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Baroni Vittore, Hrsg.: Arte Postale! 100 - Klang! Blah! Bzzzoing! Szock!, 2009

  • Arte Postale! 100 - Klang! Blah! Bzzzoing! Szock!
Ort Land
Techn. Angaben
  • 36 S., 14,5x15 cm, Auflage: 100, keine weiteren Angaben vorhanden
    Drahtheftung, im Umschlag vorne 3 Booklets und 1 gefaltetes Poster (Klang! Suoni Contemporeani) in Einschubtasche, rückseitig eine selbstgebrannte und -gestempelte Multimedia CD, Heftseiten Schwarz-Weiss Kopien mit 4 eingeklebten Farbbildern, auf dem Cover das Klang! Logo ebenfalls aufgeklebt
  • ARTE POSTALE! (1979-2009)
    One of the best known and probably the most long-live mail art magazine on the planet, Arte Postale! has assembled original works or published materials by hundreds of international networkers. The project is considered concluded with issue n.100 (december 2009).
    Text von mailartprojects.blogspot.com
    When, just over twenty, I was assembling the first issue of the magazine Arte Postale!, joining with brass rings a dozen of sheets printed in one hundred copies on pink paper, I would never have imagined that thirty years later I would have been still busy putting together with scissors and glue the very same publication. Instead, this issue n. 100, intentionally produced in the homemade cut-and-paste style typical of mail art, even shares the musical theme with that first experiment, in which I already rubberstamped and glued leaflats on the pages or I stapled on them a piece of magnetic tape.
    Introduction by Vittore Baroni
    Issue no. 100 of Vittore Baroni's Arte Postale! magazine dedicated to the Klang! exhibition/sonic arts festival held in Viareggio, Italy, august 7-9 2009.
    36 pp. booklet with attached cd-r, published in 100 copies (standard edition, in the AAP) plus 100 copies with additional plastic pouch including 30 original cd-size works by 30 artists (Joel S. Cohen, David Dellafiora, Mike Dickau, Carol Stetser, Ruggero Maggi, Emilio Morandi, Jan-Willem Doornenbal, Ever Arts, Luc Fierens, Richard Kostelanetz, Jurgen O. Olbrich, Gianni Simone, Rod Summers, Bruno Cassaglia, Ruggero Maggi, Serse Luigetti, etc.
    Among them comes a CD mini-album by Jarmo Sermilä: Mechanical Partnership, a complimentary copy of the official Jase 2000 release - see Jarmo Sermilä - Mechanical Partnership.
    Text von discogs Webseite
    1. Mike Dickau - Arte Postale!: Pax Vobiscum (2’54”)
    2. Günther Ruch - Musica 123456 (2’09”)
    3. Reid Wood - Future Sound (0’27”)
    4. Krell - Bzzzoing! (5’00”)
    5. Franco Piri Focardi - Concerto Per Bozuffo (3’41”)
    6. Jan Willem Doornenbal - Lake Crocodile (2’16”)
    7. Bruno De Angelis - 100: Game Over! (4’ 30”)
    8. Joel Cohen - Last Song Reverse (2’17”)
    Tempo Totale | Total Time: 23’54”
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Geschenk von Vittore Baroni


Baroni Vittore / Bove Antonio / Maffei Marco / Serafini Antonella, Hrsg.: BAU 2 - Contenitore di Cultura Contemporanea, 2006

  • BAU 2 - Contenitore di Cultura Contemporanea
Ort Land
Techn. Angaben
  • 31,5x22,5 cm, Auflage: 150, numeriert, signiert, keine weiteren Angaben vorhanden
    Box aus braunem Stülpdeckel Karton, Siebdruck, eingelegt 16-seitiges redaktionelles Schwarz-Weiss Heft, 55 Arbeiten von 65 Künstlern. Diverse Techniken auf Papier, dünnem Karton, Folie, Metall, plus 6 Multimedia Discs. Cover und Layout: Carlo Battisti. Zollinhaltserklärung beigelegt
  • BAU was founded in 2004 in Viareggio, on the coast of Tuscany, by a group of artists and individuals interested in the many-sided aspects of the culture of our times. Thanks to a widespread and constantly expanding network of contacts, every year the project takes the shape of an expressly designed UniA4 sized box: BAU container of contemporary culture. This non-profit box is produced in a limited edition of 150 copies (120 for issue 1 and 200 for issues 9-10) and contains original works, signed and numbered, from a large number of international contributors.
    The BAU container fits in the vast tradition of assembling publications and artists‘ magazines that developed since the early sixties. It intends to experiment with new languages, technologies and materials, operating in a peculiar dimension of group work that is open also to contributions from non-artists: outsiders, travellers, collectors of curiosities, creative gastronomers, anomalous scientists.
    In a relational and non competitive perspective that is responsive to the relationships between art and science, politics and environment, BAU acts as a meeting point in order to stimulate dialogues, interactions and exchanges among the most diverse disciplines: graphics, collage, photography and the visual arts in general, but also poetical and narrative researches, acoustic and performative experiences, documents pertaining the fields of fashion and design, etc. The operative network expresses itself also through the planning of exhibitions, meetings, festivals and events, organized in institutional spaces (libraries, galleries, museums) and in atypic locations.
    Text von der Webseite
Erworben bei Vittore Baroni

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