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Malone Anthony (Marafioti Martin): For Everard Vol. 1-11, 2013 ab


Malone Anthony (Marafioti Martin): For Everard Vol. 1-11, 2013 ab

Malone Anthony (Marafioti Martin)
For Everard Vol. 1-11
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Selbstverlag, 2013 ab
(Zine / Sticker, Button) [12-16] S., 20,6x13,5 cm, Auflage: 100, signiert, 12 Teile.
Techn. Angaben 11 Hefte, Schwarz-Weiß-Laserkopien, Drahtheftung, Aufkleber
ZusatzInformation About the series:
The For Everard zine series chronicles the 1977 fire at New York's Everard Baths, combining archival research with imagined narratives to re-focus attention to obscured histories. The series explores the media coverage of the subsequent investigation of the fire, and the lives of the nine men who perished. The zines bring together photographic images with primary news sources, as well as personal anecdotes collected from eyewitness testimonials.
About the individual zines:
For Everard, Vol. 1, 2013, ed. 100 (nr. 65)
This zine chronicles the May 25, 1977 fire at New York's Everard Baths and the media coverage of the subsequent investigation.
For Everard, Vol. 2 (Bloodbrothers), 2013, ed. 100 (Nr. 81)
In the second volume of his series chronicling the 1977 fire at New York’s Everard Baths, Anthony Malone focuses on Bellevue Hospital’s blood drive for the victims of the great bathhouse tragedy. Malone draws parallels between the 1977 restrictions placed on gay men for donating blood to their “brothers” and current FDA guidelines that indefinitely defer donations from men who have had sex with men since 1977. This black and white photocopied zine (ed 100) juxtaposes archival images, news clippings, and just a touch of fantasy.
For Everard, Vol. 3 (Remembering Jimmy), 2015, ed. 100 (Nr. 94)
Volume 3 of the series, For Everard is dedicated to the memory of Jimmy Stuard, who died in the tragic fire at the Everard Baths in 1977. Stuard was a rising star in the disco music scene. He spun records first at Boston’s 1270 Club, and later at New York’s 12 West, where he inspired an entire generation of musical artists and DJs. In this particular volume, Anthony Malone assembles images and archival texts that serve as a tribute to the great Jimmy Stuard.
For Everard, Vol. 4 (A Lovely Show), 2016, ed. 100 (Nr. 62)
For Everard, Vol. 4 (A Lovely Show) is a tribute to Kenneth Hill, one of the nine men who died in the devastating fire at the Everard Baths in 1977. Kenn played a vital role in the East Village/Lower East side countercultural movement in the late ‘60s and 1970s. He was a hippie, a bar tender at Phebe’s (a watering hole and salon for the experimental theater community in the 1970s), one of the founders of the Old Reliable Theatre Tavern, House Manager at La Mama Experimental Theatre Club, and a photographer. This zine celebrates Kenneth Hill by collaging archival documents with personal artifacts and pictures of Kenn from meaningful moments in his life.
For Everard, Vol. 5 (A Dearly Loved Man), 2017, ed. 100 (Nr. 95)
For Everard, Vol. 5 (A Dearly Loved Man) assembles images and stories from the life of Ira Landau, a gifted and dedicated teacher who died in the tragic fire at the Everard Baths in 1977. Ira left behind a devoted family (his mother, brother, niece, and lover) and is still greatly missed by his loved ones. This zine is a tribute to the life and accomplishments of a remarkable man who served in the Peace Corps and committed himself to educating young minds both abroad (in the Middle East) and at home in the US. It contains family photos and personal images generously contributed by Ira’s niece.
For Everard, Vol. 6 (Yosef’s Song), 2017, ed. 100 (Nr. 94)
Volume 6 of the series For Everard celebrates the life of a remarkable musical prodigy, Yosef Synovec. This zine tells the story of a young man with great aspirations who emigrated to the United States from Czechoslovakia to study classical violin. In 1976, Holly Woodlawn overheard Synovec vocalizing as he was painting the bathroom of his East Village apartment, and determined on the spot that she had discovered an emerging star. As a singer, Synovec used his extreme vocal range to imitate the voice and persona of Peruvian diva Yma Sumac. He performed Sumac’s exotic musical numbers at several New York City cabarets and show venues. Sadly, on May 25, 1977, Yosef perished in the tragic fire at the Everard Baths.
For Everard, Vol. 7 (Tony from the Bronx), 2017, ed. 100 (Nr. 86)
This zine brings together images and stories from the life of Tony Calarco, one of the nine men who died in the fire at the Everard Baths in 1977. Tony was only 26 when he died. He lived with his parents and siblings in a modest house in the Bronx. He had recently graduated from college and was working as a social worker in New York city at the time of his death. Tony had aspirations to become a lawyer and was scheduled to begin law school in September of 1977. This zine celebrates Tony Calarco’s memory through photos of Tony, artifacts from his high school and college years, and recent photographs of his home and final resting place.
For Everard, Vol. 8 (Looking for Amado), 2017, ed. 100 (Nr.84)
Amado Alamo, a young man only 17 years old, lost his life in the fire at the Everard Baths in 1977. In Volume 8 of For Everard, Anthony Malone documents his search for the identity of the youngest victim of the Everard fire. The zine is an abstracted portrait of Alamo that assembles the few extant fragments of his story culled from newspaper articles and documentary sources glued together with the artist’s imagination.
For Everard, Vol. 9 (Last Call), 2017, ed. 100 (Nr.72)
Life was difficult for Hillman Wesley Adams. He was born in Jacksonville FL in 1938. His mother died just a few months after his birth, and by the age of nine, he found himself in an orphanage with his older brother. Fast forward 30 years: Hillman moved to NYC, struggled to make ends meet while working on and off as a bartender, and he met his lover, Ralph, with whom he shared a modest apartment in New Jersey. On May 25, 1977, Hillman died in the fire at the Everard Baths. Vol. 9 of For Everard is an assemblage of newspaper articles and vintage photos chronicling the life and untimely death of Hillman Wesley Adams.
For Everard, Vol. 10 (In Memoriam: Patrick Nott), 2018, ed. 100 (Nr. 64)
Volume 10 of For Everard memorializes the life of Patrick Nott, one of the nine men who died in the fire at the Everard Baths. Nott, a native of Wales with a passion for theater, literature, and music, pursued a successful career in hairdressing. He fell in love with his pen pal (a young woman from Brooklyn) and after their marriage, they moved to New York City, where Nott worked at the Vidal Sassoon Salon. This zine weaves together elements from his story (shared with the artist by Patrick Nott’s wife), with photographs, newspaper clippings, and artifacts. It acts as a humble tribute, an “In Memoriam” for this greatly loved man.
For Everard, Vol. 11 (Thunderbird), 2019, ed. 100 (Nr. 79)
Brian Duffy was an aspiring artist. In 1966 he was accepted to Pratt Institute of Art and although he declined admission to the school, he seized the opportunity to move to NYC and start a new life for himself. In the city, he worked hard at various retail jobs and tried to break into the theater, but everything changed when he met the love of his life, Bradley. The couple moved to a “quieter life” in Boston. They worked in restaurants in the Back Bay area and created a community for themselves amongst their chosen family of friends. Volume 11 of For Everard celebrates the brief life of Brian Duffy, a young man who died in the fire at the Everard Baths in 1977. This zine compiles photographs and stories shared with Malone by Brian’s sister and dear friend.
The pseudonym "Anthony Malone" comes from a novel by Andrew Holleran (Dancer from the Dance). In this novel, Malone is the protagonist and at the end he disappears. Some of his friends believe that he may have committed suicide, others feel that he may have run away from New York, while some say that they saw him at the Everard Baths on the night of the fire. I imagine that Malone survived the fire and he is now making books and zines telling the story of the tragedy.
Sprache Englisch
Geschenk von Martin Marafioti
Stichwort Anschlag / Brand / Erinnerung / Feuer / Gay / Gedenken / Nachforschung / Queer / Recherche / Sauna / Tod
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Sander Karin
wordsearch - a Translinguistic Sculpture
Frankfurt am Main (Deutschland): Deutsche Bank Art, 2002
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 32,3x36 cm, ISBN/ISSN 3-00-010053-9
Techn. Angaben Zeitung, The New York Times in bedruckter Plastikmappe, mit eingelegter Dokumentation
ZusatzInformation Am Sonntag den 29.09.2002 in der Wochenendbeilage der New York Times erschienen.
Welche Sprache spricht New York? Welche Identität verkörpert Sprache in einer Metropole, in der Angehörige von über 250 Nationen und Ethnien zusammenleben. Wort für Wort schlägt wordsearch ungewohnte Seiten der Millionenstadt auf, die in Schwarz auf Weiß am 04.10.2001 in der New York Times zu finden sind.
Auf den Seiten des Wirtschaftsteils erscheinen neben Börsenkursen und Aktiennotierungen einzelne Wörter fast aller in New York gesprochenen Sprachen. Beigesteuert wurden sie von in New York lebenden "Native Speakers", welche von Karin Sander gebeten wurden, ein Wort zu stiften, das für sie und ihre Muttersprache von besonderer Bedeutung ist. Diese Worte wurden für wordsearch wiederum in alle anderen New Yorker Sprachen übersetzt, die sich vereint in der New York Times finden. So zeichnet wordsearch das Diagramm sowohl einer Weltstadt, als auch der komplexen Unterschiede und Verbindungen, die aus dem Nebeneinander unterschiedlicher Kulturen und Sprachen entstehen.
Text von der Webseite
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Kultur / Native Speaker / New York Times / Nullerjahre / Sprache / translinguistisch / Vielfalt / Zeitung
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Goldsmith Kenneth
Capital of the 20th Century
London / New York, NY (Großbritannien / Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Verso, 2015
(Buch) 913 S., 27x19x5 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-1-78478-156-9
Techn. Angaben Hardcover, in Schuber,mit Metallfolie kaschiert, Prägedruck
ZusatzInformation Acclaimed artist Kenneth Goldsmith’s thousand-page beautiful homage to New York City. Here is a kaleidoscopic assemblage and poetic history of New York: an unparalleled and original homage to the city, composed entirely of quotations. Drawn from a huge array of sources—histories, memoirs, newspaper articles, novels, government documents, emails—and organized into interpretive categories that reveal the philosophical architecture of the city, Capital is the ne plus ultra of books on the ultimate megalopolis.
It is also a book of experimental literature that transposes Walter Benjamin’s unfinished magnum opus of literary montage on the modern city, The Arcades Project, from 19th-century Paris to 20th-century New York, bringing the streets to life in categories such as “Sex,” “Commodity,” “Downtown,” “Subway,” and “Mapplethorpe.”
Capital is a book designed to fascinate and to fail—for can a megalopolis truly be written? Can a history, no matter how extensive, ever be comprehensive? Each reading of this book, and of New York, is a unique and impossible passage.
Namen Walter Benjamin
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort 20. Jht. / 2000er / Appropriation / Dokument / Erinnerung / Experiment / Hauptstadt / Hommage / Kaleidoskop / Kompendium / Literatur / New York / Paris / Quelle / Sammlung / Text / Weltstadt
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Gacek Marysia / Komer Kenny
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): MARIA editions, 2016
(Buch) 70 unpag. S., 28x21,7 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-0-9962822-1-5
Techn. Angaben Klebebindung
ZusatzInformation CURRENT RESIDENT, a collaborative book by Kenny Komer and Marysia Gacek, comprises solely of computer generated imagery inspired by interior design catalogues and magazines. Based on interiors seen in Architectural Digest and Ikea catalogues, the book depicts a fictional, contemporary residence mimicking current tendencies to replace photography with 3D modeling computer software producing photo realistic images. Views of the apartment are generated via computer algorithms with the same techniques used in the advertising industry. A reader is invited to take a tour of the space while a number of mysterious activities unravel before her/his eyes.
Kenny Komer (b.1984) is an interdisciplinary multimedia artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He received a BFA from the School of Art, Cooper Union, New York, NY in 2006. He has exhibited at galleries in New York (Gavin Brown's enterprise, Rush Arts Gallery, Carriage House Center and White Box Gallery) and Tokyo, Japan (Motus Fort). Komer is a founding member of the guerrilla street-art collective, Concerned New Yorkers, whose work has been featured in the New York Times, New York Magazine, the Brooklyn Rail, the Village Voice, CNN, and the Daily Telegraph.
Text von der Webseite
Stichwort CAD / Einrichtung / Fotografie / Innenarchitektur / Möbel / Simulation / Visualisierung
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Pichler Michalis
stars & stripes - new york garbage flag profile
Frankfurt am Main (Deutschland): Revolver Publishing, 2005
(Buch) 292 S., 21,4x15,2 cm, Auflage: 550, ISBN/ISSN 3-86588-094-0
Techn. Angaben Fadenheftung mit flexiblem Plastikeinband
ZusatzInformation First this was was a series of ephemeral situations in public space in New York 2002–2003. They become comprehensible through the publication of a book. The New York Garbage Flag Profile presents Berlin-based artist Michalis Pichler’s six month long project in which he collected and documented discarded paper cups, plastic bags, pizza boxes, newspapers and other mass-produced materials emblazoned with the American Flag.
Photographed in the public waste baskets, gutters and snow drifts of New York where he found them, the individual items are catalogued on a facing page with uniformly formatted information about their location, the date of their collection, number of flags depicted, number of stars, number of stripes, etc. Each record also includes a full transcription of the text found on the item. The nearly three hundred color photographs in the book are organized into forensic pairs showing the collection site before and after the artist’s intervention. This clinical presentation however belies the artist’s gentle, almost reverent approach to his material-garbage, after all. (Rachel Bers)
Text von der Webseite
Stichwort Abfall / Dokumentation / Fahne / Flagge / Fotografie / Müll / Nullerjahre / Sammlung / USA / Verpackung
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Lippy Tod, Hrsg.
Esopus 09
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): The Esopus Foundation, 2007
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 158 S., 29,3x23 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-0-9761641-9-7
Techn. Angaben Broschur, diverse Papiere, teilweise zum Ausklappen, mit eingelegter CD und eingestecktem Heft von Kay Rosen
ZusatzInformation As usual, the magazine contains a multidisciplinary mix of contemporary artists’ projects, critical writing, creative nonfiction, visual essays, and a themed CD of brand-new music. Some highlights include projects by Kay Rosen, Charlie White, and Sarah Malakoff, and a deconstruction of crossword-puzzle science by New York Times crossword genius David Quarfoot, as well as new installments in the magazine's regular series.
For our 9th CD, “Dreams,” readers submitted transcripts of their dreams, which were then passed along to musicians, each of whom picked one to serve as the basis for a song. The 11 musical acts, including White Whale, Ida, Dirty Projectors, Califone, and Paavoharju, chose from over 100 submissions. Transcripts of the selected dreams appear in Esopus 9 alongside five illustrations by New York–based artist Daniel Gordon.
Text von der Webseite
Namen Charlie White / Daniel Gordon / David Quarfoot / Kay Rosen / Sarah Malakoff
Stichwort Künstlermagazin / Künstlerzeitschrift / Musik / Nullerjahre
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Davis Deborah
The Trip - Andy Warhol's Plastic Fantastic Cross-Country Adventure
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Atria Books, 2015
(Buch) 324 S., 24x14 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-1-4767-0351-0
Techn. Angaben Hardcover, fadengeheftet, mit Schutzumschlag
ZusatzInformation From the author of Strapless and Guest of Honor, a book about a little-known road trip Andy Warhol took from New York to LA in 1963, and how that journey—and the numerous artists and celebrities he encountered—profoundly influenced his life and art.
In 1963, up-and-coming artist Andy Warhol took a road trip across America. What began as a madcap, drug-fueled romp became a journey that took Warhol on a kaleidoscopic adventure from New York City, across the vast American heartland, all the way to Hollywood and back.
With locations ranging from a Texas panhandle truck stop to a Beverly Hills mansion, from the beaches of Santa Monica to a Photomat booth in Albuquerque, The Trip captures Warhol’s interactions with Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda, Marcel Duchamp, Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, and Frank Sinatra. Along the way he also met rednecks, beach bums, underground filmmakers, artists, poets, socialites, and newly minted hippies, and they each left an indelible mark on his psyche.
In The Trip, Andy Warhol’s speeding Ford Falcon is our time machine, transporting us from the last vestiges of the sleepy Eisenhower epoch to the true beginning of the explosive, exciting ’60s. Through in-depth, original research, Deborah Davis sheds new light on one of the most enduring figures in the art world and captures a fascinating moment in 1960s America—with Warhol at its center.
Text von der Webseite
Namen Andy Warhol / Dennis Hopper / Elizabeth Taylor / Elvis Presley / Frank Sinatra / Marcel Duchamp / Peter Fonda
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort 1960er / Amerika / Pop Art / Reise
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Gardella Elise / Hall Nadxieli Nieto / Moynihan Ellen
The New Yorkers Guide to Military Recruitment in the 5 Boroughs
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Selbstverlag, 2006
(Buch) 62 S., 14x10,8 cm, Auflage: 7500,
Techn. Angaben Broschur
ZusatzInformation The New Yorkers' Guide to Military Recruitment is a free 64-page, pocket-sized book including everything a New Yorker needs to know about military recruitment and resources for counter-recruitment in NYC. The guide is copyleft and is available for download as a PDF as well as a printed 4x5" book. In spring and summer 2006, 7,500 copies will be distributed free-of-charge to students and others in danger of being recruited, their families, and concerned citizens in the New York metropolitan area.(Text von
Sprache Englisch
Geschenk von Joachim Schmid
Stichwort Nullerjahre
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Sulzberger Arthur Ochs Jr, Hrsg.
The New York Times, No. 52,261 October 4, 2002
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): The New York Times Company, 2002
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) . ISBN/ISSN: 3000100539
Techn. Angaben mit einer Beilage von Karin Sander: wordsearch, a translinguistic sculpture, gesponsert von Deutsche Bank Art
Stichwort Nullerjahre
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Cutler Shaw Joyce
Episodes of the City / New York as a Source Book
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Elmer Holmes Bobst Library / New York University, 2007
(Buch) 36 S., 23x15,2 cm, Auflage: 1500, signiert,
Techn. Angaben Wallworks and Artists Books. 2 Postkarten. Widmung
Stichwort Nullerjahre
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Zavrian Suzanne, Hrsg.
The 8th New York Book Fair - Directory & Map
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): The New York Book Fair, 1982
(Flyer, Prospekt) 8 S., 29x20,5 cm,
Techn. Angaben Faltblatt zur größten alternativen Buchmesse in Amerika, mit der Liste aller Aussteller und Distributoren, Lageplan
Stichwort 1980er
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Burri René
Blackout New York - 9 November 1965
München (Deutschland): Moser Verlag, 2009
(Buch) 84 S., 34,2x24,7 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-3-9812344-3-5
Techn. Angaben Hardcover,
ZusatzInformation Mit einem Essay von Hans-Michael Koetzle: "Tender is the Night", auf Französisch beigelegt als zwölfseitiges Heft mit Drahtheftung.
Am 9.11.1965 gehen in New York die Lichter aus. Ein Stromausfall trifft gegen 17.30 die Millionenstadt und mit ihr andere Teile des Kontinents. Insgesamt betroffen sind 25 Millionen Menschen auf einem Gebiet von mehr als 200000 Quadratkilometern. René Burri begreift die Situation, aber auch die Chance. Ausgerüstet mit seiner Leica und acht Rollen Film stürzt er sich in ein nächtliches, bestenfalls punktuell erleuchtetes Chaos und fotografiert bis weit nach Mitternacht. Text von der Website
Namen Hans-Michael Koetzle
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort 1960er / Nacht / New York / Schwarz-Weiß-Fotografie / Stromausfall
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Bronson AA / Partz Felix / Zontal Jorge, Hrsg.
File Vol. 3, No. 2 - New York City Edition
Toronto (Kanada): Art Official, 1976
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 64 S., 35,5x27,5 cm, Auflage: 3000, ISBN/ISSN 0315-2456
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung
ZusatzInformation Das Heft entstand während eines 6 monatigen Aufenthalt von General Idea in New York
Namen General Idea / Jim de Sana / Kathy Acker / Les Levine / Mac Adams / Marcel Just
Geschenk von Klaus Groh
Stichwort 1970er / Fotografie / Mode / New York
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Foerster Ryan
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Clearing / Selbstverlag, 2015
(Heft / Zine / Sammeltuete, Schachtel, Kassette) [44] S., 26,8x20,1 cm,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, verschiedene Papiere. Im Set mit acht Heften von Ryan Foerster.
ZusatzInformation Mit den im Künstlerbuch gezeigten Arbeiten fand von 14.11.- 28.12.2014 eine Ausstellung in der Galerie "Clearing", New York, statt.
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Collage / contemporary art / Fotografie / Installation / Lyrik / Poesie / zeitgenössische Kunst
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Permanetter Daniel, Hrsg.
First we take Manhattan
München (Deutschland): Rathaus Galerie Kunsthalle, 2013
(PostKarte) [4] S., 21x10,5 cm,
Techn. Angaben Gefaltetes Infoblatt
ZusatzInformation Eine Ausstellung in der Rathausgalerie 03.08.-06.10.2013.
Im Mittelpunkt der Ausstellung steht New York als Sehnsuchtsort, als pop-kulturell mystifizierter Ort der Verheißung. Viele junge Künstler verbinden eine Form von Heilsversprechen mit der Stadt. New York als inhaltlicher Bezugspunkt zwischen den ausgewählten künstlerischen Positionen fungiert hier als Metapher für große Hoffnungen, aber auch für Nichterfüllung.
Text von der Webseite
Namen Anna McCarthy / Daniel Permanetter (Kurator) / Edouard Steinhauer / Ernst-Otto Thomas (Fotografie) / Felix Burger / Florian Thomas / Lisa Endriß / Peter Gergorio / Petra Gerschner / Sophie Süßmilch
Sprache Deutsch
Geschenk von Sophia Süßmilch
Stichwort Amerika / Fotografie / Manhatten / New York / Stadt / Stipendium / Traum / USA / Wirklichkeit
025995724 Einzeltitelanzeige = Permalink (URL) Änderung / Abbildung darf nicht angezeigt werden

von Rabenau Kai, Hrsg.
MONO.KULTUR #45 Richard Price - New York A.M.
Berlin (Deutschland): mono.kultur, 2018
(Zeitschrift, Magazin / Heft) 52 S., 20x15 cm, ISBN/ISSN 1861-7085
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, Titel in Silberprägung auf dem Cover, Text und Fotografien auf verschiedenem Papier gedruckt
ZusatzInformation When it comes to research, Richard Price adopts a hands-on approach: hanging out in different neighbourhoods, talking to strangers and going for ride-alongs with cops to see a darker side of the city. In many ways, it is this wide-eyed curiosity that allows his books to be read as time capsules of a New York in constant flux, revealing an uncanny understanding for knowing exactly what people want, need, envy and resent about the cities they inhabit. In a conversation peppered with anecdotes and bebop, Richard Price talked to mono.kultur about the need to live in order to write, working for Hollywood, and why hanging out is a professional matter. Visually, the conversation with Richard Price found its perfect sparring partner in a selection of images by cab driver turned photographer Joseph Rodriguez. And, just between us, we are proud to feature our very first ever foil embossed cover, in the honourable tradition of pulp novels.
Text von der Website.
Namen Richard Price
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Dramaturgie / Drehbuch / Fernsehen / Fotografie / Interview / Literatur / New York / Regie / Screenplay / Stadtleben
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Projansky Bob / Siegelaub Seth
Künstler-Verkaufs- und Rechts-Abtretungsvertrag
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Selbstverlag, 1972
(Text) 8 S., 29,7x21 cm,
Techn. Angaben Laserdruck nach PDF (2019), Blätter lose ineinander gelegt
ZusatzInformation Ursprünglich publiziert als The Artist's Reserved Rights Transfer And Sale Agreement, First printing by the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY. 1971. 1972 zuerst auf Deutsch veröffentlicht.
Der Vertrag wurde explizit als Versuch eines Standardvertrages aufgesetzt um ihn kostenfrei zu nutzen und zu reproduzieren.
Bob Projansky arbeitete damals als Rechtsanwalt in New York.
Sprache Deutsch
Stichwort Galerie / Konzept Kunst / Kunstgeschichte / Kunstmarkt / Recht / Schutz / Vereinbarung / Vertrag / Wiederverkauf / Zertifikat
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Darboven Hanne
Briefe aus New York 1966-68 an zu Hause
Ostfildern-Ruit (Deutschland): Cantz Verlag, 1997
(Buch) 650 S., 22,9x17,5 cm, Auflage: 999, signiert, ISBN/ISSN 978-3-89322-767-9
Techn. Angaben Hardcover im Schuber
ZusatzInformation Die komplett faksimilierten New-Yorker Briefe sind Kern und Ausgangspunkt für zentrale Aspekte des Gesamtwerks von Hanne Darboven.
Als die 25-jährige Hanne Darboven unmittelbar nach ihrem Studium an der Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Hamburg für zwei Jahre nach New York geht, entstehen auf Millimeterpapier »Zeichnungsblätter«, frühe Entwürfe dessen, was später zu einem System werden sollte, in das sie sich im Laufe der Jahre »hineinschreibt«. In diesen für ihr Leben und Werk äußerst bedeutsamen Jahren entwickelt sie parallel eine Art Selbstvergewisserungsprogramm, indem sie anfängt, in unzähligen kleinen Kalendern Daten, Beobachtungen und alltägliche Erfahrungen zu fixieren. Diese »Kontoauszüge der Existenz« nennt sie später »Existenz 66-88«. Mit ihren Briefen, die sie in dieser Zeit regelmäßig an die Familie in Hamburg schreibt, geht sie einen Schritt weiter. Noch mehr im Privaten verankert, dienen sie als »lifeline« der Objektivierung des eigenen Daseins in Worten und Mitteilungen: Begegnungen (etwa mit Sol LeWitt und Carl Andre), Fragen zur eigenen Identität, zur Kunst und Auseinandersetzung mit dem darin gespiegelten Ich. Die New Yorker Briefe sind Kern und Ausgangspunkt für wichtige Aspekte des Gesamtwerks von Hanne Darboven, sie werden in diesem Buch komplett faksimiliert abgedruckt.
Text von der Webseite
Stichwort 1990er
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Briggs Kate / Russo Lucrezia, Hrsg.
The Nabokov Paper
York (Großbritannien): information as material, 2013
(Buch) 144 S., 30x22 cm, Auflage: 350, ISBN/ISSN 978-1-907468-20-9
Techn. Angaben Broschur mit Klappeinband
ZusatzInformation The Nabokov Paper is an experiment in novel-reading. The project takes as its starting point a now famous class taught during the 1950s by Vladimir Nabokov at Cornell University / New York State / entitled Literature 311-312: Masters of European Fiction. Nabokov’s approach to teaching literary reading was notoriously idiosyncratic. Convinced that one must teach the books themselves / not ideas or generalities / Nabokov would make diagrams of the floor plans of fictional buildings / map the routes taken by characters through the spaces of the novel / and draw items of clothing or furniture / he would also propose to track the course of a single letter / offer a visual representation of a stylistic device / and uncover what he called the mysteries of literary structures. His methods are striking for the range of gestures they call for in the name of good reading. The published Lectures on Literature (New York: Harcourt / 1980) concludes with an appendix of sample exam questions. Responding to those questions some sixty years after the fact offers a means to explore what Nabokov’s take on how to read might have to teach us today: about the novel / about how reading works across practices and disciplines / and about the past / present and future forms of literary criticism.
Text von der Webseite
Namen Abraham Asfaw / Amy Pettifer / Anna-Louise Milne / Anne Attali / Chloe Briggs / Christian Bök / Craig Dworkin / Céline Guyot / Derek Beaulieu / Forbes Morlock / Gianni Lavacchini / Gillian Wylde / Graham Allen / Guillaume Constantin / Helen Frank / Jack Aylward-Williams / James Arnett / Jamie Crewe / Jane Topping / Jennifer Carr / John Hamilton / Katarzyna Bazarnik / Kate Briggs / Lucia della Paolera / Lucrezia Russo / Madeleine Walton / Maurice Carlin / Nick Thurston / Olivia Sautreuil / Patrick Wildgust / Paul Becker / Robert Williams / Sarah Wood / Shanna Bosley / Sharon Kivland / Simon Morris / Stephen Bury / Véronique Devoldère / Zenon Fajfer
Geschenk von Simon Morris
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Menna Filiberto, Hrsg.
Ideologia 2 / Ufficio per la Immaginazione Preventiva
Rom (Italien): Massimo Marani Editore, 1976
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 152 S., 23,5x17 cm,
Techn. Angaben Broschur
ZusatzInformation Catalanos Intervention sah vor, dass am 28. November 1972, bis zur Erschöpfung des verfügbaren Materials, Fotokopien einer vom Künstler geschriebenen Originalmaschine in Rom aufgestellt wurden. Eine weitere Intervention, die mit Schwarzweißfotografien im Buch dokumentiert wurde, bestand in der Verbreitung der Dokumentation, die sich auf frühere Flugblätter bezieht, einer der beiden Fotokopien eines Originalschreibens, das am 10.05.1974 in New York nie endgültig fertiggestellt wurde. Schließlich ein Shoot Film von Catalano selbst, der in einer New Yorker Wohnung stattfand, die im Mai 1974 zerstört wurde.
Namen Franco Falasca / Maurizio Benveduti / Tullio Catalano
Sprache Italienisch
Stichwort 1970er / Dokumentation / Film / Flugblatt / Fotografie / New York / Schwarz-Weiß
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Saint-Loubert Bié Jérôme
books on books
Paris (Frankreich): Christophe Daviet-Thery, 2011
(Buch) 260 S., 16x11,5 cm, Auflage: 750, ISBN/ISSN 978-2-9539347-0-0
Techn. Angaben Softcover Klappeinband, das Buch basiert auf einem Gespräch von Christoph Schifferli, Christophe Daviet-Thery and Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié über 12 Künstlerbücher
ZusatzInformation The same year, in december 2009, Christophe Daviet-Thery asked to Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié to take care of the catalog even if this book works independently from the exhibition. He invited Jonathan Monk and Yann Sérandour to have a conversation about 12 books: Bruce Nauman, Burning Small Fires, 1968 – Richard Prince, American English, London: Sadie Coles HQ and Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2003 – Wade Guyton, Zeichnungen für ein grosse Bild, Cologne: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2010 – Jonathan Monk, Cover Version, London: Book Works, 2004 – Mike Kelley, Reconstructed History, New York: Thea Weistreich and Cologne: Gisela Capitain, 1990 – Allen Ruppersberg, The New Five-Foot Shelf of Books, Brussels: Editions Micheline Szwajcer & Michèle Didier and Ljubljana: International Centre of Graphic Arts, 2003 – Claude Closky, Vacances à Arcachon, Paris: Editions Galerie Jennifer Flay, 2000 – Alejandro Cesarco, Dedications, New York: A.R.T Press, 2003 – Martin Kippenberger, The Happy End of Franz Kafka’s Amerika. Tisch Nr 3, Sankt Georgen: Sammlung Grässling, 1993 – Matt Mullican, Matt Mullican, Valenvia: IVAM Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno, 1995 – Batia Suter, Parallel Encyclopedia, Amsterdam: Roma Publications, 2009 – Yann Sérandour, Inside the White Cube: Overprinted Edition, Zurich : JRP Ringier, 2009.
Von der Webseite des Verlegers
Namen Alejandro Cesarco / Allen Ruppersberg / Batia Suter / Bruce Nauman / Claude Closky / Gisela Capitain / Jonathan Monk / Martin Kippenberger / Matt Mullican / Mike Kelley / Richard Prince / Wade Guyton / Yann Sérandour / Yann Sérandour
Stichwort Künstlerbuch / Theorie
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Yoon J. Meejin
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Printed Matter, 2003
(Buch) 240 ca. S., 12,5x10 cm, Auflage: 2000, ISBN/ISSN 0-89439-013-9
Techn. Angaben Umschlag aus Karton mit Leinenstreifen, ca. 120 Seiten gestanzt
ZusatzInformation 2004 winner of I.D. Magazine's Design Distinction award, Absence is the third book to come out of Printed Matter’s Publishing Program for Emerging Artists, a program made possible through the generous support of New York City's Department of Cultural Affairs, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, and the Heyday Foundation. The generosity of Whitney trustees Melva Bucksbaum and Raymond J. Learsy was instrumental to the Museum’s participation in the publication of this exciting new work.
Both a book and a sculptural object, Absence is a memorial to the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Yoon, an architect and designer who is currently an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, chose not to produce a traditional design proposal for the World Trade Center Memorial Competition. Instead she created a non-architectural, non site-specific space of remembrance: a portable personal memorial in the form of book.
At almost two pounds, Absence has a considerable physical presence, but it is in every way the ghost of a presence, and it is this ghostliness that gives it its particular emotional weight. A solid white block of thick stock cardboard pages, the book’s only "text" consists of one pinhole and two identical squares die-cut into each of its one-hundred-and-twenty pages – one for each story of the towers including the antenna mast. These removed elements lead the reader floor by floor through the missing buildings towards the final page where the footprint of the entire site of the World Trade Center is die-cut into a delicate lattice of absent structures.
Of all of the proposed monuments and grand designs for the twin towers to emerge in the last two years, Absence is remarkable for its employment of an under-used strategy: restraint. The simplicity of Yoon’s materials and her use of repetition speak, without words, about unspeakable loss. Quiet, respectful, mournful, the book does not aim to represent the magnitude of the disaster. Instead it appeals to the vastness of the reader’s imagination and capacity to grieve. The human scale of her memorial operates on a personal level – it delivers the memory of lives lost into the reader’s hands. At the same time, as a scale model of a vanished architectural site, it operates on a larger cultural level by commemorating the site itself.
Text von der Webseite. Fotos Xenia Fumbarev
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Amerika / Erinnerung / Künstlerbuch / Terror / Twin Towers
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Sarmiento Eduardo: Naked Lines, 2017

Sarmiento Eduardo
Naked Lines
München (Deutschland): 100for10 / Melville Brand Design, 2017
(Buch) 106 S., 21x14,8 cm, Auflage: Print on Demand, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben Broschur
ZusatzInformation Schwarz-Weiß-Drucke, Nr. 030 aus der Reihe 100for10.
Eduardo Sarmiento is an artist working in the mediums of painting, drawing, design & illustration. His work is in the permanent collection of various museums and it has been shown in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Oaxaca, Londres, Kiev, Munich, Santo Domingo, Quito, San Jose and Havana. Sarmiento’s work has been published in The New York Times, Texas Monthly, ESPN, Slanted, El Nuevo Herald, Miami New Times & ArteCubano Magazine among others.
Sprache Englisch
Geschenk von Melville Brand Design
Stichwort Illustration / Menschen / Nackt / Print on Demand / Schwarz-Weiß / Tiere
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Mrka: Shake, 2017

München (Deutschland): 100for10 / Melville Brand Design, 2017
(Buch) 106 S., 21x14,8 cm, Auflage: Print on Demand,
Techn. Angaben Broschur
ZusatzInformation Schwarz-Weiß-Drucke
Lucas Benarroch, aka MRKA, treats his painting, collage and graphic design as an unquenchable obsession. His passion for precision can be seen throughout his work. His creations are versatile in both style and medium. MRKA was born and raised in Madrid. He moved to New York and attended Parsons The New School for Design. The transition to the United States has pumped his work ethic into overdrive. His work has been featured at galleries and exhibitions in Madrid, New York, Buenos Aires and Miami including Gallery 151, Wallplay, Museo Mar and Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art. His commercial work includes clients such as HBO, Pepsi and The Wutang Brand.
Sprache Englisch
Geschenk von Melville Brand Design
Stichwort Abstrakt / Fotgrafie / Print on Demand / Raster / Schwarz-Weiß / Typografie
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Crawford William
Selected works from 1990's
Genf (Schweiz): innen, 2016
(Zine) [32] S., 19x13 cm, Auflage: 500,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, Schwarz-Weiss Offsetdruck
ZusatzInformation The William Crawford Estate is owned and represented by Ampersand Gallery. William Crawford's drawings were discovered in an abandoned house in Oakland, California. His work brings to mind characteristics of prison drawings, an impression confirmed by the fact that several were made on the backs of prison roster sheets dated 1997. These printouts, however, were cut down the middle, so the exact prison from which they originate is unknown. But given their origin in the Bay Area and the fact that several drawings include San Francisco landmarks, it's possible that Crawford made the work in a California state prison. Other than this information drawn from the archive itself, nothing is known about Crawford's life. Indeed, we only know his name because he signed just a few of the drawings, either as Bill, William or WM Crawford. The archive appears to have consisted of several books, with individual drawings in sequences of 30 or more adding up to tell complex visual stories. Several include written captions or fragments of conversation between male and female characters. These sequences, however, have been broken up over the years and reach us now in a fragmentary and fascinating collection of hundreds of delicate pencil drawings. The work conveys the intense sense of sexual longing of a man with an urge to tell dynamic stories. The drawings, which resemble the eroticism of Eric Stanton, the exaggerated male anatomy of Tom of Finland or the ample breasts of a John Currin, show scantily dressed women, drug use, cuckolding and orgies. The details of his interiors, the hairdos and style of dress suggest that Crawford might have come of age in the late 70s or early 80s. A cast of recurring figures populate the drawings, notably one man with a short afro and a moustache who often figures at the center of events, presumably the artist William Crawford himself. Remarkably, given the number of drawings, there is little to no repetition in the work. Crawford’s inventive eye for sexual positions, facial expressions and gestures of hand and body was vast and masterful. Simple geometric details and architectural subtleties define the unusual settings where the action unfolds. We see rooms shown from unusual angles, features that are hinted at, erased or altogether omitted and articles of clothing that are drawn with obsessive precision. This singular and original drawing style compels us to immerse ourselves in the world William Crawford created, more dream than documentation, more fantasy than perversion. Crawford's drawings have been widely exhibited, notably at Galerie Susanne Zander (Cologne and Berlin), Zieher, Smith and Horton (New York), Freddy (Baltimore) and upcoming solo exhibitions at FARAGO (Los Angeles) and Richardson (New York). His work is also featured in the latest issue of Richardson Magazine and was included in "System and Vision" at David Zwirner, an exhibition organized in collaboration with Delmes & Zander. Reviewing it, The New Yorker wrote, "William Crawford's orgiastic illustrations on the backs of prison rosters haven an erotic intensity that rivals anything by Hans Bellmer or Pierre Klossowski."
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Stichwort Erotik / Porno / Sex / Zeichnung
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Trindade Sào
bad liver and broken heart
Lissabon (Portugal): Ghost editions, 2012
(Heft) 28 unpag. S., 30x20 cm, Auflage: 300,
Techn. Angaben Blätter lose ineinander gelegt, Risographie, in transparenter Kunststoffhülle
ZusatzInformation The origin of this work of self-fiction can be found in one of São Trindade’s sketchbooks, this one entirely devoted to the subject of loss or decadence. With references to the aesthetics of crime scenes and nightlife photographed by Weegee in New York in the 1930 and 1940’s, the device is simple: in a "real décor," São Trindade’s body, abandonned and unconscious, is photographed. The body is always the same but differently ‘prepared’ and ‘composed’ with new dresses, new gestures, new signs of a recent activity or a different personality. Each image has its particular story and each space is a sounding board for each of these performative states of body.
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DeWaters Dillon
Scattered Material Vol. 1 - Weapon, Shapely, Naked, Wan
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Silent Face, 2015
(Heft / Plakat) [16] S., 23x15,3 cm, Auflage: 500, ISBN/ISSN 978-0-9907495-6-1
Techn. Angaben Beidseitig bedruckte, mehrfach gefaltete Seiten
ZusatzInformation Dillon DeWaters’ new book, Weapon, Shapely, Naked, Wan, is a rumination on the uncanny, on the anomalous phenomena within the everyday. Taking as their starting point a text, Walt Whitman’s “Song of the Broad-Axe,” and a place, Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park, the photographs build a world of the unfamiliar within the recognizable. Using techniques of in-camera masking and multiple exposures, DeWaters creates a fictive world wherein memory becomes palimpsest, overwritten, erased, perhaps apocryphal. The places contained herein are supernatural, perhaps preternatural, on their surface but, beneath, there is a sense of the cozy, the familiar, even the banal. DeWaters is reordering our geometries and our color palettes to create in us a new vision, a new way of seeing. Is it our eyes that are turning space inside out? We watch, through the continuous image stream within the pages, as Whitman asserts, “The shapes arise!”
Text von der Webseite
Namen Walt Whitman (Text)
Sprache Englisch
Geschenk von Joachim Schmid
Stichwort Brooklyn / experimentelle Fotografie / Fotografie
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Bowery Zagreus, Hrsg.
Public Illumination Magazine, No. 30
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Selbstverlag, 1984
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 24 S., 11x7 cm,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung
ZusatzInformation wird seit 1979 herausgegeben. Gegründet wurde es Zagreus Bowery. Innerhalb eines Künstlerkreises in New York City entwarf er das Konzept des PIM. Die Texte und Zeichnungen reichen von Parodie bis Absurditäten. Die Beiträge werden ausschließlich unter Pseudonymen veröffentlicht. Bis 2007 erschienen 51 Ausgaben. Das Magazin erscheint unregelmäßig und ist in den USA, Italien und Deutschland erhältlich. Keith Haring hat 1981 eine Serie von Arbeiten für die Ausgabe Nr. 13 gezeichnet.
Text aus Wikipedia
Stichwort 1980er
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Capa Cornell, Hrsg.
International Center of Photography - Books 1987-88
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): International Center of Photography, 1988
(Lieferverzeichnis) 16 S., 21,5x21,5 cm,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, Bücher - und Ausstellungsverzeichnis u. a
ZusatzInformation Das International Center of Photography (ICP) ist ein 1974 gegründetes Museum, Forschungs- und Ausbildungsinstitut für Fotografie in Midtown Manhattan (New York City).

Text aus Wikipedia
Stichwort 1980er
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Hendricks Jon / Ringgold Faith / Toche Jean
reflection press, Nr. ?, Dokumentation zum Prozess - Ringgold Toche Hendricks
Stuttgart (Deutschland): Reflection Press, 1971
(Buch) unpag. S., 29,7x21 cm, Auflage: 2000,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, Schwarz-Weiß-Fotokopien, Titelblatt mit weißem Blatt zugedeckt
ZusatzInformation Photocopied material on the trial of The Judson. Three artists - Faith Ringgold, Jean Toche, and Jon Hendricks - arrested at the People's Flag Show in New York City in November 1970 for flag desecration. Includes clippings, letters, photos, and narratives. [Kataloginformation des Museum of Modern Art, New York]
Namen Albrecht D
Stichwort 1970er / Aktionskunst / Dokumentation / Fahne / Fluxus / Gericht / Prozess
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Hermann Hans (Thiesen Hans-Hermann)
SohoNews Weekly, V.7, No.5, Beuys will be Beuys
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): SohoNews, 1979
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 56 S., 38x30 cm, Auflage: 7, signiert,
Techn. Angaben Von Beuys und Hans Hermann signiert, Collage, Teer, Aufkleber, 3 Löcher eingeschnitten
ZusatzInformation überarbeitete Zeitung
Stichwort 1970er / New York
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Mauler Christoph
Tüte New York
Berlin (Deutschland): Selbstverlag, 1983 ca.
(Objekt, Multiple) Auflage: Unikat, signiert,
Techn. Angaben Papiertüte aus New York bemalt mit Stempel, Brief an Huk
Stichwort 1980er / Künstlerbuch / Unikat
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N. N.
Artists' Books
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Printed Matter, 1978
(Lieferverzeichnis) 13,2x21,5 cm, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung
ZusatzInformation Lieferprogramm. Distributor for an international inventory of over 1,100 titles. records an periodicals as well as artists' books, 7 Lispenard Street, New York N.Y. 10013
Namen Peter Downsbrough (Design)
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort 1970er / Künstlerbuch / Musikkassette / Schallplatte
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Olbrich Jürgen O.: Zeitschrift für Tiegel & Tumult, Spezial New York, 1998

Olbrich Jürgen O.
Zeitschrift für Tiegel & Tumult, Spezial New York
Kassel (Deutschland): No Edition, 1998
(Zeitschrift, Magazin)
Techn. Angaben in weißer Kunstofftüte von Computer Telephony Demo Expo mit Klebebuchstaben und Werbung von Siemens, mit vielen Beiträge in div. Umschlägen
ZusatzInformation Zur Ausstellung bei Bound & Unbound New York, 16.10.-31.12.1998.
Heft mit Ziffern mit Spiralbindung, Zahnbürste in Verpackung, 2 Bleistifte, Kugelschreiber, Bordspeisekarte von Singapore Airlines, 3 Flyer, transparenter Umhängebeutel mit Heft und Eintrittskarte an gelben angeklemmten Band, 2 Karten mit Collagen, 5 Karten div. Größen, Umschlag A6 mit 2 Pornoheften, Zeitschrift Sound Views #51, Cover mit beklebter Transparentfolie voller div. Materialien sowie jede 2. Innenseite mit Collagen, Polaroids, Stempeln, Briefmarken, Stickern, Visitenkarten, Einkaufszetteln und anderes, Magazin von Artists Space Vol.5 No. 1 über Laurie Anderson, Farbkopie, Original Bleistiftzeichnung auf Transparentpapier auf weißen Papierbogen montiert, Briefumschlag von Ragged Edge Press mit 5 diversen Papieren eingelegt, gelber Aktendeckel gefaltet mit aufgeklebten gestanzten Kartons, gerissener Karton zur Stabilisierung
Namen Laurie Anderson
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort 1990er / Found Footage / Künstlerzeitschrift / Objektmagazin / USA
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Perin Romaine
New York Post
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Selbstverlag, 1980
(Buch) Auflage: Unikat, signiert,
Techn. Angaben chinesisches Schreibheft, eingesteckte Zeitungsausschnitte, Cover Collage, überklebt mit Transparentfolie
Stichwort 1980er / Unikat
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Perin Romaine
The New York Times
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Selbstverlag, 1987 ca.
(Buch) 19x12 cm, Auflage: Unikat, signiert,
Techn. Angaben chinesisches Schreibheft, eingesteckt aufgeklebte Zeitungsausschnitte, z.T. überzeichnet, Cover Collage, mit Transparentfolie überzogen
Stichwort 1980er / Unikat
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Brinck Christine
Stadt, Mann, Fluss - Tod Lippy macht in New York das Magazin Esopus - ganz allein und als Gegenentwurf zur Unterhaltungsindustrie
München (Deutschland): Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2006
(Presse, Artikel)
Techn. Angaben Artikel über die Objektzeitschrift Esopus, SZ Nr. 86 / Seite 15
ZusatzInformation Groß wie ein Din-A4-Schulheft, dick wie ein Buch kommt in jedem Herbst und jedem Frühling in New York ein Magazin heraus,
Sprache Deutsch
Stichwort Künstlermagazin / Künstlerzeitschrift / Nullerjahre
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Pichler Michalis
WAR diary
Frankfurt am Main (Deutschland): Revolver Publishing, 2005
(Buch) 92 S., 58x36 cm, Auflage: 400, ISBN/ISSN 3-86588-081-9
Techn. Angaben lose ineinandergelegte Zeitungsdrucke, gefaltet, New York Times überdruckt, Blatt mit Erklärung beigelegt
Stichwort New York / Nullerjahre / Tagebuch / Zeitung
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Pichler Michalis
I fell in Love, I fell out of Love, 100$, Potato Chips, Airplanes, Clouds & Sky
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Printed Matter, 2006
(PostKarte) 15,5x11,7 cm,
Techn. Angaben Einladungskarte zu einer Buchvorstellung von War Diary und New York Garbage Flag Profile
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Nullerjahre
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N. N.
Save the Date 2-4 October
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): New York Art Book Fair, 2009
Techn. Angaben Werbekarte zur Buchmesse
Stichwort Nullerjahre
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Pfeifer Claudio
Berlin (Deutschland): naivsuper, 2009
(Buch) 20 S., 14,8x14,8 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-3-940548-10-8
Techn. Angaben Buch 004, Digitaldruck, Drahtheftung, in Transparenthülle
ZusatzInformation ´NYC2001´ is a small photobook by the artist Claudio Pfeifer.
All pictures were taken with an especially manipulated camera in New York in 2001. Energetic multi exposed black and white photographs capturing the vibrating and exciting atmosphere of New York City
Stichwort Nullerjahre
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Kugelberg Johan / Sanders Jeremy, Hrsg.
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): 6 Decades Books, 2012
(Buchobjekt) 17,6x13,8 cm, Auflage: 500, ISBN/ISSN 978-0-9829694-2-7
Techn. Angaben Buch zu einer Ausstellung in der Boo-Hooray Gallery New York, eingesteckt in ein mehrfach gefaltetes A2-Format-Blatt mit den Farbabbildungen der im Buch beschriebenen Bücher
ZusatzInformation "Artists' book" is a troublesome term. There seems to be no single well-understood or generally-accepted working definition. Say "artists' book" in general conversation and you'll likely get a blank look, if not outright confusion. even with a specialized audience of bibliophiles, or art world cognoscenti, it may be necessary to clarify exactly what you mean...
Artists' Book Not Artists' Book is an exhibition co-curated by Johan Kugelberg and Jeremy Sanders. In it are about one hundred books and of course all of them either are, or are not, artists’ books, but whether it is even possible to say which ones fall into which category is a matter that's not entirely clear. And in any case, it's likely no two viewers would draw exactly the same conclusions.
Artists' Book Not Artists' Book.
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Namen Chris Burden / Dara Birnbaum / David Wojnarowicz / Ed Ruscha / Ira Cohen / Jim Shaw / John Baldessari / Michelangelo Pistoletto / Richard Hell / Richard Meltzer / Richard Prince / Sean Landers / Seth Price / Sue Williams / Tina Lhotsky / Tom Sachs / William Gibson
Stichwort Buchobjekt
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Thurmann-Jajes Anne, Hrsg.
GAAG - Guerrilla Art Action Group, 1969-1976
Bremen (Deutschland): Studienzentrum für Künstlerpublikationen / Weserburg, 2012
(PostKarte) 16x11,5 cm,
Techn. Angaben Einladungskarte des Studienzentrums für Künstlerpublikationen
ZusatzInformation Die 1969 von Jon Hendricks, Jean Toche und Poppy Johnson gegründete Guerrilla Art Action Group (GAAG) agierte in New York über mehrere Jahre in politischen Kunstaktionen und provokanten Performances. Sie richteten sich unter anderem gegen den Vietnam-Krieg, die US-Regierung oder das Kunst-Establishment. Eine Sammlung von Manifesten, Pressemitteilungen, Briefen und weiteren Dokumenten der Gruppe erschien erstmals 1978 bei Printed Matter, New York, und 2011 in einer Neuauflage, herausgegeben von Printed Matter, Kunstverein Publishing (Amsterdam) und dem Studienzentrum für Künstlerpublikationen (Bremen). Diese Publikation steht im Zentrum der Präsentation. Weitere Fotos und Künstlerbücher veranschaulichen die eindrucksvollen Aktivitäten der GAAG. Fotos: Jan van Raay.
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Namen Jan van Raay / Jean Toche / Jon Hendricks / Poppy Johnson
Stichwort Aktion / Manifest / Politik / Protest / Provokation / Vietnam
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Schult HA
Kunst ist Aktion
Tübingen (Deutschland): Ernst Wasmuth Verlag, 2001
(Buch) 200 unpag. S., 29,6x21,5 cm, ISBN/ISSN 3-8030-3099-4
Techn. Angaben Englische Broschur
ZusatzInformation Der 1939 geborene HA Schult zählt zu den bedeutendsten deutschen Aktionskünstlern der Gegenwart. Das vorliegende Buch dokumentiert die Highlights seiner künstlerischen Arbeit. Unter anderem bekannt geworden durch die "Situation Schackstraße" in München (1969), "Venezia vive – Papiermeer auf dem Markusplatz" (1977), die Aktion "New York ist Berlin" (1985/86), bei der er Berliner Mauer und Brandenburger Tor nach New York 'versetzte', und "Fetisch Auto" (1989), aus der in Köln der "goldene Vogel" erhalten blieb, hat der Künstler immer von neuem von sich reden gemacht.
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Sprache Deutsch / Englisch
Stichwort Nullerjahre
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Süssmayr Florian
New york - Tokyo, 2008
München (Deutschland): Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle, 2008
(Heft) 12 S., 40x32,3 cm,
Techn. Angaben Blätter lose ineinander gelegt
ZusatzInformation Zur Ausstellung 28.02.-30.03.2008 in der Nicholas Robinson Gallery, New York, NY.
Freiheit für Christian Klar und alle revolutionären Gefangenen
Namen Christian Klar / Nicholas Robinson / Thomas Mayfried (Design)
Geschenk von Heike Ratfisch
Stichwort Fotografie / Nullerjahre
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Hammann Stefanie / von Mier Maria
12345678910 Days in New York + the whole fucking storm story
München (Deutschland): Hammann & von Mier, 2013
(Heft) [100] S., 32,7x23,3 cm, Auflage: 200,
Techn. Angaben in transparenter Kunststoffhülle, eingeschlagen in mehrfach gefalteten Plakat (59,4x54 cm) mit eingespannter Gummikordel und angeheftetem Geldschein, innen verschiedene Papiere, eine original Sprüharbeit (gest. und num.), weitere kleinerformatige Seiten
ZusatzInformation As we are developing print media for our art work this is the first publication of Hammann & von Mier dealing with the question how to do an exhibition in a book. The whole material is linked to each other and comes from a trip to New York during October 2012, including photos, notes, found objects, an athmospheric part about the hurricane Sandy and Halloween at the same time, a kind of a diary, an interview with the performance artist Arleen Schloss, a talk between the artists Peter Kogler and Tony Oursler, etc.
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Namen Arleen Schloss / Peter Kogler / Tony Oursler
Geschenk von Hammann & von Mier
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Bailey Stuart / Keefer Angie / Reinfurt David, Hrsg.
Bulletins of The Serving Library #3, Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language
Berlin / New York, NY (Deutschland / Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): dextersinister / Sternberg Press, 2012
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 224 S., 23,5x16,5 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-3-943365-18-4
ZusatzInformation This issue of Bulletins of the Serving Library doubles as a catalog of sorts to "Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language," a group exhibition curated by Laura Hoptman at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, from May 6 to August 27, 2012. It is a *pseudo*-catalog in the sense that, other than a section of images at the back, it bears no direct relation to the works in the exhibition. Instead, the bulletins extend in different directions from the same title, and could be collectively summarized as preoccupied with the more social aspects of Typography.
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Namen Andrew Blum / Angie Keefer / Benjamin Tiven / Bruno Latour / Chris Evans / David Reinfurt / Dexter Sinister / Francis McKee / Graham Meyer / Ian Svenonius / Jessica Winter / Laura Hoptman / Louis Lüthi / Pierre-André Boutang
Stichwort Sprache / Typografie
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Kawei Misaki
Blueberry Express
Zürich (Schweiz): Nieves, 2009
(Zine) 32 S., 22,6x16 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-3-905714-68-5
Techn. Angaben Broschur, first Edition, von Vitsoe Bookswap München
ZusatzInformation Blueberry Express is a collection of images from New York based / Japanese artist Misaki Kawai. The book features Kawai's larger scale paintings, sculptural installations and snapshots of her working in her New York studio over the past two years.
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Stichwort Nullerjahre
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Beckman Ericka / Borofsky Jonathan / Goldstein Jack / Hurson Michael / Levine Sherrie / McMahon Paul / Moskowitz Robert / Mullican Matt / Rothenberg Susan / Salle David / Welling James
Horror Pleni: give me the time to look, Pictures in New York Today - dammi il tempo di gurdare, Pitture d'oggi a New York
Mailand (Italien): Padiglione d'Art Contemporanea, 1980
(Heft) 38 unpag. S., 23,8x16,3 cm,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, 2 verschiedene Papiere,
ZusatzInformation Zur Ausstellung im April / Mai 1980
Sprache Englisch / Italienisch
Stichwort 1980er / Film / Malerei / Schwarz-Weiß-Fotografie / Zeichnung
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