebrating, in four languages, the superabundance of white: “wit is overdaad”. In 1962, this manifesto appeared in another version, now entitled wit: two hundred blank pages, four white collages by the artist and an introduction, itself completely blank, by the poet J. C. van Schagen, published in arnhem in only five copies by M. J. Israel. It was followed in 1967 by a second “revised” edition, wit weiss: two hundred and fifty blank pages, pocket-sized, in five hundred copies, published by Hansjörg Mayer in Stuttgart. The only printed elements were the artist’s name, the title and the publisher’s name on the cover, the word “introduction” and the name of its author on the very first page and a colophon on the final page. In 1980 the Artists Press in Berne published the “third revised edition”, in a larger format and with more pages. The original title wit was translated into english and japanese and into sanskrit with a word that means “white” in the sense of bright, pure, immaculate. The title itself does not appear on the book, which remains completely blank. It is printed with the paratext on a broad strip of paper in the form of a detachable publicity strip. The inside flap contains a brief statement initially dating back to the 1962 edition, stating that this book incorporates all aspects of reality. Of the five thousand copies advertised, only a hundred were published. It is this last edition, the most radical, which is republished here, the only addition being the french translation of the statement.
On 1 april 2012, herman de vries wrote of his book, insisting on the importance of the final comma:

white is white
0 = 0
no name
no idea
not even emptiness,

Text von der Webseite
TitelNummer 012052000 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Maeght Aimé, Hrsg.
Chroniques de L'Art Vivant, No. 53 - Special Italie
Paris (Frankreich): Maeght, 1974
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 52 S., 29x28 cm,
ISBN/ISSN 0004-3338
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, mit zahlreichen Abbildungen,
ZusatzInformation Inhalte: Bruno Munari - Qu'est-ce qu'un fricomacer, entretien avec Irmeline Lebeer, 5 pages avec de nombreuses illustrations sur Bruno Munari - Entretien entre Mario Merz et Harald Szeemann, 3 pages illustrées - Henry Martin : Giulio Paolini, l'absolu est inexplicable - Hubert Damisch : Valerio Adami, un portrait, 3 pages - Marc Le Bot : Cremonini, les plans du visible - Marie-Claude Volfin : Le massacre d'Astérix ou l'archéologie française à la dérive - Demetrio Enrique : A Nova cultura em Portugal (La nouvelle culture au Portugal), 3 pages - Cinéma, Notes sur la cinéphilie, l'esthétique et la politique - Super 8 et capitalisme - Cinéma Italia - Théâtre : Baal de Berthold Brecht
Namen Berthold Brecht / Bruno Munari / Demetrio Enrique / Giulio Paolini / Harald Szeemann / Henry Martin / Hubert Damisch / Marc Le Bot / Marie-Claude Volfin / Valerio Adami
Sprache Französisch
Geschenk von Vollrad Kutscher
Stichwort 1970er Jahre
TitelNummer 019741K55 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Allen Gwen
Artists' Magazines - An Alternative Space for Art
Cambridge, MA / London (Vereinigte Staaten / Großbritannien): the MIT Press, 2015
(Buch) 368 S., 24,8x19 cm,
ISBN/ISSN 9780262528412
Techn. Angaben Broschur
ZusatzInformation Originalausgabe von 2011.
During the 1960s and 1970s, magazines became an important new site of artistic practice, functioning as an alternative exhibition space for the dematerialized practices of conceptual art. Artists created works expressly for these mass-produced, hand-editioned pages, using the ephemerality and the materiality of the magazine to challenge the conventions of both artistic medium and gallery. In Artists’ Magazines, Gwen Allen looks at the most important of these magazines in their heyday (the 1960s to the 1980s) and compiles a comprehensive, illustrated directory of hundreds of others.
Among the magazines Allen examines are Aspen (1965–1971), a multimedia magazine in a box—issues included Super-8 films, flexi-disc records, critical writings, artists’ postage stamps, and collectible chapbooks, Avalanche (1970-1976), which expressed the countercultural character of the emerging SoHo art community through its interviews and artist-designed contributions, and Real Life (1979-1994), published by Thomas Lawson and Susan Morgan as a forum for the Pictures generation. These and the other magazines Allen examines expressed their differences from mainstream media in both form and content: they cast their homemade, do-it-yourself quality against the slickness of an Artforum, and they created work that defied the formalist orthodoxy of the day. Artists’ Magazines, featuring abundant color illustrations of magazine covers and content, offers an essential guide to a little-explored medium.
Text von der Webseite
Erwähnt werden neben vorwiegend amerikanischen Magazinen auch 4 taxis, Arte Postale, Art-Language, Audio Arts, Ausgabe, AXE, Commonpress, Dé-Coll/age, Doc(k)s, Ephemera, IAC Info, Interfunktionen, King Kong International, Kunststoff, Lotta Poetica, Der Löwe, Neon de Suro, Nervenkritik, Nota, Omnibus News, Ou, Pages, Palazzo, Reaktion, Salon, Sondern, ZG
Namen 4 taxis / Art-Language / Arte Postale / Aspen / Audio Arts / Ausgabe / Avalanche / AXE / Commonpress / Der Löwe / Doc (k)s / Dé-Coll/age / Ephemera / IAC Info / Interfunktionen / King Kong International / Kunststoff / Lotta Poetica / Neon de Suro / Nervenkritik / Nota / Omnibus News / Ou / Pages / Palazzo / Reaktion / Salon / Sondern / ZG
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort 1960er Jahre / 1970er Jahre / 1980er Jahre / Künstlermagazine / Künstlerzeitschriften / Theorie
TitelNummer 023614657 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Gudmundsson Kristján
Once around the sun, Volume I + Volume II
Aachen / München (Deutschland / Deutschland): Ottenhausen Verlag, 1982
(Buch) 1448 S., 28x27x8,5 cm, Auflage: 100, signiert,
ISBN/ISSN 3-922760-05-8
Techn. Angaben Broschur, Softcover, 2 Bücher in Schuber
ZusatzInformation Volume one contains very many pages with incredibly many dots on each page. We are to understand that each of these dots represents one second of the time it takes the earth to once orbit the sun. The second volume contains again very many pages with each incredibly many parallel lines. The length of all those lines together represents the true distance covered by the earth each second on its way to orbit the sun.
2. Auflage
Stichwort 1980er Jahre / Konzeptkunst
TitelNummer 001516028 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Pons Alorda Jaume C. / Pons Cristòfol
Unlimited Sobrassada
La Bisbal d'Empordà (Spanien): Atem Books, 2011
(Buch) 100 S., 21x14,8 cm, Auflage: 100, Nr. 67,
Techn. Angaben 2 Büchlein, 4 Heftchen mit Übersetzungen, 1 Blatt mit der Übersicht der Grafiken, in transparenter Hülle
ZusatzInformation We should be taught on loss so this is human’s fate: to lose everything.
First book: 76 pages, 14,8x21cm, full colour, sewn book
Second book: 24 pages, 14,8x21cm, black and white, saddle stiched
TitelNummer 009053262 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

de Donne Emanuele, Hrsg.
INbook OUTbook IFbook - An Artist Book Platform
Foligno (Italien): Viaindustriae Editions, 2011
(Buch) 208 S., 24x16,5 cm, Auflage: 1000,
ISBN/ISSN 978-88-903459-5-1
Techn. Angaben Abbildungen schwarz-weiß und farbig. z.T. grünes Papier
ZusatzInformation this book is a book project published by Viaindustriae that involves contemporary artists in thematic exhibitions and side vents. There are studies and researches by operators, curators, publishers, and specific artist's interventions in the pages. The discussion panels opened within a series of workshops are included in the publication that treats the archiving criteria in the artist's book practice. The operation focuses on three sections: INbook (filing and actions), OUTbook (multiplication and digression), IFbook (artist's book and infinite hypothesis). There are texts by Emanuele de Donno, Giorgio Maffei, and specific pages projects by Celine Comporelli, Imvermomuto, Dubbin/Davidson, Amedeo Marteghni, M+M, Daniela Comani, Banu Cennetoglu, Markus Miessen, Daniel Eatcock, Helen Sommer, Edamimomda/Cramer, and Documentation Celine Duval.
from the publisher
Namen Amedeo Marteghni / Banu Cennetoglu / Celine Comporelli / Celine Duval / Daniela Comani / Daniel Eatcock / Dubbin Davidson / Edamimomda Cramer / Emanuele de Donno / Giorgio Maffei / Helen Sommer / Imvermomuto / M+M / Markus Miessen
Sprache Englisch / Italienisch
Stichwort Künstlerbuch
TitelNummer 009055249 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

De Vries Herman
infinity in finity
Rennes (Frankreich): Editions Incertain Sens, 2013
(Heft) 24 unpag. S., 21x16,6 cm, Auflage: 1000,
ISBN/ISSN 978-2-914291-60-6
Techn. Angaben Softcover, Drahtheftung, Cover aufklappbar
ZusatzInformation Ce livre s'ouvre sur une photographie montrant l’artiste nu, faisant face à l’étendue de la mer. S'y succède un texte, composé de ces trois mots : infinity in finity, répétés à l’infini. Où est donc l’infini ainsi évoqué ? dans l’horizon de la mer ? dans les pages du livre ? dans le texte lu ou dans l’expérience de l’art ? Le texte décliné sur l'ensemble des pages existe sous une forme orale. Déclamé à trois voix par Cees de Boer, herman de vries et Katharina Winterhalter, il accompagne la publication
Text von der Webseite
TitelNummer 016065586 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Radke Hungry / Rat Salad / Stevenson Ian / Vilunki 3000, u. a.
Berlin (Deutschland): Sex Tags & Blank Blank, 2011
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 64 unpag. S., 13,5x9,5 cm, Auflage: 250,
ISBN/ISSN 0964-8973
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, leere Seiten, Rückseite mit Metallfolienprägung, in transparenter Kunststoffhülle mit beigelegtem Blatt, alle Seiten sind weiß
ZusatzInformation Plain Pages is the name of our brand new release. A 52 page booklet of arctic white paper. In this edition the owner has the possibility to elaborate their own content. A 100% democratic booklet in other words. Tee se itse lehti. Released 2011.
Text von der Webseite
Stichwort leer
TitelNummer 016079587 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Moraza Juan Luis
Madrid (Spanien): Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, 2014
(Buch) 254 S., 23x16,6 cm,
ISBN/ISSN 978-84-8026-509-6
Techn. Angaben Klappbroschur,
ZusatzInformation Publikation zur gleichnamigen Ausstellung vom 15.10.2014-02.03.2015.
The exhibition catalogue of republic brings together a broad selection of works by Juan Luis Moraza that explore the museum as a system of conventions and possibilities of citizenship. If one of the problems of contemporary democracy is the dilemma facing each citizen – between passivity and the possibilities of participation in social life – in the museum Moraza finds a space of convergence between the citizen-artist and citizen-spectator. Texts by the artist, in addition to a glossary and conversation, both developed by the show’s curator João Fernandes, are presented. The publication is arranged into two complementary parts: the odd-numbered pages comprise a catalogue of works, documents and literary works selected by the artist, while the even pages make an essay about republic.
Text von Website
Sprache Englisch
Geschenk von Museo Reina Sofia
Stichwort Besucher / Beteiligung / Plastik / Skulpturen / Teilnahme
TitelNummer 016561603 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Thalmair Franz, Hrsg.
Possible Content for 18 Pages - Volume II - A Set of Lines, A Stack of Paper
Berlin (Deutschland): Revolver Publishing, 2015
(Buch) 80 unpag. S., 29,7x21 cm, Auflage: 500,
ISBN/ISSN 978-3-95763-274-6
Techn. Angaben Broschur, mit zahlreichen Abbildungen, drei Bände in Banderole,
ZusatzInformation "A Set of Lines, A Stack of Paper" is the second in a series of exhibitions and publication based on a wide-reaching research about writing with the title 'Possible Content for 18 Pages'. The original typewritten manuscript of Vilém Flusser's essay 'The Gesture of Writing' provides the thematic and formal-aesthetic foundation for reflecting the act of writing at the intersection of linguistic, visual, physical and spatial communication. 'To write,' says the philosopher about the basic requirements that should lead to a complete piece of writing, we need 'a blank surface, for instance a white leaf of paper, an instrument which contains a matter that contrasts with the whiteness of the paper, the letters of the alphabet, the convention which gives a meaning to the letters, 'orthography' = correct writing, the rules which order that language, what is called 'grammar', an idea to be expressed in a language, and a motive to express that idea'. Understanding the act of writing as a culturally embedded gesture, 'A Set of Lines, A Stack of Paper' covers artistic, literary, as well as curatorial and editorial fields of action and combines them. The book is published on the occasion of the correspondent exhibition at KARST, Plymouth (June 5 - July 5, 2015). The publication comprises an exhibition documentation with installation views and a curatorial statement. Furthermore, the author Maria Fusco situates the concept of the exhibition in an actual context of literature.
The participating visual artists expand the topic of the exhibition with artistic contributions especially made for the book.
Text von der Webseite
Namen Ane Mette Hol / Birgit Knoechl / Egon van Herreweghe / Franz Thalmair / Heinrich Dunst / John Wood / Karolis Kosas / Lotte Lyon / Maria Fusco / Maria Fusco / Ovidiu Anton / Paul Harrison / Peter Downsbrough
Sprache Englisch
Geschenk von Franz Thalmair
Stichwort Appropriation / Gegenwartskunst / Post-Digital / Strategie
TitelNummer 016715579 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Thalmair Franz, Hrsg.
Possible Content for 18 Pages - Volume I - This Page Intentionally Left Blank
Berlin (Deutschland): Revolver Publishing, 2014
(Buch) 168 unpag. S., 29,7x21 cm, Auflage: 500,
ISBN/ISSN 978-3-95763-101-5
Techn. Angaben Broschur, mit zahlreichen Abbildungen, drei Bände in Banderole,
ZusatzInformation Publikation zur Ausstellung: This Page Intentionally Left Blank im Akbank Art Centre, Istanbul, 19.03-17.05.2014
„This Page Intentionally Left Blank“ ist das erste einer Reihe von Ausstellungs- und Publikationsprojekten, die dem Akt des Schreibens an der Schnittstelle von sprachlicher, visueller, körperlicher und räumlicher Kommunikation nachgehen. Als Grundlage für das breit angelegte Rechercheprojekt mit dem Titel „Possible Content for 18 Pages“ dient Vilém Flussers Essay „Die Geste des Schreibens“, dessen mit Schreibmaschine getipptes Manuskript sich nicht nur als fotografische Reproduktion im Buch befindet, sondern das ebenso die Struktur der Recherche bestimmt.
Text von der Webseite
Namen Anita Witek / Bethan Huws / Daniel Hafner / Falke Pisano / Fiona Banner / Ignacio Uriarte / John Baldessari / Joséphine Kaeppelin / Jörg Piringer / Karin Sander / Kenneth Goldsmith / Marianne Holm Hansen / Michael Kargl / Stefan Riebel / Ulrich Kehrer/ Agnes Miesenberger / VALIE EXPORT / Wade Guyton
Sprache Englisch
Geschenk von Franz Thalmair
Stichwort Appropriation / Gegenwartskunst / Post-Digital / Strategie
TitelNummer 016716579 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Thalmair Franz, Hrsg.
Possible Content for 18 Pages - Volume III - Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet
Berlin (Deutschland): Revolver Publishing, 2016
(Buch) 200 unpag. S., 29,7x21 cm, Auflage: 500,
ISBN/ISSN 978-3-95763-345-3
Techn. Angaben Fadenheftung, mit zahlreichen Abbildungen, drei Bände in Banderole, Anschreiben liegt bei,
ZusatzInformation “Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet” is the third in a series of exhibitions and publication based on a wide-reaching research about writing with the title “Possible Content for 18 Pages”. The original typewritten manuscript of Vilém Flusser’s essay “The Gesture of Writing” provides the thematic and formal-aesthetic foundation for reflecting the act of writing at the intersection of linguistic, visual, physical and spatial communication.
“To write,” says the philosopher about the basic requirements that should lead to a complete piece of writing, we need “a blank surface, for instance a white leaf of paper, an instrument which contains a matter that contrasts with the whiteness of the paper, the letters of the alphabet, the convention which gives a meaning to the letters, ‘orthography’ = correct writing, the rules which order that language, what is called ‘grammar’, an idea to be expressed in a language, and a motive to express that idea”.
Understanding the act of writing as a culturally embedded gesture, “Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet” covers artistic, literary, as well as curatorial and editorial fields of action and combines them. The book is published on the occasion of the eponymous performance by Lois Bartel at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin (June 11, 2016) and contains a curatorial-editorial statement by Franz Thalmair. Furthermore, the artist Michalis Pichler and the professor for media theory and aesthetics Oliver Ruf situate the publication in an actual context of literature and criticism. The participating visual artists expand the topic of the research with artistic contributions especially made for „Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet“.
Text von der Webseite
Namen Agnes Fuchs / Alejandro Cesarco / Charles Gute / Daniel Gustav Cramer / Haris Epaminonda / Irma Blank / Lois Bartel / Natalie Czech / Nikolaus Gansterer / Rafaël Rozendaal / Thomas Freiler
Sprache Englisch
Geschenk von Franz Thalmair
Stichwort Appropriation / Gegenwartskunst / Post-Digital / Strategie
TitelNummer 016717579 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Yoon J. Meejin
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten): Printed Matter, 2003
(Buch) 240 ca. S., 12,5x10 cm, Auflage: 2000,
ISBN/ISSN 0-89439-013-9
Techn. Angaben Umschlag aus Karton mit Leinenstreifen, ca. 120 Seiten gestanzt
ZusatzInformation 2004 winner of I.D. Magazine's Design Distinction award, Absence is the third book to come out of Printed Matter’s Publishing Program for Emerging Artists, a program made possible through the generous support of New York City's Department of Cultural Affairs, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, and the Heyday Foundation. The generosity of Whitney trustees Melva Bucksbaum and Raymond J. Learsy was instrumental to the Museum’s participation in the publication of this exciting new work.
Both a book and a sculptural object, Absence is a memorial to the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Yoon, an architect and designer who is currently an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, chose not to produce a traditional design proposal for the World Trade Center Memorial Competition. Instead she created a non-architectural, non site-specific space of remembrance: a portable personal memorial in the form of book.
At almost two pounds, Absence has a considerable physical presence, but it is in every way the ghost of a presence, and it is this ghostliness that gives it its particular emotional weight. A solid white block of thick stock cardboard pages, the book’s only "text" consists of one pinhole and two identical squares die-cut into each of its one-hundred-and-twenty pages – one for each story of the towers including the antenna mast. These removed elements lead the reader floor by floor through the missing buildings towards the final page where the footprint of the entire site of the World Trade Center is die-cut into a delicate lattice of absent structures.
Of all of the proposed monuments and grand designs for the twin towers to emerge in the last two years, Absence is remarkable for its employment of an under-used strategy: restraint. The simplicity of Yoon’s materials and her use of repetition speak, without words, about unspeakable loss. Quiet, respectful, mournful, the book does not aim to represent the magnitude of the disaster. Instead it appeals to the vastness of the reader’s imagination and capacity to grieve. The human scale of her memorial operates on a personal level – it delivers the memory of lives lost into the reader’s hands. At the same time, as a scale model of a vanished architectural site, it operates on a larger cultural level by commemorating the site itself.
Text von der Webseite. Fotos Xenia Fumbarev
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Amerika / Erinnerung / Künstlerbuch / Terror / Twin Towers
TitelNummer 024451593 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Gibbs Michael
Selected Pages
Amsterdam (Niederlande): Kontexts Publications, 1978
(Buch) Auflage: 300, Nr. 253,
ISBN/ISSN 90-10209-05-5
Stichwort 1970er Jahre
TitelNummer 001363196 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

D'Orville Christian / Niggl Thomas / Prem Heimrad, Hrsg.
Omnibus News 1
München (Deutschland): Selbstverlag, 1969
(Buch) 29,7x21 cm, Auflage: 1500, signiert, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben mit Originalbeiträgen vieler Künstler, verschiedene Papiere und Techniken, einige signiert, Stempeldrucke. Alle Arbeiten von den Künstlern selbst vervielfältigt, von den Herausgebern nur zusammen getragen. 1x
ZusatzInformation According to ARTBASE Jan 2001, this is the first visual artists' assembling ever! The editors state on the first page that "everybody is responsible for his own contribution," and, "there was no censorship or selection." These rules became the basis for what many poets/artists considered the foundation of Assembling publications although there have been and continue to be dissenters. Almost all the contributors were German. The pages in this periodical are composed of varied paper and colored stock reflecting the unedited contributions. However, the magazine was not called an Assembling and was probably not the first to employ an unedited format as can be appreciated by earlier such magazines in the Sackner Archive. However, it was probably the first to formulate the rules. Text von Sackner Archive
Namen Albrecht D. / Arnulf Rainer / Ben Vautier / Bruno Demattio / Christel Fischer / Dick Higgins / Elena Whiteside / Gerhard Merz / Hans-Peter Zimmer / Herbert Distel / Hermann NItsch / Joachim Schmettau / Jochen Gerz / Jörgen Brynjolf / Jörg Immendorf / Klaus Heider / Klaus Staeck / Lola Byron / Michael Badura / Nicole Braun / Otto Dressler / Peter Mardersteig / Peter Midnight / Timm Ulrichs / Wolfgang Felisch / Wolf Vostell
Stichwort 1960er Jahre
TitelNummer 003052214 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Siegelaub Seth / Wendler John W., Hrsg.
Xerox book - Carl Andre, Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt, Robert Morris, Lawrence Weiner
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten): Seth Siegelaub / Wendler, 1968
(Buch) 185 Blatt S., 28x21,5 cm, Auflage: 1000,
Techn. Angaben Offsetdruck nach original Fotokopierarbeiten, je Künstler 25 Seiten, First Edition
ZusatzInformation Siegelaub in einem Interview: The Xerox book – I now would prefer to call it the Photocopy book, so that no one gets the mistaken impression that the project has something to do with Xerox – was perhaps one of the most interesting because it was the first where I proposed a series of requirements for the project, concerning the use of a standard size paper and the amount of pages the container within which the artist was asked to work.
Das Buch ist/war die Ausstellung
Namen Carl Andre / Douglas Huebler / Joseph Kosuth / Lawrence Weiner / Robert Barry / Robert Morris / Sol LeWitt
Stichwort 1960er Jahre / Fotokopie / Geometrie / Konkrete Kunst / Konzeptkunst / minimal art / Xerox / Zeichnung
TitelNummer 004576352 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Gremmen Hans / Komen Dieuwertje / Krijgsman Karin / Stavast Petra, Hrsg.
Fw: #7 Pages, The cuenca Edition
Amsterdam / Rotterdam (Niederlande / Niederlande): Fw:, 2009
(Lieferverzeichnis) 23x16 cm,
Techn. Angaben Verzeichnis der ausgestellten Fotobücher von fw, Drahtheftung
Stichwort Nullerjahre
TitelNummer 006220302 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Hattori Kazunari
Cat at Night
Tokio (Japan): Zine's Mate, 2009
(Zine) 20 unpag. S., 20x14 cm, Auflage: 200, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung. Zusammen mit 4 Heften und zwei farbigen Einzelblättern in Transparentfolie, Risoprint
ZusatzInformation 100 pages by five zines
Stichwort Grafik / Nullerjahre / Zeichnung
TitelNummer 006344156 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Gokita Tomoo
Ballet, Dedicated to Buzz Sawyer
Tokio (Japan): Zine's Mate, 2009
(Zine) 20 unpag. S., 20x14 cm, Auflage: 200, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung. Zusammen mit 4 Heften und zwei farbigen Einzelblättern in Transparentfolie, Risoprint
ZusatzInformation 100 pages by five zines
Stichwort Nullerjahre / Zeichnung
TitelNummer 006345156 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Motoyuki Daifu
Tokio (Japan): Zine's Mate, 2009
(Zine) 20 unpag. S., 20x14 cm, Auflage: 200, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung. Zusammen mit 4 Heften und zwei farbigen Einzelblättern in Transparentfolie, Risoprint
ZusatzInformation 100 pages by five zines
Stichwort Lebensweise / Nullerjahre / Schwarz-Weiß-Fotografie / Wohnen
TitelNummer 006346156 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Kobayashi Ryohei / Tsuchikawa Ai
My first nature book
Tokio (Japan): Zine's Mate, 2009
(Zine) 20 unpag. S., 20x14 cm, Auflage: 200, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung. Zusammen mit 4 Heften und zwei farbigen Einzelblättern in Transparentfolie, Risoprint
ZusatzInformation 100 pages by five zines
Stichwort Collage / Grafik / Nullerjahre
TitelNummer 006347156 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Homma Takashi
R 1994 - 2009
Tokio (Japan): Zine's Mate, 2009
(Zine) 20 unpag. S., 20x14 cm, Auflage: 200, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung. Zusammen mit 4 Heften und zwei farbigen Einzelblättern in Transparentfolie, Risoprint
ZusatzInformation 100 pages by five zines
Stichwort Hund / Nullerjahre / Schwarz-Weiß-Fotografie / Wohnung
TitelNummer 006348156 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Weiner Lawrence
Wild Blue Yonder
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten): Printed Matter, 2002
(Buch) 112 unpag. S., 18,3x17,4 cm, Auflage: 900,
Techn. Angaben Broschur
ZusatzInformation Using stills from his DVD movie in combination with pages of text and graphics, he brings the complexity, subtlety, and play of his language propositions to bear on terrain of human relations.
Text von der Webseite
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Farbfotografie / Grafik / Nullerjahre / Schwarz-Weiß-Fotografie / Textarbeiten / Zeichen
TitelNummer 006431156 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Tarski Olof
Auswirkungen von indirekten Sympathomimetika
Stuttgart (Deutschland): edition taube, 2011
(Buch) 24 S., 19x13 cm, Auflage: 60, Nr. 42,
Techn. Angaben Risoprint und Siebdruck, aufgeklebter bedruckter Stoff auf dem Cover
ZusatzInformation Dr. Olof Tarski, not yet widely known to the public, illustrated the effects of sympathomimetic drugs in his first booklet for Taube. For this cause, he uses slightly manipulated imagery and hidden short poems (in german) for which the reader needs to rub on the pages in order to read them.
Just like sex, indirect sympathomimetics almost cause the same symptoms. A frightening but yet fascinating fact in these days is that every physical symptom may also be produced artificially. The intention behind this work is to show how much drugs and medications are in a position to control our physical sensation.
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Vater Markus
Everybody - 10 Billion pages of fun
Leipzig (Deutschland): Lubok Verlag, 2010
(Heft) 20 S., 21x14,6 cm,
Techn. Angaben Spiritusumdruck = Hektografie, blaue Farbe auf weißem Karopapier, geklammert
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Shaughnessy Adrian / Weiner Lawrence
Turning Some Pages - A discussion
Hamburg (Deutschland): material-Verlag, 2011
(Heft) 20 S., 21x13,8 cm, Auflage: 150,
Techn. Angaben aus der Reihe Freiexemplar 06, material 311, Laserprint, Ringösenheftung
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N. N.
no more miss nice guy
Amsterdam (Niederlande): nike, 2012
(Buch) 42 S., 22x16,5 cm,
Techn. Angaben eingelegt eine Rubbelkarte und ein Verzeichnis der Läden, Cover mit geschäumter Farbe
ZusatzInformation Agentur: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
Originaly call “Let the bitch out” No more miss nice guy is a 42 pages book capturing the theme of the rebel aspect of women in sports, pictured in a colorful and funny way, it catch the subtil attitude of sometime mad girl practicing sports. The idea of book/catalogue was firts adopte to suit better the fashion aspect of the whole project than normal press ads and created a collectable factor.
The photography playing a big role,in this sens, it was given to star photographer Elaine Constentine.
No More Miss Nice Guy was first made in english and specificaly adapted to the 7 main languages to fit the europeen market.
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Wingate Donna, Hrsg.
Destroy All Monsters Magazine 1976-1979
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten): Primary Information, 2011
(Buch) 270 unpag. S., 27x20,8 cm, Auflage: 3000,
ISBN/ISSN 978-0-9788697-8-6
Techn. Angaben verschiedene Papiere, erste Seite mit Schablone gesprüht
ZusatzInformation Facsimile edition of Destroy All Monsters Magazine including remnants of the "lost" seventh issue, which was never released. Destroy All Monsters Magazine features work by Mike Kelley, Cary Loren, Niagara, and Jim Shaw.
Destroy All Monsters Magazine was edited by Cary Loren and contained artwork, photographs, and flyers from band mates Mike Kelley, Cary Loren, Niagara, and Jim Shaw. Printed using any papers and techniques available to the band, the issues combine the cut and paste tactics of punk zines with a psychedelic affinity for color. Destroy All Monsters Magazine functions as a kind of manifesto, providing insight into the band through densely layered pages with movie imagery, kitsch, cartoons, delicate drawings, and counter-culture collages. While Destroy All Monsters has been the subject of recent exhibitions and partial reprints, this is the first time that all issues have been reprinted.
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Kleinjan Johan
Yellow Pages
Berlin (Deutschland): PogoBooks, 2012
(Heft) 28 unpag. S., 28,5x14,5 cm, Auflage: 120, Nr. 89 / 90, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben Pogobooks #047, Drahtheftung, Schwarz-Weiß-Xeroxkopien, in Transparenthülle
ZusatzInformation a collection of drawings made in tokyo in 2012.
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Chaplin Lewis
London (Großbritannien): Fourteen-Nineteen Books, 2011
(Buch) 60 unpag. S., 25x19 cm, Auflage: 200,
Techn. Angaben Vorder- und Rückseite mit Siebdruck in Gold
ZusatzInformation Sourcebook presents the detritus and collected imagery of a year of contemplation, frustration and ambivalence with the nature of photography. From an initial starting point of the typographic reference book, within its pages a myriad of situations and pictures present themselves - each at once recognisable and indecipherable.
Drawing heavily on ideas of representation and the 'reading' of an image, the work within is open-ended, a liquid, unstable mix of ideas and images that attempt to elude the conclusive, finite nature of the captured image or the printed photo. Instead, Sourcebook aims to be fluid - at once a source of reference and stimulation for future creative processes, and a photographic document littered with unanswered questions, oblique strategies and glimpses of meaning.
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Nicotra Marco / Tammaro Giuliana, Hrsg.
BOLO 1 - Stars are indispensable
Mailand (Italien): BOLO Paper, 2011
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 96 unpag. S., 20,4x17 cm,
ZusatzInformation BOLO 1 includes the contributions from 45 artists and is distributed in the most important cities in Europe, US, and available on the website. Printed in 2 colors, 100 pages of graphics, photography, illustration and typography, all mixed together. Different techniques, combined by a main theme.
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Gaenssler Katharina
Weihnachtswünsche 2013
München (Deutschland): Barbara Gross Galerie, 2013
(Leporello) 8 S., 21x14,8 cm, Auflage: 200, Nr. 31, signiert,
Techn. Angaben Leporello als Weihnachtsgruß der Galeristinnen Barbara Gross, Anna Geuder und Franziska Koch, in Briefumschlag
ZusatzInformation Abbildungen aus: Katharina Gaenssler, UN 242, 2010/2012. Book object, 242 photographs, 242 pages, Pigment print on polyethilen - Buchobjekt, 242 Fotografien, 242 Seiten
,, Pigmentdruck auf Polyethylen, Umschlag Siebdruck. 68×51×4 cm
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Ezawa Kota
Odessa Staircase Redux
Zürich (Schweiz): JRP Ringier, 2010
(Buch) 80 unpag. S., 14,2x19 cm,
ISBN/ISSN 978-3-03764-083-8
Techn. Angaben eingelegt ein kleinerformatiges, geklammertes Heft
ZusatzInformation "Odessa Staircase Redux" is a kind of flipbook revisiting the well-known film sequence from Sergei Eisenstein's "Battleship Potemkin." The first frame of every cut is drawn in black ink by hand. The ensuing series of 158 ink drawings is organized to form a typology of camera angles and subject matter that in turn creates a new animation of the scene in the mind of the viewer. The book comes with a 16-pages saddle-stitched bonus booklet of archival films stills depicting a protest by UC Berkeley students against a House Un-American Committee meeting at San Francisco City Hall in 1961.
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Alderson Rob, Hrsg.
Printed Pages #4, Winter 2013
London (Großbritannien): It's Nice That, 2013
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 72 S., 27,5x20 cm,
ISBN/ISSN 2052-2436
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, Umschlag ausklappbar, verschiedenfarbige Papiere
Namen Douglas Coupland / Edward Monaghan / Emily King / Jaimie Warren / Joe Sacco / Nathaniel Russell / New Norse Design / Ralph Rugoff / Seetal Solanki / The Renoir Cinema
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Alderson Rob, Hrsg.
Printed Pages #5, Spring 2014
London (Großbritannien): It's Nice That, 2014
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 128 S., 27,5x20 cm,
ISBN/ISSN 2052-2436
Techn. Angaben verschiedene Papiere
Namen Aitor Throup / Andrea Aranow / Lotta Nieminen / Minna Gilligan / Modern Toss / Richard Turley / Stanley Donwood / Tavi Gevinson
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Leterme Céline, Hrsg.
Counter-Print Issue #09 Freight / New Work Eight: t8
London (Großbritannien): Counter-Print, 2012
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 56 S., 40,1x29 cm,
ISBN/ISSN 2044-2726
Techn. Angaben eine Ausgabe bestehend aus 3 Zeitungen, Blätter lose zusammengelegt in transparenter Kunststoffhülle
ZusatzInformation Eight:48's ninth issue has been renamed Counter-Print, now consists of three papers and runs to 56 pages.
Paper #01 focuses on the art and design of freight, Paper #02 entitled, new work, offers a snap shot of some of the best work out there and Paper #03 is a brief montage of new and old articles, drawn from issues one to eight offers a timely look back on all eight themes that have shaped the papers so far.
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Brandt Franziska
About Series #1
Berlin (Deutschland): Gloria Glitzer, 2010
(Leporello) 20 unpag. S., 29,7x21 cm, Auflage: 100,
Techn. Angaben Leporello mit kleinem Heft, Fadenheftung, Cover mit Aufkleber, Offset
ZusatzInformation The »About Series« is a mobile space exhibiting visual artists. Each issue consists of a leporello with four pages like a room with four walls and a small booklet with texts and a »floor plan«. It is the first periodical artzine published by Gloria Glitzer.
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Glas Matthias
Die Chronologie der Zelle
München (Deutschland): Hammann & von Mier, 2014
(Buch) 106 unpag. S., 31x22 cm, Auflage: 200, Nr. 56 / 159, signiert, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben Hartpappeeinband mit Siebdruck, Text von Leo Lencsés und Matthias Glas, eingelegt eine Originalzeichnung. Ein Exemplar mit beigelegtem Anschreibener Version des Textes, einmal ein
ZusatzInformation Erschienen zur Debütantenausstellung in der Akademie der Bildenden Künste in München am 8.04.2014
The artist‘s book “Die Chronologie der Zelle“ shows and analyzes the cyclic working process of sculptor Matthias Glas. 80 pages covering a photo spread of art works are completed by a text section which takes up the preceding flow of images based on a chain of the artist`s thoughts. Additional meta text passages structure the workflow into chapters and give further information on the artistic practice. Each book has an individual screen-printed cover and includes an original drawing by Matthias Glas
Sprache Englisch
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Pichler Michalis
555 Schnapspresse Sonnets, folded, stapled and sold in chunks of 5
Leipzig (Deutschland): Lubok Verlag, 2014
(Heft) 10 S., 14,8x21 cm, Auflage: 111, Nr. 51,
ISBN/ISSN 978-3-941601-97-0
Techn. Angaben Spiritusumdruck = Hektografie, blaue Farbe auf weißem Papier, geklammert
ZusatzInformation a variation of a SONNET written by Rossetti in 1871, re-written by Carrión in 1972 and subsequently re-written by Pichler since 2009.
It is exploring the materiality of language, how books travel into the world, and how a fragmented printrun can still constitute an organic piece.
It is awkward to read, and the awkwardness certainly is half of its charme. Due to their rotated binding and blurring through the pages, they also look like Rorschach-drawings.
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Lerslie Jeremy / Siu Jese
London (Großbritannien): Vitsoe, 2014
(Heft) 48 S., 28x21 cm,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung
ZusatzInformation Katalogheft zum 620 Reading Room with magCulture and Postcard Teas at Vitsoe London. Beteiligte Magazine: Alpine Review, Another Escape, Delayed Gratification, FAT, Flaneur, The Gentlewoman, The Gourmand, The Green Soccer Journal, HOLO, Intern, Inventory, mono.kultur, Motherland, Offscreen, The Outpost, The Pitchfork Review, Printed Pages, Riposte, Shelf Journal, Vestoj
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Morris Simon
Pigeon Reader
Acklam (Großbritannien): information as material, 2012
(Buch) 300 S., 19,8x12,8 cm, Auflage: 750, signiert,
ISBN/ISSN 978-1-907468-15-5
Techn. Angaben Broschur
ZusatzInformation Inspired by Georges Perec’s musings on reading, which he likens to “a pigeon pecking at the ground in search of breadcrumbs”, Simon Morris’ latest book sets exactly those feral avians to work on the very surface of Perec’s celebrated text “Reading: A Sociophysiological Outline”. In the process he puts pressure on all of the terms in Perec’s title: what does it mean to engage a text physically — looking at print, flipping pages, processing language, vocalizing, responding — without any of the social practices or semantics we usually associate with “reading.” Or, to put this as Wittgenstein might: what activities still embody a grammar of reading even in the absence of what would seem to be its defining features.
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Hale Joe
Getting Inside Simon Morris Head
York (Großbritannien): information as material, 2014
(Buch) 324 S., 19,8x12,8 cm, Auflage: 500,
ISBN/ISSN 978-1-907468-21-6
Techn. Angaben Softcover, Taschenbuch
ZusatzInformation Getting Inside Simon Morris’ Head is a performative retyping of Simon Morris’ conceptual bookwork Getting Inside Jack Kerouac’s Head. Like Morris’ original performance of retyping the scroll edition of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, Joe Hale’s project first appeared as a blog. At the rate of one page per day, like Morris retyping Kerouac before him, Hale retyped Morris’ entire book and in doing so re-retraces Kerouac’s famous adventure. Morris gave us all of Kerouac’s pages in reverse order: each blog post presented one page and the default settings of the blog platform organised his posts in reverse order, from the newest to the oldest. Now inverted again, as a double negative, Hale has restored the direction of travel to the story and produced a wholly (un)original new text. This first printed edition takes the imitative gesture to a new extreme. It features an introductory essay by poet Kenneth Goldsmith and reuses Morris’ paratext. From the cover design to the choice of paper, Hale tests the limits of conceptual extension.
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Namen Jack Kerouac / Kenneth Goldsmith / Simon Morris
Geschenk von Simon Morris
Stichwort Literatur / Schreiben
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Duncan Emma, Hrsg.
The Economist 1943 Issue 01
London (Großbritannien): The Economist, 2016
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 130 S., 27,5x20,2 cm,
ISBN/ISSN 2397-2238
Techn. Angaben Broschur
ZusatzInformation The launch issue hits newsstands on March 9 with an April/May cover, and will have 120 pages. The redesigned site will go live, without a paywall, on March 7, the same day that the social accounts and the app will revert from Intelligent Life to 1843. 1843 will, like Intelligent Life before it, publish six issues a year.
Newly appointed editor Emma Duncan has come on board from The Economist where she was deputy editor. At 1843, she leads a team of 25 across editorial and commercial, and also can pull on the wider global Economist team.
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A new magazine of ideas, lifestyle and culture
Stichwort Design / Kulturmagazin / Style / Travel
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Offermann Eva-Maria
26.878 N 93.268 W -11945 m - Deep Water Horizon
Kassel (Deutschland): Selbstverlag, 2011
(Buchobjekt) 20 unpag. S., 23x18x6,5 cm, Auflage: 8, Nr. 2, signiert,
Techn. Angaben fadengeheftet, Umschlag Bitumen auf Styrodur, innen Anklebevorsatz aus schwarzem Tonpapier und Seiten aus Transparentpapier, beigelegt ein zweiseitiges Anschreiben
ZusatzInformation This book works by haptics. You can read it eyes closed. The hardcover is made by a thick bitumen surface on styropor. For this reason the book is not heavy. Inside the book are ten pages of transparent paper with abstract illustrations that assosciate to biological structures. The topic of the book is about the sensitive creatures that live in the sea and oil shipping disasters
Geschenk von Eva-Maria Offermann
Stichwort Haptik / Meer / Umwelt / Zerstörung / Ölunfälle
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De Vries Herman
Rennes (Frankreich): Editions Incertain Sens, 2003
(Buch) 48 unpag. S., 29,7x21 cm, Auflage: 1250,
ISBN/ISSN 978-2-914291-17-0
Techn. Angaben Softcover, Fadengeheftet
ZusatzInformation Arbeiten nach Wittgensteins Tractatus 2.0131.
Dans ce projet datant de 1968, herman de vries se réfère au Tractatus logico-philosophicus de Wittgenstein, et c'est la façon dont il le fait - surprenante et amusante - qui fonde l'idée de ce livre.
argumentstellen confronte l'expression quelque peu énigmatique du Tractatus au sens tangible des références que le discours wittgensteinien met en scène, à l'imaginaire qu'il mobilise. C'est ce travail du concret et du tangible, aussi " minimaliste " soit-il, qui met le lecteur sur la voie de la recherche du sens de l'énigme. " Avant de philosopher, il faut vivre ", dit Henri Bergson.
Dans la simplicité stupéfiante de son approche, le livre de de vries propose une piste nouvelle et originale pour relire Wittgenstein, et peut-être aussi pour confronter l'art à la pensée philosophique en général.
Ainsi, les 48 pages de ce livre affichent chacune un seul point, distribué dans l'espace vide de la page, preuve que "l'objet spatial doit se trouver dans un espace infini / le point spatial est une place pour un argument."
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Sprache Deutsch / Französisch
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Le Mercier Stéphane
Rennes (Frankreich): Editions Incertain Sens, 2013
(Heft) 40 unpag. S., 33x23 cm, Auflage: 1000,
ISBN/ISSN 978-2-914291-56-9
Techn. Angaben Softcover, Drahtheftung
ZusatzInformation Au printemps 1998, bénéficiant d'un petit bureau au James Joyce Centre de Dublin, j'ai photocopié la plupart des couvertures et quelques pages intérieures, des traductions mondiales d'Ulysse. Vitement réalisées et à des fins documentaires, ces photocopies sont parcourues de bruits (déplacement du livre, agrandissement aléatoire, présence furtive de la main, rayures, etc) comme autant d'ornements ajoutés à la polyphonie de l'œuvre. Enfin, ce projet s'accompagne aujourd'hui d'une réflexion insoupçonnable à l'époque : le traitement fait aux livres dans le cadre de leur numérisation sauvage.
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Watier Eric
L'inventaire des destructions
Rennes (Frankreich): Editions Incertain Sens, 2011
(Buch) 100 unpag. S., 19x13,4 cm, Auflage: 600,
ISBN/ISSN 978-2-914291-54-5
Techn. Angaben Softcover, Broschur,
ZusatzInformation Les uns après les autres, défilent sur les pages de ce livre les artistes qui ont volontairement détruit leurs propres œuvres. Convoqués par des formules brèves et sobres, mais non sans commentaire discret de l'auteur, les quatre-vingt-dix-neuf cas de destructions interrogent la création dans ce qu'elle a d'essentiel: objet? processus? attitude à l'égard du monde? Le livre qui se veut lui-même vulnérable, sans couverture ni page de titre, consacre sa centième formule à sa propre présentation.
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Sprache Französisch
Stichwort Konzeptkunst / Text
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Stevenson Ian
Berlin (Deutschland): Sex Tags & Blank Blank, 2010
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 52 unpag. S., 13,5x9,5 cm, Auflage: 300,
ISBN/ISSN 0962-0074
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, Rückseite mit Silberprägung, in transparenter Kunststoffhülle mit beigelegtem Blatt, Aufkleber
ZusatzInformation In our fifth issue of BLAD we asked Ian Stevenson if he would make enough drawings for us to fill a whole magazine. And we can proudly say that he did! The issue is called Enter Ian Stevenson, and it's a very fine and funny tour through Ian's characteristic and very humorous world of drawings. As he says himself "48 pages of drawings, each one created only for you".
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Stichwort Zeichnung
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Gibbs Michael
All or nothing and other pages
Devon (Großbritannien): Uniformbooks, 2016
(Buch) 224 S., 23,4 x 14,2 cm,
ISBN/ISSN 978-1-910010-13-6
Techn. Angaben Klappbroschur, mit einigen schwarz-weiß Abbildungen,
ZusatzInformation A survey of the work of Michael Gibbs whose activities included poetry, performance, film, and publishing, and his immersion in what he called “a genuinely ‘underground ’ culture… which owed nothing to the official art establishment ”. As well as visual poetry and texts, the book includes his major study of blank books ‘All or Nothing ’, written in 2005, a selection of critical writing that originally appeared in Kontexts, and Artzien, journals that he edited and published, as well as articles from the photography journal Perspektief, and Art Monthly, for which he wrote a regular column. A chronology of examples of his visual and concrete poems, books and photography is reproduced, along with documentation of performances.
Text von der Website
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Fotografie / Konkrete Poesie / Künstlerpublikationen / Performance / Untergrund Kultur / Visuelle Poesie
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Plowright Natasha, Hrsg.
Loose Associations vol. 3 issue 1 - Roger Mayne
London (Großbritannien): The Photographer's Gallery, 2017
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 68 S., 18x13,2 cm,
ISBN/ISSN 2397-0839
Techn. Angaben Broschur
ZusatzInformation Loose Associations is a periodical, book format publication from The Photographers’ Gallery offering a diverse set of reflections on photography and image culture. Loosely inspired by the gallery’s exhibition programme, LA includes essays both written and visual, artist pages, images, interviews, fiction and philosophy from a wide range of contributors.
In this issue, the first to focus on the work of a single artist, we have brought together a selection of Roger Mayne’s photographs, alongside newly commissioned writing by Anna Douglas, Owen Hatherley and Bob Stanley. This publication is an accompaniment to our exhibition Roger Mayne, 3 March – 11 June 2017.
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Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Fotografie / Street Photography
TitelNummer 023565605 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

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