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Morgan Polly
Foundations Remains
Nikosia (Republik Zypern): the Office Gallery, 2013
(Plakat) 59x42 cm,
Techn. Angaben Plakat,
ZusatzInformation The Office gallery is delighted to present the most recent work from the controversial, British artist/taxidermist Polly Morgan titled ‘FOUNDATIONS AND REMAINS’. Since 2005 the London based artist has managed to create a visual language of her own through the use of animals as raw materials of her work and their placement as protagonists in scenes that are unnatural to them.
Though her peculiar work, she is forcing us to look at the animals used, as if for the first time, free from previous associations, deliberately challenging the fragile relationship between humans and animals.
The major work of the exhibition titled ‘FOUNDATIONS/REMAINS’ has been made using 2428 cast crow femurs that are each painted by hand. The glue used is identical in colour to the fat present in the joints of bones, so it bears the same colour and consistency of a real animal skeleton. This work is inspired by Charnel Houses (Ossuaries) which were decorative buildings essentially used to pile high skeletons in order to save space. The structure was built using plans from Sol Lewitt's spiral tower “Untitled” 1989.
Text aus der Presseerklärung
Geschenk von the Office Gallery
Stichwort Ausstellung
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Crawford William
Selected works from 1990's
Genf (Schweiz): innen, 2016
(Zine) [32] S., 19x13 cm, Auflage: 500,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, Schwarz-Weiss Offsetdruck
ZusatzInformation The William Crawford Estate is owned and represented by Ampersand Gallery. William Crawford's drawings were discovered in an abandoned house in Oakland, California. His work brings to mind characteristics of prison drawings, an impression confirmed by the fact that several were made on the backs of prison roster sheets dated 1997. These printouts, however, were cut down the middle, so the exact prison from which they originate is unknown. But given their origin in the Bay Area and the fact that several drawings include San Francisco landmarks, it's possible that Crawford made the work in a California state prison. Other than this information drawn from the archive itself, nothing is known about Crawford's life. Indeed, we only know his name because he signed just a few of the drawings, either as Bill, William or WM Crawford. The archive appears to have consisted of several books, with individual drawings in sequences of 30 or more adding up to tell complex visual stories. Several include written captions or fragments of conversation between male and female characters. These sequences, however, have been broken up over the years and reach us now in a fragmentary and fascinating collection of hundreds of delicate pencil drawings. The work conveys the intense sense of sexual longing of a man with an urge to tell dynamic stories. The drawings, which resemble the eroticism of Eric Stanton, the exaggerated male anatomy of Tom of Finland or the ample breasts of a John Currin, show scantily dressed women, drug use, cuckolding and orgies. The details of his interiors, the hairdos and style of dress suggest that Crawford might have come of age in the late 70s or early 80s. A cast of recurring figures populate the drawings, notably one man with a short afro and a moustache who often figures at the center of events, presumably the artist William Crawford himself. Remarkably, given the number of drawings, there is little to no repetition in the work. Crawford’s inventive eye for sexual positions, facial expressions and gestures of hand and body was vast and masterful. Simple geometric details and architectural subtleties define the unusual settings where the action unfolds. We see rooms shown from unusual angles, features that are hinted at, erased or altogether omitted and articles of clothing that are drawn with obsessive precision. This singular and original drawing style compels us to immerse ourselves in the world William Crawford created, more dream than documentation, more fantasy than perversion. Crawford's drawings have been widely exhibited, notably at Galerie Susanne Zander (Cologne and Berlin), Zieher, Smith and Horton (New York), Freddy (Baltimore) and upcoming solo exhibitions at FARAGO (Los Angeles) and Richardson (New York). His work is also featured in the latest issue of Richardson Magazine and was included in "System and Vision" at David Zwirner, an exhibition organized in collaboration with Delmes & Zander. Reviewing it, The New Yorker wrote, "William Crawford's orgiastic illustrations on the backs of prison rosters haven an erotic intensity that rivals anything by Hans Bellmer or Pierre Klossowski."
Text von der Webseite
Stichwort Erotik / Porno / Sex / Zeichnung
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Bonajo Melanie / Karrer Philippe, Hrsg.
Spheres Issue 1
St. Gallen (Schweiz): Philippe Karrer, 2012
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 40 unpag. S., 32x22 cm, 2 Stück. ISBN/ISSN 7629999015104
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung. Verschiedene farbige Papiere. Eingelegt ein gefaltetes Poster
ZusatzInformation The publication Spheres is the creative documentation of a close collaboration between an artist and the editor, graphic designer Philippe Karrer. Every issue is dedicated to a young artist and their work, in each case exploring character, surroundings, every-day life, inspirations and ideas using unconventional innovative formats so as to create a different, more visual approach and understanding of the artist and his or her work. The focus lies on what is important to the artist during the time period of working together for the publication, hereby capturing a certain essence of the artists work at the moment. Not only can the reader dive in to the artist‘s world, receiving little personal snippets of the life in and around his or her art, but also (and perhaps even more importantly) — how the artist chooses to present things in the publication gives the reader an idea of his or her whole artistic sphere.
Melanie Bonajo explores the relationship of the individual to its surroundings in a commodified, globalised culture. In her work, she uncovers how our ideas of identity, genre, value and such structures formed by conventions are ever shifting to feelings of uncertainty and instability. She approaches these issues by trying to newly create, to turn around overpowering views and conditions that are today so influenced by our consumer society and tries to get nearer to traits that are rooted in human nature.
Text von der Webseite
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Desranleau Yannick / Lum Chloe
Artist Music Journals Vol. 1 No. 9 - Seripop
Brooklyn, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Soundscreen Design, 2010
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 24 unpag. S., 26,5x26,5 cm, Auflage: 1000,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, Heft in Pappschuber mit Aufkleber
ZusatzInformation Edition 09 in the ongoing Artist Music Journals series features the work of the Montreal based artists and musicians Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau, known as Seripop. Known for their original illustration and design work, as well as their longstanding tenure as founders and members of the musical outfit Aids Wolf, Seripop have a broad following around the globe. For their AMJ, Seripop compiled years of original gig poster work, the first collection of its kind for the studio, which has made thousands of prints over the years.
About Seripop: Yannick Desranleau and Chloe Lum are visual artists and musicians who started collaborating in 2002 under the nom de guerre Seripop. Based in Montreal, Seripop has earned international attention for its stylistically distinct, silkscreened street posters. In 2005, Lum and Desranleau began experimenting with sculptural print installations which merge notions of city politics and visual perception. The duo has been speaking and exhibiting their work at various art institutions including Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, England, Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen, Scotland, and the University of North Texas, Denton, USA. In addition to Seripop, Lum and Desranleau play in AIDS Wolf, a noise-rock band and Hamborghinni, a drums and electronics project.
Text von der Webseite
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Mrka: Shake, 2017

München (Deutschland): 100for10 / Melville Brand Design, 2017
(Buch) 106 S., 21x14,8 cm, Auflage: Print on Demand,
Techn. Angaben Broschur
ZusatzInformation Schwarz-Weiß-Drucke
Lucas Benarroch, aka MRKA, treats his painting, collage and graphic design as an unquenchable obsession. His passion for precision can be seen throughout his work. His creations are versatile in both style and medium. MRKA was born and raised in Madrid. He moved to New York and attended Parsons The New School for Design. The transition to the United States has pumped his work ethic into overdrive. His work has been featured at galleries and exhibitions in Madrid, New York, Buenos Aires and Miami including Gallery 151, Wallplay, Museo Mar and Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art. His commercial work includes clients such as HBO, Pepsi and The Wutang Brand.
Sprache Englisch
Geschenk von Melville Brand Design
Stichwort Abstrakt / Fotgrafie / Raster / Schwarz-Weiß / Typografie
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Wolf-Rehfeldt Ruth
Signs Fiction
Berlin (Deutschland): Chert Galerie / Motto Books, 2016
(Buch) [490] S., 32x24 cm, Auflage: 700, ISBN/ISSN 978-2-940524-46-4
Techn. Angaben Broschur
ZusatzInformation This book aims to collect and present a comprehensive overview of the work of Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt. It is the result of a long and intense immersion into her archive, and intends to establish the importance of this unique artist – who did not have much recognition in the past – not only to the present day, but also to the precise political context and time to which she and her work belong.
The book presents her typewritings series, all produced between the early 1970s (some of the earliest works are dated 1972) and 1989.
Mail Art was her way to be in contact with the world outside the GDR, otherwise impossible to reach. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Reunification, the artist stopped producing any art: She felt her involvement was no longer “needed”.
At the beginning of 2015 we started to archive Ruth Wolf- Rehfeldt’s work, discovering little by little an enormous and fascinating body of work, composed by more classic poetry, simple typewriting texts, visual poetry, concrete poetry, and abstraction.
Text von der Webseite
Namen Jennifer Chert (Text) / Till Gathmann (Design) / Zanna Gilbert (Text)
Sprache Deutsch / Englisch
Stichwort 1970er / 1980er / abstrakt / Archiv / Konkrete Poesie / Mail Art / Muster / Schreibmaschinenkunst / Symmetrie / Typewriting / Visuelle Poesie
Sponsoren Kulturverwaltung des Berliner Senats
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Rot Diter (Roth Dieter)
246 little clouds
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Something Else Press, 1968
(Buch) 23,5x15,6 cm,
Techn. Angaben Hardcover mit Schutzumschlag
ZusatzInformation the present work is a sort of lyrical diary, simple and personal- If it is, perhaps, less overwhelming than the huge Mundunculum, less "far-out" than the concrete Poems, it is also perhaps more accessible and a more suitable introduction to the work of the fascinating Iceland Swiss chimera. In its own right, however, the Clouds shows Rot as writer, and Rot as book desginer, and is therefore an appropriate indication of the scope of the man's work.
Text vom Umschlag.
Namen Emmett Williams (Text)
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort 1960er / Comic / Lyrik / Tagebuch / Text / Zeichnung
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Gillick Liam / Weiner Lawrence
A Syntax of Dependency:
Mailand (Italien): Mousse Publishing, 2011
(Buch) 56 S., 30,5x21,5 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-88-965016-1-0
Techn. Angaben mit Kunststoffumschlag, geklammert
ZusatzInformation This publication documents the monumental collaborative work which Liam Gillick and Lawrence Weiner produced for the Antwerp museum of contemporary art MuHKA in the spring of 2011. Tellingly titled A Syntax of Dependency:, the project could be viewed as the outcome of a twenty-year dialogue between artists, artistic practices, generations. This giant floor piece, consisting of an abstract linoleum pattern containing an array of phrases, took up the museum's entire first floor - its site-specifity meaning that the end of the exhibition also entailed the work's irreversible destruction. This photo novella - complete with fragments of a conversation between both artists and a short text by exhibition curator Dieter Roelstraete - captures the work in its unique desolate splendor
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N. N.
Motley 01 2010
Cork (Irland): University College, 2010
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 92 S., 24x17 cm, Auflage: 500,
Techn. Angaben Display Nummer
ZusatzInformation MOTLEY is a publication created to inspire, to present creative imagery in an innovative and unorthodox way. We have no set production schedule, it is created when the mood feels correct. Each new issue of Motley will be unique in design and feature the work of new and established artists, Worldwide. The premier issue launched in Summer 2010. Graphic Design by Umlaut.
Issue one features the work of nine international photographers and a graphic code, printed on the cover, allows the reader to identify the work of each featured photographer.
Featured photographers: Brendan Austin, Paola De Grenet, Sandra Freij, Anthony Hill, Samuel Hodge, Simon Howell, Lena Modigh, Benn Northover, Danny Schissler
The official monthly student magazine of University College Cork
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Richter Gerhard
Köln (Deutschland): Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2011
(Buch) 862 S., 22x17x6 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-1-933045-47-4
Techn. Angaben Hardcover mit Schutzumschlag und Lesebändchen, 2. Auflage, Vorwort von Helmut Friedel
ZusatzInformation This new edition is a newly conceptualized publication authorized by Gerhard Richter, containing the Atlas work until 2005, including particularly plates of the War Cut cycle. The Atlas is a continuous, encyclopedic work containing c. 4,000 photographs, sketches and collages arranged on more than 700 panels. As a complete work Richter's Atlas is an organism that continues to develop and change. Begun in 1962, many of the ideas preceding Richter's painterly works find their expression in the photographs, sketches, plans and collages of the "Atlas".
Text von der Webseite
Sprache Englisch
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Leterme Céline, Hrsg.
Counter-Print Issue #10 Bookshop Ephemera / New Work
London (Großbritannien): Counter-Print, 2013
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 56 S., 40,2x29 cm, ISBN/ISSN 2044-2726
Techn. Angaben eine Ausgabe bestehend aus 2 Zeitungen, Blätter lose zusammengelegt
ZusatzInformation Paper #01 focuses on the art and design of bookshop ephemera, while Paper #02, entitled `New Work´, offers a snap shot of some of the best work we've had sent to us from the design community over the past quarter.
Text von der Webseite
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Leterme Céline, Hrsg.
Counter-Print Issue #09 Freight / New Work Eight: t8
London (Großbritannien): Counter-Print, 2012
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 56 S., 40,1x29 cm, ISBN/ISSN 2044-2726
Techn. Angaben eine Ausgabe bestehend aus 3 Zeitungen, Blätter lose zusammengelegt in transparenter Kunststoffhülle
ZusatzInformation Eight:48's ninth issue has been renamed Counter-Print, now consists of three papers and runs to 56 pages.
Paper #01 focuses on the art and design of freight, Paper #02 entitled, new work, offers a snap shot of some of the best work out there and Paper #03 is a brief montage of new and old articles, drawn from issues one to eight offers a timely look back on all eight themes that have shaped the papers so far.
Text von der Webseite
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Beveridge Karl / Conde Carole
Oshawa - a history of local 222 - United Autoworkers of America, CLC
Toronto (Kanada): Canadian Fiction Magazin, 1982
(Heft) 23x15.4 cm,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung
ZusatzInformation Oshawa – A History of CAW Local 222 (1982-83) a history of the first major industrial union organized in Canada in 1937, focusing on the role played by women in the union. Oshawa 1938 – 1945 is one section of a large work on the history of Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) Local 222, whose members work at the General Motors plant in Oshawa, Ontario. It covers the history of the union from its founding in 1937 up to the beginning of the ‘post-industrial’ era in the mid 1980′,s. A major focus of the work is the changing role played by women in the workplace and the union.
Text von Website
Geschenk von Joachim Schmid
Stichwort 1980er
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Bots Kim David
The Time Is Nigh - Work Holiday
Nijmegen (Niederlande): extrapool, 2015
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 28 unpag. S., 27,6x19,6 cm,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung. Einzelne Papiere. Mehrfarbiger Risographie und Ricoh
ZusatzInformation Work Holiday refers to a series of book residency projects which take place in Knust / Extrapool. Within Work Holiday an artist can publish a book together with Knust / Extrapool after a residency of 7 days.
Text von Website
Sprache Englisch
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Gkekas Anastasios, Hrsg.
Investment Opportunities
Nikosia (Republik Zypern): the Office Gallery, 2015
(Plakat) 1 S., 64x42 cm,
Techn. Angaben Plakat,
ZusatzInformation Ausstellung der Privatsammlung Anastasios Gkekas bei VOLKS 10.09.-13.10.2015.
A key to a potential approach is possibly the innerness, the esoteric and sometimes confessional character of the works, but also the place they occupy in the collective work of the artists - as I am of the opinion that one can find more comprehensible examples within their work. It seems that as if from a recurring tic, I wanted to catch them red-handed, naked I would say, within their own work. To a lesser extend, it is perhaps a sort of innocence.
Text aus der Presseerklärung
Namen Andreas Karayan / Andreas Nicolaou / Cali Thornhill Dewitt / Carol Christian Poell / Charlotte Ballesteros / Diamantis Diamantopoulos / Dimitris Merantzas / Elizabeth Hoak-Doering / Francesca Woodman / Glavkos Koumides / Günter Brus / Kurt Hentschläger / Masahisa Fukase / Nazgol Ansarinia / Nicholas Panayi / Pascal Bernier / Robert Montgomery / Soteris Kallis / Yannis Gaitis
Geschenk von the Office Gallery
Stichwort Grafik / Installation / Malerei / Skulptur
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Maréchal Paul, Hrsg.
Andy Warhol - the complete commissioned magazine work 1948 - 1987
München (Deutschland): Prestel Verlag, 2014
(Buch) 407 S., 39x27,5x5 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-3-7913-4992-3
Techn. Angaben Hardcover, Fadenbindung, in Schuber
ZusatzInformation This gorgeously illustrated deluxe volume shows the full range of Warhol’s work for magazines—which will surprise even his most ardent fans—and includes cover art, editorial illustration, and ad work.
Beginning with the cover of a 1948 issue of Carnegie Tech’s student magazine, Cano, and ending with a 1987 issue of Jet Society International, this stunning book explores, for the very first time, the full story of Warhol’s collaborations with some of the most influential publications of the 20th century, including Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Time, TV Guide, Vanity Fair, and Playboy. Generously illustrated with images of the magazine layouts, this landmark publication collects more than 400 issues, revealing the artist’s full range of styles while also charting his artistic development over the decades. From charming drawings of shoes, hats, flowers, and cats to iconic illustrations of cars and cosmetics, from glitzy celebrity portraits to sexy pinups made with collaged Polaroids, this catalogue raisonné sheds new light on the influence of the media and consumerism on contemporary art (and vice versa) even as it offers a unique perspective on Warhol’s deep and lifelong connection to popular culture.
Text von der Webseite
Namen Andy Warhol
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Druckgrafik / Gestaltung / Illustration / Konsum / Medien / Pop / Werbung / Werkverzeichnis / Zeichnung / Zeitschrift
WEB www./
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Weber Max
Layout Look Book 2
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Collins Design, 2010
(Buch) 256 S., 29,8x24,6 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-0-06-199511-8
Techn. Angaben Hardcover mit Schutzumschlag.
ZusatzInformation Organized so as to encourage creativity, serendipitous discovery, and inspiration, Layout Look Book 2 is an essential guide to layout design for both amateur and professional designers. The book includes techniques that can be used to enhance any layout, as well as insights into the factors that helped make each layout an effective piece. The styles covered in the volume range from traditional to cutting edge, and will enable any designer to become a more creative thinker and produce fantastic work. Layout Look Book 2 showcases outstanding work by more than fifty of the world's best design studios and professionals working in print design today.
Text von der Webseite.
Namen 2x Goldstein / 75B / Ariane Spanier / Bendita Gloria / Browns / Catalogtree / Chris Bolton / Come de Bouchony / Company London / Coöp / David Pearson / Dynamo / Emperor of Antarctica / Fageta / Folch Studio / Fraser Muggeridge Studio / Glamcult Studio / Géraldine Roussel / Hey Ho / Hi / Homework / Hvass/Hannibal / ICE CREAM FOR FREE / James Langdon / Jeffrey Docherty / Jeffrey Lai / Jiminie Ha / Joost Grootens / Julian Bittiner / Lesley Moore / Manuel Raeder / Milkxhake / Non-Format / onlab / Paulus M. Dreibholz / Pipi arade / Project Projects / Raffinerie / Salon de The / Sam Same / Schaffter Sahli / Snasen / Stiletto / StoutKramer / Studio Sport / Surface / The Map Office / Tomato / Triboro Design / Undesign / Why not smile / YES / à 2 c'est mieux
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort 2010er / Bücher / Cover / Design / Gestaltung / Grafik / Layout / Magazin / Mode / Plakate / Plattencover / Poster / Typografie / Zeitdokument
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Fella Ed : A round a bit, 2017

Fella Ed
A round a bit
München (Deutschland): 100for10 / Melville Brand Design, 2017
(Buch) 106 S., 21x14,8 cm, Auflage: Print on Demand, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben Broschur
ZusatzInformation Schwarz-Weiß-Drucke, Nr. 046 aus der Reihe 100for10.
Edward Fella is an artist and graphic designer whose work has had an important influence on contemporary typography here and in Europe. He practiced professionally as a commercial artist in Detroit for 30 years before receiving an MFA in Design from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1987. He has since devoted his time to teaching and his own unique self-published work which has appeared in many design publications and anthologies. In 1997 he received the Chrysler Award and in 1999 an Honorary Doctorate from CCS in Detroit. His work is in the National Design Museum and MOMA in New York.
Sprache Englisch
Geschenk von Melville Brand Design
Stichwort Aufkleber / Illustration / Rund / Schwarz-Weiß / Siegel / Stempel / Sticker / Typografie
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Smith Patti
Collected Lyrics, 1970-2015
London (Großbritannien): Bloomsbury, 2015
(Buch) 320 S., 24x16,5 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-1-4088-6300-8
Techn. Angaben Hardcover, Schutzumschlag
ZusatzInformation An American original, Patti Smith is a multi-disciplined artist and performer. Her work is rooted in poetry, which infused her 1975 landmark album, Horses. A declaration of existence, Horses was described as `three chords merged with the power of the word'. it was graced with the now iconic portrait by Robert Mapplethorpe, the subject of her award-winning memoir Just Kids. Initially published in 1998, Patti Smith's Complete Lyrics was a testimony to her uncompromising poetic power. Now, on the fortieth anniversary of the release of Smith's groundbreaking album, Collected Lyrics has been revised and expanded with more than thirty-five additional songs, including her first, 'Work Song', written for Janis Joplin in 1970, and her most current, 'Writer's Song', to be recorded in 2015. The collection is liberally illustrated with original manuscripts of lyrics from Smith's extensive archive. Patti Smith's work continues to retain its relevance, whether controversial, political, romantic or spiritual. Collected Lyrics offers forty-five years of song, an enduring commemoration of Smith's unique contribution to the canon of rock and roll.
2. Auflage
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort 1990er / Liedtext / Literatur / Performance / Poesie / Rock Musik / Songtext
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von Rabenau Kai, Hrsg.
MONO.KULTUR #31 Michael Borremans - Shades of Doubt
Berlin (Deutschland): mono.kultur, 2012
(Zeitschrift, Magazin / Heft) 48 S., 20x15 cm, ISBN/ISSN 1861-7085
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung
ZusatzInformation When Belgian artist Michaël Borremans first presented his paintings to the world at the tender age of 37, he immediately caused a stir in the art scene. His realistic yet mysterious figurative images subtly draw one to the centre of a question which remains permanently unspoken. Through the combination of his immaculate painting techniques, using muted tones and classic compositions, and the puzzling scenarios that are at the heart of his work, the artist brings together both: melancholy and humour. With mono.kultur, Michaël Borremans talked about the mystery at the heart of painting and life in general, his commission for the Belgian Queen, and why he needs to wear his Sunday suit when he goes to work. The issue features a whopping 20 plates of Michaël Borremans' paintings, all printed in lifesize scale, allowing you to examine the technical mastery behind his work in breathtaking detail.
Text von der Website.
Namen Michael Borremans
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Farbe / Interview / Malerei / Portrait / zeitgenössische Kunst
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von Rabenau Kai, Hrsg.
MONO.KULTUR #46 Francis Kéré - Of Clay and Community
Berlin (Deutschland): mono.kultur, 2018
(Zeitschrift, Magazin / Heft) 48 S., 20x15 cm, ISBN/ISSN 1861-7085
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, gedruckt auf verschiedenem Papier, teilweise farbig
ZusatzInformation In our most colourful issue yet, we step into the life and work of architect Francis Kéré, known in equal measure for his lighthearted and innovative architecture, his remarkable background, and his infectious sense of optimism. Kéré has completed numerous projects both in Africa and beyond, including schools, medical centres, cultural institutions, and temporary installations, such as the renowned annual Serpentine Pavilion in 2017. Frequently relying on local materials and infrastructure, his work is marked by a profound simplicity and refreshing lightness, meeting technical problems with surprising and seemingly effortless solutions. It reflects his attitude that architecture should, in its most primary function, seek to improve the lives of the people who inhabit it. With mono.kultur, Francis Kéré talked about his long trajectory from a remote village in Africa to Berlin, his steadfast belief in optimism, and what makes a tree a perfect piece of architecture. Designwise, we followed Kéré’s principle to work with what is at hand, sourcing papers from dead stock at our printers’, essentially using an assortment of leftovers. And colour, of course, with the issue based on the national colours of Burkina Faso, paying tribute to the idea of culture as a shared ground to build upon.
Text von der Website.
Namen Francis Kéré
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Architektur / Burkina Faso / Design / Holz / Interview / Lehm / Material / Ton
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Rother Daniel, Hrsg.
All That Gold Mining Was Thirsty Work - What you are currently working on? - Alle Kinder suchen Nuggets, außer heinrich - dem ist das peinlich
Leipzig (Deutschland): Selbstverlag, 2009
(Buch) 100 S., 23,3x16,5 cm, Auflage: 500,
Techn. Angaben Broschur, Softcover, mit mehrfach gefaltetem, beidseitig bedrucktem Poster
ZusatzInformation Artist’s book – ten disposable pages for each person are composed as an independent work, explicitly for the sake of a book.
Text von der Website.
Namen Andrea Legiehn / Claudia Gülzow (Text) / Daniel Rother (Gestaltung) / Edgar Leciejewski / Fabian Bechtle / Stefan Guggisberg / Stefanie Pretnar / Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson / Ulrich Schäfer / Uta Zeidler
Sprache Deutsch / Englisch
Geschenk von Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson
Stichwort Collage / Design / Fotografie / Gestaltung / Holz / Komposition / Künstlerbuch / Poesie / Selbstbildnis / Text / Zeichnung
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Bornschlegl Sebastian / Steinkellner Miriam, Hrsg.
Wien (Österreich): Argument Utopie, 2018
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 36 S., 30x22,5 cm, Auflage: 20.000,
Techn. Angaben Mehrere Blätter gefaltet, lose ineinander gelegt
ZusatzInformation Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Das Mindset heutzutage lautet: Arbeit ist zach, aber sie soll zumindest Spaß machen. Hackln und Chilln ist angesagt - work hard, play hard. Wir wollen versuchen dieses Knäuel wieder zu entwirren: Wie hängen Freizeit und Arbeit zusammen? Wieso arbeiten wir ständig an uns selbst? Was können wir dem entgegen stellen?
Text aus der Zeitung.
Namen Ferribalda Witzgering (Comic) / Katinka Irrlicht (Illustrationen)
Sprache Deutsch
Stichwort Alltag / Antifa / Arbeit / Balance / Entfremdung / Feminismus / Gesellschaft / Ideal / Jugend / Kapitalismus / Körper / Links / Politik / Schönheit / Work
Sponsoren Koordinationsausschuss der HochschülerInnenschaft an der Universtität Wien
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Thiemann Susanne
München (Deutschland): Selbstverlag, 2010 ca
(Heft) [32] S., 29,7x21 cm,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung
ZusatzInformation I encountered the work of Susanne Thiemann for the first time in a group exhibition of Munich artists at the "Haus der Kunst". Her work fascinated me because Thiemann works on the thin line between the applied arts -handicraft- and sculpture. At the same time she does not shy away from heavy loaded themes such as femininity or domestication, but she does so in a highly personal way. It struck me that I find echos in her work of leading feminist artists such as Eva Hesse, Lygia Clark or even Yayoi Kusama. A deep interest in the viewer's reaction and participation is what Thiemann is after as well. Thiemann strive for a renewal of what it means "to have" a craft and at the same time "to deviate" from it.
Chris Decron über die Künstlerin, Text aus dem Heft.
Namen Chris Decron
Sprache Englisch
Geschenk von Susanne Thiemann
Stichwort Flechten / Handwerk / Kabel / Kunststoff / Material / Skulptur / Weben
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Morris Simon
Re-Writing Freud - 4 The Interpretation of Dreams
York (Großbritannien): information as material, 2005
(Buch) 752 S., 19,8x12,6 cm, Auflage: 1000, signiert, 2 Stück. ISBN/ISSN 0-9536765-8-7
Techn. Angaben Softcover, Taschenbuch. Translated by a Lingo algorithm, programmed by Christine Morris
ZusatzInformation For this book work, Re-Writing Freud the artist Simon Morris has re-written Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams. A computer programme (designed by Christine Morris) randomly selects words, one at a time from Freud’s 222,704 word text and begins to reconstruct the entire book, word by word, making a new book with the same words, every time the programme is re-started. This book is one instantiation of that process, scrupulously typeset according to the dimensions, fonts, chapter divisions and paragraph lengths of the 1976 Penguin paperback edition of Freud’s work, and printed on equivalent paper stocks.
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Stichwort Nullerjahre
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Stitt André
small time life
London (Großbritannien): Black Dog Publishing, 2001
(Buch) 128 S., 25x21 cm, ISBN/ISSN 1-901033-67-8
ZusatzInformation Over the last 20 years, performance artist André Stitt has presented hundreds of performances - or 'akshuns' - which are invariably violent and cathartic, involving self-abuse, tantrums and exoreisms. His references are wide, ranging from urban alienation to alternative religions. Small Time Life presents Andre Stitt's incredible work with images from the artist's archive, a history of his work and a series of conversations between the artist and Roddy Hunter (formerly Senior Lecturer in Visual Performance at Dartington College of Arts)
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Nullerjahre
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Shoboshobo (Hercberg Mehdi)
Aaron / Benjamin
Zürich / Budapest (Schweiz / Ungarn): innenzines / Nieves, 2012
(Zine) 56 unpag. S., 20x14 cm, Auflage: 500, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, Erstausgabe
ZusatzInformation Shoboshobo aka Mehdi Hercberg is a Paris based artist. His work involves a wide range of projects including illustration, graphic artworks, clothes design, music and printed editions. His graphic work is mainly focused on monsters and creatures that are strange, pop, frightening and sometimes cute. He has performed and exhibited in several countries. In particular, he has a strong bond with Japan, where he visits as often as he can.
Text von der Verlagswebseite
Namen Mehdi Hercberg
Stichwort Grafik / Illustration / Musik
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Boullet Victor
Estate Of - Kronos
London (Großbritannien): Antenne Publishing, 2012
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 132 unpag. S., 28x21 cm, Auflage: 1000, ISBN/ISSN 978-1-908806-01-7
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, eingelegt ein Werbeflyer
ZusatzInformation Estate Of is the new publication series from Antenne Publishing. Published twice a year in a magazine-like stapled format, each edition is given to a single artist working with photographs as a space to realise projects. Estate Of aims to become a meeting point between an informal physical object, and a substantial body of work from an individual artist.
Kronos by Victor Boullet is the first publication in the Estate Of series.
Victor Boullet’s title refers to the Greek god Kronos, a deity known for its doublesidedness, a concept closely connected to his project The Institute of Social Hypocrisy. The publication Kronos is a means to carry his work forward into a newer form of expression, whilst maintaining a constant sense of dichotomy.
Text von der Webseite
Geschenk von Hammann & von Mier
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Higgs Daniel
Artist Music Journals Vol. 1 No. 03
Brooklyn, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Soundscreen Design, 2009
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 24 unpag. S., 26,5x26,5 cm, Auflage: 1000,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, Heft in Pappschuber mit Aufkleber
ZusatzInformation Artist Music Journal is an ongoing, limited edition small book series published by Sound Screen Design that focuses on the inseparable connection between music and art. Each release is limited to 1,000 copies, features a 24 page, saddle-stitched small book printed on thick stock and encased in a 10″., record jacket. The artists signature is replicated on a letterpressed sticker placed around the jacket opening, and hand numbered.
Daniel Higgs is a musician and artist from Baltimore, Maryland, who has been a contributor to the independent art and music community for nearly 3 decades. His artistic work ranges from musical records to books of poetry to visual collections of his drawing, painting and collage work
Stichwort Malerei / Musik / Nullerjahre / Zeichnung
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Roettinger Brian
Artist Music Journals Vol. 1 No. 10 - Brian Roettinger & No Age
Brooklyn, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Soundscreen Design, 2010
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 24 unpag. S., 26,5x26,5 cm, Auflage: 1000,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, in Heft eingelegt eine Schallplatte in Schutzumschlag, in Pappschuber mit Aufkleber. Einseitige 10" Schallplatte "Brian Roettinger w/ No Age", 45 UpM, Katalognr. SSD.10
ZusatzInformation Edition 10 in the ongoing Artist Music Journals series features the work of the Los Angeles based designer, artist, musician and label owner Brian Roettinger, who operates the creative umbrella Hand Held Heart. Unlike any previous Artist Music Journal, this installment includes Brian's 24-page book as well as a one-sided 10" record, featuring a collaboration between Brian and No Age with three exclusive tracks!
Brian lives and works in Los Angeles primarily as a graphic designer. He received a BFA in graphic design from CalArts in 2004. His work encompasses design, publishing, writing and curating as well as running his own vinyl-only record label Hand Held Heart. In 2009 he was nominated for a Grammy for his design of the No Age Nouns album packaging. In 1999 he was providing bass duties for This Machine Kills. He is a part-time professor in the design department at CalArts, as well as a current designer in residency in the Design | Media Arts program at UCLA
Namen Brian Roettinger
Stichwort Musik
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Eye Yamantaka
Artist Music Journals Vol. 1 No. 12 - Eye
Brooklyn, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Soundscreen Design, 2010
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 24 unpag. S., 26,5x26,5 cm, Auflage: 1000,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, Heft in Pappschuber mit Aufkleber
ZusatzInformation This is the twelfth and final edition of Soundscreen Design's Artist Music Journals series, featuring the work of Eye, known primarily as the vocalist for the Japanese band Boredoms and also for his prolific visual art portfolio. He used this project as an opportunity to design for dozens of imaginary bands, including original album art and vinyl details.
Eye lives and works in Japan, and is known primarily as the vocalist of the Boredoms (Voredoms), but has also worked with artists such as Nam June Paik and John Zorn, and has recently started performing solo as DJ Pika Pika Pika. In addition to his musical activities, Eye is an accomplished visual artist - his work includes collaborations with Shinro Otake (as Puzzle Punks), and he has designed many record covers, including the jacket of the Beck album Midnight Vultures
Namen John Zorn / Nam June Paik / Pika Pika Pika / Shinro Otake
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Impeduglia Laurent
Holy Mountain
London (Großbritannien): Café Royal Books, 2012
(Heft) 24 unpag. S., 20x14 cm, Auflage: 100,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung
ZusatzInformation Laurent Impeduglia is Professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Liege. His work sits between comic book and fine art. Much of his work is 'easy' looking, fun seeming, but has a darker meaning. Impeduglia often uses powerful symbols to suggest the demise of society, structure and systems. "Holy Mountain is about the quest for spirituality. The destruction of all the excesses of a system - pollution, capitalism, fascism, religion."
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Corsaro Julia / Mills Rebecca / Pfeifer Claudio, Hrsg.
Girlcoremagazine - 2012 Book
Berlin (Deutschland): PogoBooks, 2012
(Buch) 52 S., 21x14,6 cm, 2 Stück. ISBN/ISSN 978-3-942547-16-1
Techn. Angaben Broschur, Pogobooks #038
ZusatzInformation Girlcore is an all-female collective based in London. Originally founded on a desire to promote international female talent in creative industries - Girlcore's resume has grown far and beyond anything originally hoped for. Be it showcasing new DJ's alongside the likes of veterans such as Peaches and Annie Mac, to creating a website dedicated to promoting recent flair in the visual arts. All the work done by the group is a labour of love, each member of the collective having their own careers in the creative industries. This side-project is a way of celebrating the amazing work we encounter along the way.
Text von der Webseite
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Guayabero Oscar / SC Santa Cruc Rocio, Hrsg.
Arts Libris 2012
Barcelona (Spanien): Raina Lupa produccions, 2012
(Mappe) 16,5x12,5 cm,
Techn. Angaben 71 beidseitig bedruckte Karten, 17 davon gefaltet, verschiedenfarbige Papiere, lose zusammengelegt, eingeschlagen in Umschlag, gestanzt, mit Gummbiband umbunden
ZusatzInformation Katalog zur Buchmesse mit Einzeldarstellungen der Aussteller.
Raíña Lupa was born in Paris in 1994 as an editorial project specialised in artists books and original graphic work. In 1998 Raíña Lupa’s art gallery
opened in the same city, orienting its work towards a relationship among art and literature. From 2002 the project continues in Barcelona, with a new editorial line in which photography and the new digital tehcniques take a predominant place.
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Zakharov Alexander, Hrsg.
Thisispaper #2
Warschau (Polen): Thisispaper Studio, 2014
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 144 S., 24x18,5 cm, Auflage: 2000, ISBN/ISSN 978-83-934878-4-4
Techn. Angaben Broschur. Supplement: Natural Health, ein kleines Heft mit 24 Seiten, Drahtheftung
ZusatzInformation Issue Two is about stepping into the world of unique individuals, contemporary or historical, in a lot of different ways: quite literally by visiting their studios, or metaphorically by exploring them through their work. Whatever the way, we were seeking sincerity, passion and thoughtfulness, and we found them. More than in the Inaugural Issue, in Issue Two we focused on shedding light on the work of the Polish artists who deserve international recognition.
Text von der Webseite
Sprache Englisch
Geschenk von Vadim Kretschmer
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Mayer Rosemary
Art-Rite, No. 15 Surroundings
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Art-Rite Publishing, 1977
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 20 S., 28x21 cm,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung
ZusatzInformation This meditation on Jacopo da Pontormo and Florence, a very big woman who sits next to me at work, is illustrated with photo snapshots of bleak urban life and with reproductions of Pontormo’s drawings, etchings and paintings. A full, monographic work with collaged prose
Stichwort 1970er
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Altmann Mona / Effinger Lotte Meret / Mehl Isabel, u. a. Hrsg.
Body of Work
Karlsruhe (Deutschland): Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, 2015
(PostKarte) 14,7x10,4 cm, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben Postkarte mit aufgeklebter Ankündigung
ZusatzInformation Postkarte mit Ankündigung der Performance "Rachel" von Hannah Cooke und Isabel Mehl und Präsentation der Publikation "Body of Work", gestaltet von Lotte Meret Effinger, in der Lothringer13
Namen Hannah Cooke / Isabel Mehl / Lotte Meret Effinger
Geschenk von Isabel Mehl
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Burger Stefan / Delfrati Federico / Velonis Kostis
This probably will not work
München (Deutschland): Lothringer13, 2015
(Flyer, Prospekt) 6 S., 21x10 cm,
Techn. Angaben Flyer, mehrfach gefaltet
ZusatzInformation Einladung zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung This probably will not work in der Lothringer13 am 16.07. 2015
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Zeller Hans Rudolf
Hans Rudolf Zeller: s/t
Berlin (Deutschland): Edition Telemark, 2014
(Schallplatte) 31x31 cm, Auflage: 300,
Techn. Angaben Schallplatte, LP, in 2 Hüllen, Infoblatt und gefaltete Grafik
ZusatzInformation Hans Rudolf Zeller (b. 1934 in Berlin) is best-known for being a music theorist, essayist and writer on contemporary music. His essays on Dieter Schnebel, Iannis Xenakis, microtonality etc., often published in the German journal "Musik-Konzepte", are deemed being among the best ever written on new music. Apart from that, he has since the 1960s maintained his own artistic work, most of which has not been published or only seen the light of day in private micro-editions. Zeller's work often involves combining multiple dimensions (texts, vocals, visual projections) into one cinematological literature.
Text von der Webseite

Side A: 1. Tesa-Klänge, 2. Vokalphantasie, 3. Scriptophonie, 4. Musiktext
Side B: 1. Parallelität, 2. Stimmimprovisation
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Schülke Stefan, Hrsg.
Books, Posters, Multiples / Objects / Audio Work / Souvenirs, Cards by Lawrence Weiner & Statements on Type
Köln (Deutschland): Stefan Schuelke Fine Books, 2015
(Lieferverzeichnis) 30x14 cm, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben 5 Lieferverzeichnisse, jeweils mehrfach gefaltet, beidseitig bedruckt, mit Banderole zusammengebunden
ZusatzInformation Titel der einzelnen Flyer "Books by Lawrence Weiner", "Books II by Lawrence Weiner", "Posters by Lawrence Weiner", "Multiples / Objects / Audio Work / Souvenirs by Lawrence Weiner" und "Card by Lawrence Weiner". Auf Rückseite der Banderole abgedruckt "Statements on type - Lawrence Weiner interviewed by Hendrike Nagel & Tino Grass, New York City 2011"
Namen Lawrence Weiner
Stichwort Antiquariat / Künstlerbuch / Plakate
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Richter Gerhard
Atlas in 5 Bänden - atlas in 5 volumes
Köln (Deutschland): Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2015
(Buch) 828 S., 45x32,5 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-3-86335-520-3
Techn. Angaben 4 Bände in Schuber, Leinen mit Prägung, in Pappschachtel, bedruckt
ZusatzInformation Herausgegeben von Helmut Friedel.
Band I: Tafeln 1-218 (1962-1974) / Band II: Tafeln 219-444 (1966-1988) / Band III: Tafeln 445-668 (1978-2006) / Band IV: Tafeln 667-809 (2002-2015), mit mehr als 5000 farbigen Abbildungen auf 809 Tafeln.
Mit dem Wunsch nach Ordung und Übersicht begann Gerhard Richter vor mehr als 50 Jahren, die ihm wichtigen Teile seines umfangreichen Bildmaterials auf Kartons im Format 50 × 65 bis 73,5 × 51,7 cm zu montieren: eigene und gefundene Photos, Ausschnitte aus Zeitungen und Illustrierten, Skizzen, Zeichnungen, Konstruktionspläne, Raumentwürfe, Collagen, übermalte Photographien sowie Ideen und Entwurfsvarianten zu Gemälden, Skulpturen und Installationen. Schon bald vernachlässigte Richter die Chronologie, vielmehr gilt sein Interesse der ikonographischen und typologischen Ordnung. Als "work in progress" entwickelt sich der ATLAS zu einem eigenständigen Gesamtkunstwerk, in dem sich biografische und historische Fakten spiegeln, ein künstlerischer Kosmos von großer Eigenständigkeit und Quelle seines gesamten Denkens und Schaffens. 2012 entwirft Richter das Konzept für diese Edition und trifft die Entscheidung, den ATLAS nicht zu reproduzieren, sondern als Buch neu einzurichten. Alle Tafeln werden im Maßstab 1:2 gezeigt, sodaß dieses monumentale Archiv mit mehr als 5.000 Bildern zum ersten Mal in jedem Detail sichtbar wird. Zahlreiche Fotos im Kleinformat, die weder in Ausstellungen noch in den bisherigen Publikationen zu erkennen sind und wichtige Bildinformationen liefern, werden so erstmals sichtbar. ( Volume V: Helmut Friedel: Kommentiertes Werkverzeichnis war bei Drucklegung von Volume I - IV noch nicht abgeschlossen. Auf Wunsch von Gerhard Richter wird dieser Band im Jahr 2016 erscheinen und ist nicht Teil des Schubers, der mit Volume I - IV den kompletten ATLAS dokumentiert.)
Text von der Webseite
Namen Helmut Friedel (Herausgeber)
Sprache Deutsch / Englisch
Stichwort 1960er / 1970er / 1980er / 1990er / aktuelle Kunst / Archiv / Atlas / Bildarchiv / Collage / Detail / Entwurf / Fotografie / Installation / Malerei / Skizze / work in progress / Zeichnung
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Kirkeby Per / Weiner Lawrence
Köln (Deutschland): Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2015
(Buch) 76 S., 32,5x25 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-3-86335-799-3
Techn. Angaben Leinen
ZusatzInformation Erschienen zur Ausstellung vom 16.01.-15.03.2015 in der Galleri Susanne Ottensen Kobenhagen. (Anm. Im Katalog werden drei verschiedene Daten für die Dauer der Ausstellung angegeben).
Text von Magnus Thorø Clausen. Interviews von Hans Ulrich Obrist.
Per Kirkeby and Lawrence Weiner have known each other for many years. The idea of making a collaborative work and an exhibition together already evolved in the mid eighties, but due to practical reasons the project was not realized back then. Last year during the fall, the idea returned to us in a new form, and we decided together with the artists that now was the time to make it happen. Per Kirkeby shows two brick works built directly within the gallery space. One work is a tall stele with a deep niche, a black line or a "metaphysical shadow" running vertically through it. The other piece is a monumental quadrangular block, an open/closed building or, if you will, a hollow slightly rotten tree. This new installation is made in collaboration with Lawrence Weiner, who has contributed with texts across the inner and outer brick walls, so that words, matter and space overlap and transform the whole. Lawrence Weiner is also showing two other textbased sculptures made site specifically for the gallery space.
Text von der Webseite
Sprache Englisch
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Steyerl Hito
Duty-Free Art
Madrid (Spanien): Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, 2015
(Buch) 176 S., 27x18 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-84-8026-530-0
Techn. Angaben Softcover, Broschur, Schutzumschlag aus Noppenfolie,
ZusatzInformation Publikation zur gleichnamigen Ausstellung vom 10.11.2015-21.03.2016.
A conversation between Hito Steyerl and João Fernandes, curator of the exhibition, an essay by Carles Guerra and Steyerl herself, introduced us to one of the most relevant contemporary artists in the field of Video art. Steyerl approaches current themes in her work, for instance the impact the proliferation of images and the use of the Internet and technology have on our lives. She uses these issues as a starting point for developing, not just through her video pieces but also through writing and essays, critical work about control, surveillance and militarisation, migration, cultural globalisation, feminism and political imagery, questions she believes have the capacity to create realities.
Text von Website
Sprache Englisch / Spanisch
Geschenk von Museo Reina Sofia
Stichwort Feminismus / Gesellschaftskritik / Globalisierung / Kontrolle / Videokunst
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Aballi Ignasi
sin principio / sin final - whitout beginning / whitout end
Madrid (Spanien): Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, 2015
(Buch) 492 S., 32x24x4 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-84-8026-529-4
Techn. Angaben Sofctover, fadengeheftet, Rücken geklebt, Schutzumschlag zum Aufklappen, teilweise gedruckt auf farbigen Papier,
ZusatzInformation A book that accompanies an exhibition, but that it's in itself another work. The artist Ignacio Aballí (Barcelona, 1958) talks with curator João Fernandes about the creative process of his work, exploring the ways in which he classifies the world, questioning the conventions of art and the museum. On the other hand the images that accompany the text underline this idea and challenge readers to test their powers of observation. A compilation of photographs of works, books and listings scale 1: 1 where the time is revealed as an essential tool for understanding the artistic discourse.
Text von der Website
Sprache Englisch / Spanisch
Geschenk von Museo Reina Sofia
Stichwort Ausstellung / Fotografie / Textarbeiten / Zeitung
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Barney Matthew
Subliming Vessel - The Drawings of Matthew Barney
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Skira Rizzoli Publications, 2013
(Buch) 244 S., 29,4x22,2 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-0-8478-3976-6
Techn. Angaben Schweizer Broschur mit Hardcover,
ZusatzInformation Katalog zur Ausstellung der The Morgan Library & Museum, New York, 10.05.- 08.09.2013 und der Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris, 08.10.2013-05.01.2014.
Drawing has always been an incredibly important part of Matthew Barney's practice: his first major work completed while still at Yale Art School involved him creating a wall drawing while harnessed to the ceiling of his studio. In this exhibition and accompanying catalogue, one hundred of the artist's most important drawings are presented from his major series of works including "The Cremaster Cycle," "The Drawing Restraint" series, and most notably "Ancient Evenings," the body of work that has occupied the artist in the last few years (and is based on Norman Mailer's ancient Egyptian-inspired novel of the same name).
Text von der Website
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort 1990er / 2010er / Bücher / Handschriften / Nullerjahre / Story Boards / Zeichnung
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Atkins Ed
A Primer for Cadavers
London (Großbritannien): Fitzcarraldo Editions, 2016
(Buch) 472 S., 19,7x12,8 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-1-910695-21-0
Techn. Angaben Klappbroschur
ZusatzInformation 1. Auflage.
A Primer for Cadavers, a startlingly original first collection, brings together a selection of his texts from 2010 to 2016. Part prose-poetry, part theatrical direction, part script-work, part dream-work, writes Joe Luna in his afterword, Atkins texts present something as fantastic and commonplace as the record of a creation, the diary of a writer glued to the screen of their own production, an elegiac, erotic Frankenstein for the twenty-first century. ...
Text von der Webseite
Mit typografischen Extras und Zeichnungen des Autors.
Namen Joe Luna (Nachwort)
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Künstlertext / Roman / Zeichnung
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Goller Manuel / Raeder Manuel, Hrsg.
o. T.
Berlin (Deutschland): Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite, 2017
(Lieferverzeichnis) 24 unpag. S., 29,7x13,2 cm, 3 Teile.
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, zwei Streifen aus Papier und Karton, in Briefumschlag
ZusatzInformation The small publishing house is specialized in high quality artist books that are conceived as an integral part of an art work or as the art work itself that, often, plays with the format of the book and reflects its medium. In 2014, the first book of Bom Dia Kinder, a new series of children books made by artists, was launched.The books of Bom Dia are produced in close collaboration with a group of fellow artists.
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Namen Abraham Cruzvillegas / Daniel Steegmann Mangrané / Haegue Yang / Henning Bohl / Leonor Antunes / Mariana Castillo Deball
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Anthropologie / Fotografie / Künstlerbuch / Malbuch / Poesie
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Foerster Ryan
National Coalition Against Censorship
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Selbstverlag, 2012
(Heft / Zine / Sammeltuete, Schachtel, Kassette) [12] S., 26,8x20 cm,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung. Im Set mit acht Heften von Ryan Foerster.
ZusatzInformation Ryan Foerster offers fleeting yet intimate glances at his life, work, and travels with his zines comprised of atmospheric photographs printed on newsprint. This installment consists of new work, collage, scraps of notebook paper, and photocopied miscellany.
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Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Fotografie / found footage / Lyrik / Poesie / Popkultur / Pornografie / Zine
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Philipps Tom
Düsseldorf / Reykjavik / London (Deutschland / Großbritannien / Island): Edition Hansjörg Mayer, 1971
(Buch) 164 S., 15,9x12 cm, Auflage: 500,
Techn. Angaben Broschur, Seiten einseitig bedruckt auf gelben Papier.
ZusatzInformation 'a trailer' does contain slintered highlights and fragmentary glimpses of the longer work: it is a black and white digest of a technicolor original. 'a humument' (begun december 27th 1966) is a treated version of a victorian novel. [...] however, the book is meant to be considered as a selfcontained work.
Text aus dem Vorwort
Sprache Englisch
Geschenk von Beatrice Hernad
Stichwort 1970er / Collage / found footage / Lyrik / Poesie
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Dean Tacita
Seven Books Grey
Wien / Göttingen (Österreich / Deutschland): mumok Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien / Steidl, 2011
(Buch / Sammeltuete, Schachtel, Kassette) 26,8x19,8x6,2 cm, 7 Teile. ISBN/ISSN 978-3-86930299-7
Techn. Angaben Schuber mit sieben Büchern (Boschur).
ZusatzInformation Englische Ausgabe. Erschienen anlässlich der Ausstellung "The Line of Fate" im mumok, Wien, 04.03.-29.05.2011.
Seven Books Grey is an updated, expanded version of Tacita Dean’s Seven Books (2003), and is an exploration of Dean’s oeuvre as it straddles film, drawing, photography, writing and book-making. Each book has a different focus and together they are an accurate survey of Dean’s work to date.
Book One: “Complete Works and Filmography 1991–2011”
Book Two: “Selected Writings 1992–2011” (Dean’s writings)
Book Three: “A Panegyric, Gaeta, Edwin Parker” (three projects made with and about Cy Twombly)
Book Four: “Film Works with Merce Cunningham”
Book Five: “Footage” (artist’s book with a text by Marina Warner taking a cultural-historical look at the foot and the significance of limping)
Book Six: “Post-War Germany and ‘Objective Chance’: W.G. Sebald, Joseph Beuys and Tacita Dean” (essay by Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes)
Book Seven: “Essays on the Work of Tacita Dean” (texts by Wolfram Pichler, Peter Bürger, Douglas Crimp and Achim Hochdörfer)
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Namen Achim Hochdörfer (Text) / Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes (Text) / Cy Twombly / Douglas Crimp (Text) / Joseph Beuys / Marina Warner (Text) / Merce Cunningham / Peter Bürger (Text) / W.G. Sebald / Wolfram Pichler (Text)
Sprache Deutsch / Englisch
Stichwort 2010er / Film / Fotografie / Text / Writing
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