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Bonnet Anne-Marie, Hrsg.: Whose Heritage? - Floorplan Papers

Bonnet Anne-Marie, Hrsg.
Whose Heritage? - Floorplan Papers
München (Deutschland): autopress, 2017
(Buch) 252 S., 19x13,5 cm, Auflage: 500, ISBN/ISSN 978-3-931184-08-7
Techn. Angaben Broschur
ZusatzInformation Whose heritage are we dealing with? With this one-day conference, we want to create an overview of the contemporary discussions on museums dealing with old and new formats of heritage. The morning session has been set up as an informal “World Café”. In this interactive format, the guests are invited to address pertinent topics such as transnationality, transculturality, shared heritage, intellectual property, “Deutungshoheit”, restitution, museological concepts & categorisations and the management of meaning in art and culture. In the afternoon, the conference will bring together honourable guests from the academic and practical museum-fields. The podium is not only dedicated to aspects of how to deal with/handle/encounter so called “other” cultures but also in addressing questions of our own cultural and intellectual heritage. We would like to encourage the audience to participate in the debate.
Text von der Webseite
Namen Benjamin Dodenhoff / Caroline Yi / Christoph Balzar / Janine Huge / Kathrin Michel / Kristina Engels / Marie-Christin Gerwens-Voß / Martin Schmidl / Samia Ouladzahra / Sandra Duhem
Sprache Deutsch / Englisch
Geschenk von Martin Schmidl
Stichwort Konferenz / Kulturerbe
023960658 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Filipe Carla, Hrsg.: Boletim, No. 1 - Arquitectura - Architecture

Filipe Carla, Hrsg.
Boletim, No. 1 - Arquitectura - Architecture
Valencia (Spanien): Concreta, 2013
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 47 S., 21,8x14,5 cm, Auflage: 200, ISBN/ISSN 978-84-940701-2-9
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung
ZusatzInformation Following the example of French and British railway companies, C.P. (Portuguese Railways) built houses and social facilities between 1910-20, to support its employees and their families. Key projects implemented during the first quarter of the twentieth century included the Boneca neighbourhood, for retired railway workers, and the Vila Verde neighbourhood, in the alignment of the Bairro Camões neighbourhood. The latter was built in 1926 designed by Cottinelli Telmo and Luís da Cunha. All these neighbourhoods are located in the city of Entroncamento. The city itself was created because of the railways. The station was the first dwelling - at the time a small tent (1862). This new venture provoked major migration from the interior of Portugal, of those who wanted to work for the Company. As a consequence, C.P. (Portuguese Railways) developed a plan, involving a series of ambitious social support structures, perhaps unique at the national level. The company built neighbourhoods for employees, a school, a supplies warehouse, an anti-tuberculosis dispensary that operated as a health centre and also encouraged the development of sporting activities. In parallel with technological evolution and development of railway activities, the workshop area was expanded, included reinforced staff training, which reached a peak when a training centre was built, that is today called FERNAVE, house in a huge building, built from scratch for these functions and which formerly housed the Instituto Superior de Transportes (Higher Transport Institute).
Text von der Webseite
Sprache Englisch / Portugiesisch / Spanisch
Stichwort Architektur / Eisenbahn
011779412 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Degiorgis Nicolò: Hidden Islam - Islamic makeshift places of worship in North East Italy, 2009-2013


Degiorgis Nicolò: Hidden Islam - Islamic makeshift places of worship in North East Italy, 2009-2013

Degiorgis Nicolò
Hidden Islam - Islamic makeshift places of worship in North East Italy, 2009-2013
Bozen (Italien): Rorhof, 2015
(Buch) 90 S., 24,8x17 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-88-909817-0-8
Techn. Angaben Hardcover mit festgeklebtem Schutzumschlag. Jede Seite aufklappbar.
ZusatzInformation Dritte Auflage.
Consider these facts. In Italy the right to worship, without discrimination, is enshrined within the constitution. There are 1.35 million Muslims in Italy and yet, officially, only eight mosques in the whole country. One consequence is that the Muslim population have accumulated a huge number of makeshift and temporary places of worship. These are housed in a variety of buildings including lock ups, garages, shops, warehouses and old factories. This shortage of places to worship is particularly acute in north east Italy – where the photographer Nicolò Degiorgis lives – home to many anti-Islamic campaigns headed by the right wing party Lega Nord. The dull images of the many and diverse buildings that house the makeshift mosques are printed on folded pages. You open up the gatefold to reveal the scenes inside the mosques, shot in full colour. The size of the gatherings varies, from large crowds who sometimes pray outside to a small room full to bursting, or to intimate groups of two or three Muslims. Degiorgis provides a fascinating glimpse of hidden world and leaves the conclusions about this project entirely in our own hands.
In 2014 Hidden Islam was awarded the Gold Award - Deutscher Fotobuchpreis, First Book Award - Paris Photo/Aperture Foundation and Author Book Award - Les Rencontres des Arles.
Text aus dem Vorwort von Martin Parr.
Namen Martin Parr (Vorwort)
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Dokumentation / Fotografie / Islam / Italien / Moschee / Religion / Schwarzweiß
Sponsoren Department for German Culture of the Autonomous Province of South Tyrol and the South Tyrolean Artists Association
024962665 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)
lightworks 11-12 79
lightworks 11-12 79
lightworks 11-12 79

Keller Eric, Hrsg.: lightworks, Nr. 11/12 - Fluxus

Keller Eric, Hrsg.
lightworks, Nr. 11/12 - Fluxus
Ann Arbor, MI (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Lightworks Magazine, 1979
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 64 S., 28x21,5 cm, 2 Stück. ISBN/ISSN 0161-4223
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, innen ein an Faden geklebtes Lesezeichen

Namen Alison Knowles / Ben / Buzz Spector / Dick Higgins / Eric Smith / George Brecht / George Maciunas / Goeff Hendricks / Howard Huge / Judith Fitzgerald / Keith Rahmmings / Peter Frank / Ray DiPalma / Ray Johnson / Robert Watts / Sun Ra / Terry Yank / Werner Herzog / Wolf Vostell
Stichwort 1970er Jahre
002159119 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Som­mer­hal­der Ben­ja­min, Hrsg.: Supplement to Huge Magazine No. 72

Som­mer­hal­der Ben­ja­min, Hrsg.
Supplement to Huge Magazine No. 72
Zürich (Schweiz): Nieves, 2010
(Zine) 24 unpag. S., 25,5x19,5 cm,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung

Namen Beni Bischof / Chris Johanson / Dimitri Broquard / Hendrik Hegray / Ingo Giezendanner / Johanna Jackson / Kim Gordon / Rita Ackermann / Stefan Marx / Warja Lavater / Will Sweeney
015035559 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Sack Janine / Sack Lutz, Hrsg.
The Green Box
Berlin (Deutschland): The Green Box, 2015
(Lieferverzeichnis) 21x14,8 cm,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung. Anschreiben beigelegt in Briefumschlag
ZusatzInformation Foto von der Webseite
012956454 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

Lobodzinski Pia / Hell Julia, Hrsg.: [kon] No. 01 SEX

Hell Julia / Lobodzinski Pia, Hrsg.
[kon] No. 01 SEX
München (Deutschland): Fachschaft AVL, 2015
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 24 S., 46,5x31,3 cm, Auflage: 2000, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben Zeitung, Blätter lose ineiander gelegt
ZusatzInformation Gegründet und herausgegeben von der Fachschaft AVL der LMU, München
Namen Janine Wölke / Jennifer Leetsch / Juliane Saupe / Julia Schiefer / Julia Weigl / Lara Theobald / Magda Hirschberger / Matteo Zicchetti / Matthias Dietrich / Pia Lobodzinski / Theresa Kahl / Wolfram Ette
Geschenk von Julia Hell
Stichwort Sex / Studenten / Universität
014044K23 Einzeltitelanzeige (URI)

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