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  • Foundations Remains
Ort LandNikosia (Republik Zypern)
Verlag Jahr
Medium Plakat
Techn. Angaben
  • 59x42 cm, Keine weiteren Angaben vorhanden
  • The Office gallery is delighted to present the most recent work from the controversial, British artist/taxidermist Polly Morgan titled FOUNDATIONS AND REMAINS. Since 2005 the London based artist has managed to create a visual language of her own through the use of animals as raw materials of her work and their placement as protagonists in scenes that are unnatural to them.
    Though her peculiar work, she is forcing us to look at the animals used, as if for the first time, free from previous associations, deliberately challenging the fragile relationship between humans and animals.
    The major work of the exhibition titled FOUNDATIONS/REMAINS has been made using 2428 cast crow femurs that are each painted by hand. The glue used is identical in colour to the fat present in the joints of bones, so it bears the same colour and consistency of a real animal skeleton. This work is inspired by Charnel Houses (Ossuaries) which were decorative buildings essentially used to pile high skeletons in order to save space. The structure was built using plans from Sol Lewitt's spiral tower Untitled 1989.
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